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  1. Thanks to the crews working on the fires around here! Glad to get a couple of them contained now as it was pretty scary around here for a bit. Super cool to see that kmax working, what a freaken awesome machine!
  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA Can you maybe not take it quite that far sod? I can't wait till TQN finds this Thats prolly a good idea to go hide...
  3. What dimit said x2 Happy New Year and thanks for posting those pic's!
  4. I heard he was teaching a type course in France.. but I heard it from another student so that might be just a rumour.
  5. Blackmac- Thanks for the advice.. I'll go hunt down some watering holes. as350- PM Sent
  6. Thanks, you're right as there is a lot of negative energy around now but I am sure it will pass. It is such a huge change being in the new place and it is taking a bit longer that I would of expected for everything to settle down. I have a few months before I graduate, June 13th is the date as long as things go as planned. I’ve been talking to a few company's but have not sent out any resumes yet as I was going to wait until March to do that. I have a few questions that I am almost scared to ask on here, but here go's and I am sure I will find out when looking for a job but I don't
  7. Yeah, its Liz MacFarland and I think she's teaching the afternoon class
  8. New campus is fine, they are still doing construction but once they get everything done it should be good. The "grand opening" is tomorrow from 12-4 (Saturday the 13th) so if anyone's in the area you should check it out. PM sent for the other info
  9. Good Job Cole!! Look forward to reading your weekly blog!!
  10. Its going well!! I'm just about to finish level 3 (today's the last day) then we get 3 weeks off untill we start up at the new campus in september! The last level has been pretty cool, actually I really like it. Learning how to rivit, deal with sheet metal, composits ect. The instructor that we have is a heli guy and is pretty rad. So all in all, its been a good few months.
  11. lol, I had to open my mouth... Anyway, I sorta wish we could of made them out of steel, ( not that i want to do them again) plaste..i mean aluminum has its down sides and I don't think that it would of taken that much longer if we used steel. About the heli thing.. I'll let you know when I get there but there seem to be quite a few instructors that have come from a heli background. Did buddy try to touch them??? They're right there in the open, really not that hard to walk up too
  12. Yeah its been a long time since i posted up; Sooo We're into the second half of level 1!! wooohoo, hahaha those clamps took forever and they switched teachers on us so now we have Mr Yee. He's been great, love his style of teaching and those 1 1/2 lunches.. lol. Now we're into lockwiring, aircraft structual design and metal alloys. I also did my cotter pin test yesterday.. argg, it was ok but I definitly need a LOT of practice to get a faster. There is an exam this morning on non-ferrous metals, then the lockwiring test this afternoon. We lost two people in the f
  13. Well first week in has been great. Started in on our cable clamps (oh the joys of filing) , I love our instuctor (MacFarlane), and everyone in the class seems pretty chill! There were two exams that were pretty easy, and one for tools on monday!
  14. + 1, Its not very often that you see a company advertising for 100+hr pilots to apply, good on ya!!
  15. no no.. we were talking about how crappy BCIT was, weren't we?? I'm sorta new though
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