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  1. They are an eye sore but otherwise a good machine.


    I agree. I'll fly one any day which is fine because you don't have to look at it while you fly it.... but eventually someone's going to see you getting in or out of it. :blink: And doing a DI, OUCH... but it's gotta be done. ****, my sister even thinks that 44's are ugly!


    Gemini seems to do a good job of disguising the shape of their 44's with some cool graphics though.


    Mark and Daz, I'm just like you. I hear one and I look out the window too... around here it's usually a white EC120 with a red tailboom. GYRP

  2. The same goes for accomodations...I havn't had to do this but get the management in and try it out. If you don't have adequate power say so. If you don't have adequate food, order some. If the cooking sucks, and I've done this, raid the pantry and cook your own. If the shower stall is unacceptabe...use MEK! If you don't like the outhouses, dig your own hole...what's the difference between a cold seat and a cold log?


    I, for one, like/love/hate the adventures of flying in the bush. Have I worked and lived in crappy places YUP! Do I complain about it YUP! Do I swear about it and complain about it and then over a beer wear it like a badge of honour YUP. I'm a pilot. I'm PIC. It doesn't matter what goes wrong it's my fault. So fix it. And if you don't have the backing of the Higher UP's, move on. One way or the other you are going to have to answer for it anyways...which is what this topic was about in the first place right?!! LOL.


    Fly Safe


    Aza Ehlers


    Well said Zazu....


    one question though: What's MEK?

  3. Okay, I,ll bite.


    The one and only reason to have high gear in a 206 is - you can use the flight step to take a, well leave a, :shock: well you get the idea. Just make sure your butt is in toward the machine or you will discolour the skid tubes!!! :lol::lol: Except maybe on a Highland machine. Do they paint their tubes that nice brown?? :lol: (Just kidding guys, your machines are perfect the way they are.)


    Course I have never actually tried that. It is just a story I heard. :rolleyes:


    Someone made a mention of toilet paper in the 'pilots tool kit' thread. That made me think of the exact same thing you suggested Bugman. Just make sure no one's around... and no bears.

  4. I would have to say the drunk tank at Whitecourt RCMP station. Definently my least favourite spot in Canada. Its a long story!!!


    Where were you drinking? The Crown and Anchor? The Office? The Night Deposit? Fuzzy's? Shooters? No no no, don't tell me you were at Shooters... actually, the story would make sense if you had been to Shooters.

  5. Splitpin,

    I think WTF is referring to the fact that Astars are called Squirrels across the pond in Europe. I don't know what a hummingbird is over here though.


    Maybe WTF could fill us in? Maybe share a few more too?


    Just a guess as to the original question; maybe somone thought that North American drillers/jug hounds wouldn't ever get in a helicopter called a Squirrel, much less a Hummingbird (?) so they thought they would call it an Astar and a ________.


    Just throwin it out there... I don't know.



  6. Thanks for the help splitpin. Turns out the internet connection that I normally use has been changed so that could have something to do with it but the image resizer certainly couldn't hurt either.


    Slightly off topic here but...

    heliben, what's the chord measurement for the M/R blades on those 500's? I Googled and searched the MD helicopters website and couldn't find anything. I've always been curious.

  7. heliben: I like them. Although a solid purple would have been perfect to keep the legacy going. The Eddie Bauer scheme is alright though.


    Goldmember: If only the whole fleet could have that paint job, eh?


    Speaking of purple. I've tried to add another photo of the EC120 that shows a lot more of the purple... The screen says adding attachment and the little flower/clock thing just keeps spinning.... file is only 2 or 3 mgb's. Anybody help?

  8. ... you beat me to it. The pilot of the 407 must be partially blind, the plane is approaching from the drivers side.


    PS: OK, I apologize to the fixed wing guy, after looking at it for a second time I realized that the fixed wing guy never even saw the helicopter, his view was obstructed by the wing. If you don't believe me go and sit in a cessna 206, 172 etc and see what you can see. ...


    You beat me to it with the view/wing obstruction.


    Another factor (a factor-not an excuse) might be the sun. Judging by the shadow of the Bell, the Cessna was approaching from the direction of the sun.

  9. Thank you Skidz, Lunchbox, Screwdriver, TwistedSpar (the picture is a perfect example) and Cap.



    Since it was mentioned about different armament combinations of the Cayuse, if anyone may be curious about more vietnam gunships and how they came to be ou might want to pick up "Without Parachutes" by Jerry W. Childers. He was involved in implementing the first Cobras into action and trying out different attack tactics. All in all a good book with good stuf but *warning*, it's more of a biography than a book about helicopter ops.

  10. Was the 500 at that time actually known as the Hughes 369? No T tail on it either, just a 'horizontal' stabilizer jutting out at about a 40 deg. angle opposite the tail rotor?


    I think someone also mentioned earlier something about a 407 military variant. I've counted blades on some of those military Bells and thought they were 407's too but it would seem Bell put a four bladed main rotor system on a 206 airframe specific for military ops (which seems fitting as most of what a lot of manufacturers do is first done for military purposes) which many would know as the Kiowa Warrior.... although I'm willing to be corrected if I am wrong.

    (Perhaps there was a '407' developed for the military but the bid was won by the 'EC145' military version?....)

  11. Formerly called MBB if memory serves. Didn't they do the BK117 too ? The EC135 and EC145 have 4-bladed counter-clockwise turning rotors (unlike the French designed and built EC120, AS350, EC130, Dauphin and Puma/Super Puma).


    I don't know about you guys but I still struggle to tell the difference between a BK117 and an EC145. It's probably something easy like differentiating between a 204 and 205 (OMG :shock: There's only one window on the sliding door of a 204!) but I haven't caught on yet. I seem to think I'm perceptive too. :unsure:

    I guess I'll just go find some pictures to compair side by side....


    Nice 135 by the way VIH, I'm glad someone jumped at the opportunity to have the first commercially certified one in Canada, I would've guessed P.S. of a certain company based out of Fort McMurray would have bought the first one.

  12. Nice to hear; thanks.


    Good thing I'm not insecure. I can think of a lot of other short guys with a *big* Napoleon complex who'd have issue with this, but not me. I'll just build up a collection of cushions :)



    THANK GOD. Being a tall guy (6'4") I find most short guys just sneer at me because of their aformentioned Napolean complex... maybe they just think I'm going to be an arsehole to them because I'm tall and they're not as tall.


    To answer you original question (which has already been answered) I think you'll do fine in terms of size. It's a lot easier to stretch into a 22 than it is to shrink into a 22. To quote a certain CFI from out west refering to a really tall guy in a 22 "It was like seeing a dog trying to #### a football!"




  13. You can always come in and see for yourself. Ask for Nick, Chris or Gary. We'll show ya around and give ya an honest no BS question and answer session.




    It's true. Drop by and have them show you around. (Maybe call first though) Nick, Chris and Gary are nice guys and they're more than willing to answer questions and explain things to you.

    I'd even suggest going for an intro flight in the 22, heaps of fun with the doors off but I doubt that'll happen these days as it's getting cold.

    Just don't ask Gary if he's Australian :lol: (not that he'd get mad about it... just one of those things).

    The Waterloo Airport is in a nice location because there's lots of relatively uninhabited areas around so you wouldn't just be flying above houses all day but it's still a fairly sizable airport that you'd also get pretty quick on the radio.

    Don't work fo them and not a student there but that's my honest $0.02




  14. Fh1100? Never heard of it. Never seen it.

    Pretty cool to hear about it from all who've shared. Thanks.

    I look at that helicopter and I see the body of a Gazelle/BO-105, tail boom of a 205, M/R blades and mast of a 206 and skids from a 500 chopped off at the knee. All of this is shape only, not proportional.

  15. sorry, but i am not in a big rush to recycle anything especially after watching the garbage guy grab my blue recycle bag and throw it into the same pile as the rest of the trash :blink:


    You're kidding me, right? The bag was clearly intended for recycling? Maybe there are separate compartments in the truck for garbage and recycling... maybe?

    Rob, I'm not doubting you, I'm doubting the driver...


    What gets me is the guys at my work that throw their pop can in the garbage which is directly beside the recycling bin. Come on, if they make it that easy to recycle, you really have no excuse.

  16. I read and was interested in every post of this thread. So even if cranky doesnt appreciate the posts cap I do!




    And thank you to Twinstar and Cap. Always appreciated.



    I am sorry you didn't get more of what you were looking for. This site has a tendancy of threads to wander off in different (related) directions. We're good people and we mean well (most of us anyways). I hope you find what you're looking for though, if you don't though, just keep listening to that song by U2.

    Funny though, I always thought spam on websites was "Check out my site for hot girls who want to party ---> www.free boobies with tonnes of advertising.org"

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