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  1. Great reading in this thread, all of it. Cap, miking of the foreward bulkhead by the pedals? Could you expand on this? I'm not sure I know what this means. Also "There are at present over 1,500 MORE 205's in the world than Bell Helicopter or Augusta Bell in Italy EVER produced and a large amount of SINGLE hydraulic 212's exist as well." Is this to say that these 'extra' 205's were built from the ground up? Or they were converted from UH-1's into 205's (from something like a stockpiling of above mentioned mothballes shrinkwrapped Hueys)?
  2. John Moore I welcome and encourage the day that you make a positive post in regards to anything that is shared around here. We can all get along. Murdoch I'd also like to ad that I appreciate seeing differences of opinion and different cases of refueling being discussed here constructively. I'm learning things from you guys/ladies and I thank you for it.
  3. Aircraft Information Mark: C-GPOS Common Name: Cessna Model Name: 525 Serial No: 525-0129 Basis for Eligibility for Registration: Type Certificate - CAR Standard 507.02 (1), 507.03 (3) - A190 Category: Aeroplane Max take-off weight: 4762.72 kgs Engine: 2, Turbo Fan 24-bit address: 110000000110110111000011 Regional Office: Edmonton Year Imported: 2006 Base of Operations: CANADA , Alberta, Calgary Manufacturer Information Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company Country of manufacture: U.S.A. Year of Manufacture: 1996
  4. I almost forgot to ad that you can get someone with "The Phantom" The air contained in foam seating obviously is pushed out when you sit on it, right? Sooo, when you're just getting up out of a seat, you let one go and the foam which is expanding due to a sudden lack of weight on it, will suck your 'essence' into itself. Unsuspecting victim soon comes along and sits on this seat and the 'air' trapped in the foam is now pushed out releasing a pungent aroma... but no one's around. Hence the name: "The Phantom" It works pretty well too. A tech that I worked with at a car dealership use
  5. John Moore I believe go coastal was refering only to farts and not vomit. The description of "drop their guts" is slightly missleading so I understand. I also believe that you read posts on here and immediately seek out 'pilot errors' in how you read the story/post. Agreed, one should not fly as to intentionally make a passenger ill, but one should also give someone the benefit of the doubt before jumping to point out 'errors' or 'irresponsible behaviour'. We can all get along. Murdoch Oh and I should probably ad that farting gives me the giggles just about every time. It
  6. Astar 350B3 or Bell 205/212 tied for first place in my books, closely followed by the EC130 I'm surprised no one has said a 407 yet...
  7. Agreed. And the general public buys it. :down:
  8. And for that extra $50 you even get a cool little DVD that's so useful to learn from. Not to mention the view out of a 47 is way better than an R22
  9. AH HA! That's just what I was thinking! If he's in hospital, doing well, and cracking jokes.... he probably wants a beer! Here's hoping for a full recovery (soon)! Murdoch
  10. I hope said pilot at least dipped his bucket in some clean water after the stinky drop.
  11. Phil, Got a coffee maker? Want me to send you some packets? Send me a pm. I know what it's like to miss Timmy's And yes, it's hard to burn sand. Murdoch
  12. I remember that video, I thought it was pretty good too. The audio was even good enough to attract my sister and brother-in-laws attention. I'll look to Mark, but post a link if you find it first.
  13. Nope, not a military pilot. I was in St-Jean practising four things: Drinking, smoking, speaking french... and, well, I can't say what the fourth was. Oh, I was doing volunteer work during the day too. Murdoch
  14. Congratulations A-Star Leader. I think you're lucky because you might end up flying Griffons (412's to us civilians). St-Jean's a good little city. If you need a few bar suggestions just let me know... but you'll likely only get one weekend free a month. Murdoch
  15. Pretty shocking that he lied so badly considering there was videotape of the incident. Imagine how rotten and pissed off the kid must feel if he knew the pilot blamed it on him, but as stated above the NTSB report shows that the claim isn't believed.
  16. I'll second that Oh poop, looks like we spoke too soon.
  17. Bring a bottle or two of hot sauce (just in case being nice to the cook makes no difference)
  18. I remembered this thread when I saw some of the responses to "Longlining the shack" and I thought I'd bring this to the top (been done once already too, but hey, why not). I had a crappy weekend and I needed a good chuckle.
  19. Elvis, Are those screen shots from Cannonball Run?
  20. I'm guessing Cole that you're talking about snowboarders who venture into out of bounds areas on resort mountains with indicated/cut runs and fenced or staked boundaires?
  21. I think that'd be a bit loud sitting so close to the air intake for the engines. Wow. Keep all articles of loose clothing secure. There's a video to go along with this picture? Did that get deleted by mistake too? Shucks, I'd like to see that.
  22. I think this is pretty interesting because I'm certain that I've seen the same video but maybe cut into two parts and edited with different music. At the end of each there was a Eurocopter banner that was displayed across the screen. I'm nearly certain those videos even made it onto this site through a link. People watched them and said things similar to "Oh, those test pilots sure are good" or "Yep, this video was made to sell helicopters". This video is then displayed without the Eurocopter banner (using the exact same footage I am quite sure) and people think it's unsafe and/or dumb. Intere
  23. Cap, please try to warn us when you post stories like this. The cleaning staff here at work just got very mad at me because I spit coffee all over the desk and wall. I spent the rest of my break cleaning when.... ah well, could've been worse. At least I missed the keyboard and monitor. Good story.
  24. Learn. Strap into another one. Keep going (so long as your back is OK).
  25. You guys want real sounds? Watch a Michael Mann film. Heat is still one of my favourite movies out there. There's a gun battle on the streets of LA that sounds crazy in suround sound. There's also a scene where Al Pacino's character is in one of LAPD's AS350's which later lands near the highway to let him off and I'm willing to bet that they used live sound in the shot. (Though anyone is welcome to prove me wrong) I've also read that in Apocalypse Now, they used actual sounds for the Hughes helicopters (Low rotor rpm horn is one that stands out as a 'fact' that I read) possibly othe
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