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  1. Don't show up with your girl / boy friend in tow so she / he can "come along for the ride."


    No way. You mean someone actually did this? Seriously?


    I don't know much about checkrides but try to use the bathroom before your flight. I had a job interview once where I had to piss so bad... brutal, nothing more uncomfortable than a situation like that. I got the job though.

  2. Wow, that was pretty wild. Would be interesting to see shots from the river bank too.


    Comments about this one?


    It's not a river run but he's got passengers on board. Something makes me think that the title is a bit deceiving and the passengers did enjoy themselves (but I did have to watch it with the volume really low so who knows...)

  3. Easy to make mistakes, I'm not one to judge, nor can I in the work position I'm involved with, but I have no throw a question out there.

    Is it acceptable to give the cyclic a little nudge forward to see if there's movement in the disc before pulling pitch? Does anybody do this as a personal reassurance check?

  4. I had to bring this one back to the top of the list. You guys must have a few more from the summer and new members might not have had the opportunity to see this one.


    I once worked at a car dealership where a technician used to spray brake cleaner (at least 90% alcohol) on the bottom of my pant leg with a little trail to his feet and then say "Hey, Murdoch!" as he'd bend down and light the stream... just enough time for me to turn my head and see myself being lit on fire. :o

  5. Sorry Murdoch....the motorcycles you refer to (at least the ones I would ride) would be so far down the road, throwing cinder blocks would be pointless. Now, if you were riding a hardly davidson......you are going so slow and making so much noise, the upset townsfolk could easily build a mortar and brick wall, and let it cure in plenty of time before the hardly even gets there. Once the hardly rider spots said wall.....his poor brakes would be hard pressed to stop in time. Boom.....one more taken care of.....I'm glad they're like lemmings and follow each other in large groups, much easier to take out a bunch at a time.


    To keep it on topic though, my advice to the pilots is don't look at the light. look gazingly at your co-pilot with the love he deserves.....don't look at the light......


    Easy there Fenestron, I think we're on the level in terms of motorcycle taste. I'd rather be leaned over on a Honda than leaned back on a Harley... Though I did have a momentary lapse in judgement a week ago while looking at that T-shirt thread... and that's practically what that T-shirt was... a thread. :o

    That 'Hardly Davidson' analysis is pretty amusing, nothing against those guys though, to each his (or her) own.


    hmmm, what were we talking about... lasers, yeah. Shine a laser in anyones eyes who does this kind of thing. What's that old saying? An eye for an eye, HA!

  6. Pressure from the boss stung him.




    Everytime I read this thread I think about why the pilot might have done this.


    Personal theory #1: Maybe he got caught up in the rock star attitude of "I don't give a s@*%, I'll do whatever I want" from being around Tommy


    Personal theory #2: Tommy probably said "F#@& it man, land on the road. If you get a fine I'll pay it for you" and the pilot did it because of theory #1 but forgot about the possibility of a suspended or revoked license

  7. I've heard through the grapevine from a pilot that some of these people are just amateur aviation enthusiasts using laser range finders on approaching planes because they're curious and don't realize what harm they can do/are doing.


    Then again.... some of these people are just idiots endangering other peoples well being/lives just because they don't like the sound of aviation. :angry:


    Makes me wonder... if they're that angered by loud sounds, do they throw cinder blocks in the middle of the road when motorcycles drive past?

  8. Murdoch...if You are a fan of Janine then check out episodes of


    (Northern Exposure)


    yeah, might be worth checking out... but really it's because she's a good looking woman in/flying a helicopter.


    1. Either real busy at work. :) OR

    2. Busy havin' a great time with new friend. :rolleyes: OR

    3. Slowly recovering from serious injuries sustained when she discovered her photo on the internet. :P OR

    4. All of the above. :D




  9. You're a complete Bell man too PIC :up: I'm surprised that a good french-canadian boy like you doesn't fly them french aircraft ? pourquoi est ce


    407 Driver, would you be refering to A-stars from France? (Nice helicopters) Careful though, some of those Qubecoise hate the French... :huh:

    But wait, maybe you were refering to Bell's helicopters (Nice helicopters) that are assembled in Mirabel, Quebec?.... :huh:


    I have to say, as an unbiased (Eurocopter vs Bell) gonna-be pilot, I've loved reading this thread. It's so much fun to watch you guys argue back and forth about which is the superior helicopter. That reminds me, where has PerfectTrack gotten to these days?

  10. I knew a guy who didn't get regular breaks while turning wrenchs (on cars) so he'd get on the creeper, wheel himself under a car, zip tie his hand to a something under the car and then have a quick nap. If anyone looked under the car, it appeared as if he was working. :P Great in a picnh if you really hung over.

    This isn't recommended for the obvious reasons, but less obvious was the one time that he woke up and his hand was purple with little to no feeling left in it. :shock:




  11. :shock: HO-LEE! I'm wondering if ANY of that was true. I love when he gets going about "it's shaking, and shaking, and the whole house is shaking" while he's doing his best to remove the podium from the floor. :D But seriously, it's too bad that people like this have to suffer from such mental unstability. :(



  12. Ohhhhhhhhh & the press can kiss my asss too.........buncha fear mongerin asshats who get off on this and label it "news".


    So in continuation, the lady from Ryans story made herself an indirect terrorist but the news media is worse.

    Yes, news is news and regardless of the year it happens in, it will be reported, but since 'that fateful day' all of these incidents have been overdramacized and the news media has become terrorists after the single most influential incident of terrorism in North America.

    I mostly agree with Rosco, but here's my two cents. They are reporting news, but the way they deliver it and how they add their own spin to it: words they choose to use and include / select photos and video they choose / what they tie into the story / the 'emotion' they put into their delivery and expression, all of this is horrible and its a disgrace to everyone watching except for the people that believe in terrosim against the North America because IT IS HELPING THE TERRORIST INFLUENCE!! It is making people continue to fear the fear that is terrorism. It's a huge downward spiral.

    Yes, we need to stay alert but anything much more past that is letting the terrosits win. Terrorism is not necessarily blowing things up or crashing planes but creating terror through these actions.

    What I am trying to say is that we DO have to try and get past it. I realize it is tough, more so for Americans than Canadians because they seem to be the more direct targets, but if we don't move past these horrible events then the terror will continue and that means someone is winning and it's not us.


    Transquebecneice, I am not brushing aside your story or concerns toward the passenger on you flight because that does not sound like rational behaviour at all (especially the part about the exit door), and warranted the need for detaining/questioning of said passenger.


    Shame on the media and their need to scare people so that they will stay glued to their televisions for more news on "this latest terrorist alert" and overglorifying most all of it. Jerks.




    *edited for spelling

  13. Fair enough, that's more than enough to freak anyone out regardless of who's doing it.


    A few months ago at work we had an interesting moment. Everyone was boarded and about to hear the briefing before getting airborne.

    At the last second a guy opened the door on the middle row and said he just remembered he had a meeting here in Victoria he had to make and couldn't go on the flight. It happens every now and then and doesn't really matter to use. So I removed his bag from the cargo hold and he got out. Just then the woman sitting beside him goes totally nuts! She starts freaking out asking why he's "really" getting off the flight, and what does he know that they don't about the safety of the flight.

    Myself and the Captain try calming her down but she won't have it. She demands to be let off too because she doesn't trust that he hasn't planted anything onboard. And of course by saying that everyone on the flight panics, a few more adults start crying and everyone stampedes off the helicopter.

    So I unloaded everything from the cargo hold to be identified by the passengers to show them there is nothing stowed away in hiding. When all the passenger's bags are accounted for, 2 are still on the pad. The lady who started it all points at them and screams," Well then who's f@$king bags are those huh!" I almost laughed out-loud saying they are the pilot's bags... hence the company logo and crew names in plain sight.

    She then noticed the small box of cargo going on the flight, and again she yells and points. I explain what it is, and that almost every flight has cargo on it so not to worry. She looks at the box, and tells me to open it for inspection. Seeing as how it contained potentially infectious specimens destined for an HIV lab in Vancouver... I politely declined.

    Finally everyone calmed down and the flight went on as normal, though a tad late. Some folks just see what they want to see, even when there is nothing there but their imagination.


    Well, that's a huge over-reaction by that lady. I think had people not wanted to reboard the helicopter and I was on that flight, I would've been one very comfortable passenger with lots of extra seats. Are there refreshments served in flight Ryan? Because I definately would've taken that lady's share of honey roasted peanuts while enjoying a nice cruise in an S61.

    The lady in question in Ryans story is terrorising through terrorism, which in fact makes her a terrorist ("everyone on the flight panics and a few more adults start crying and everyone stampedes off the aircraft" - terror). Though I'm sure that her inetntion was not to be a terrosit, but that's exactly what she became. More on this next post.

  14. So I just got back from a half hour intro flight. I was taken up in a Sweizer 300C and got to try my hand at hovering (cyclic only) and some casual flying at 1300 ft.

    I knew that I wanted to fly but now I know that I HAVE to or I'll regret it for the rest of my life.


    So, here's the question: When did you know that you really truly wanted to fly as a career? Let 'er rip




  15. 412driver I see you are a fan of break.com as well




    Who isn't a fan of break.com? :up: Oh wait, we're getting off topic... easily done with those pictures. :shock:

    Gnarly story by the way. B) Good thing he didn't fall into a tree well, those things are an easy way to never be seen again until spring.




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