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  1. So how many of you folks figure it is worth sitting at an IA Base from 08:00 to 21:00 for 4 hour mins. which may or may not be averaged over 3 -4 days? I for one would be happy to see 4 hr. mins mean from 08:00 to 16:00 and if the customer (who should by no means dictate what we charge for our time and aircraft) want the machine to stay until 20:00 or later, the mins should be bumped to 6 hrs. A lot of folks seem to crap out on the HAC as a "owners" lobby group, but if some of us pilots start standing up for what we are worth, and start getting more involved, the HAC and customers will have to listen. Want to make some changes? Ever told Westjet that you will only pay them X dollars to fly you from A to B? Do you expect to get a 14 hr. massage if you only pay for 4 hrs.? If you don't think your time, expertise, the aircraft which supports you and yours is worth more, reply to some other thread. This issue has to come from the grassroots, so after 3 R&C, I look forward to your comments. The Dog
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