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  1. No comment from that Palindrome person - you know the one who thinks putting out a fire that is eating up a building (and destroying property) ( oh -and potentially risking neighbouring buildings) ( oh oh - and putting firemen at risk running up and down the stairs of a burning building) is a dangerous and thoughless move. (See what I just did Mmike??)
  2. While I appreciate the information on Jet A versus B, where I can get it and when I can use it, and also the spelling lesson on moot versus mute, all I really wanted to know was how well the 407 heater worked. To those that stayed on topic and PM'd me the info - Thanks! B
  3. Looking for info on the 407 interior heating systems for winter operations. Any and all advice will be appreciated! Thanks
  4. Has anyone got advice on what websites to use to build company recurrent exams? Any advice would be appreciated. B
  5. I think the above reply is quite good. Some operators do keep prices low in these times soley to keep crews working - the lose of revenue in some cases can be recovered by keeping experienced crews around and not training new people. I have flown a couple of the helis that the lowest bidder on that last had sold - I was in them right after the sale and they were very well maintained, stripped of all useless crap to lighten them up, and the smoothest and best tracked helis I have been in for some time. They did not seem to be short of maintenance. I worked beside one of their machines and
  6. Perhaps this is not what you want as I do not know the correct plug but - I bought my Eagle from Interactive Safety Products and they knew which plug was the correct one for civilian operations. Perhaps they can help you?? My best advice though is this - get another brand!! Tthe visor is badly ( I mean horribly) designed and the helmut seems larger than the French one which most pilots seem to be purchasing now, and all I talk to who wear them like them a lot. Many Eagle wearers wish they had bought a different brand and one guy I know got his Eagle visor fixed but still was not ha
  7. I do a more reading and trying to learn than I do posting, but my reading (on this forum) has slackened a lot in the past year or 2. And there is a good reason for that. Duece started by saying people went over board in their responses and posts and I have to trust that as I did not read the original thread. Others state that he (JR/HF et al.) asks for it given his posts. Now here is the thing for me. A snotty, ignorant, rude post may occur and it seems many feel the need to comment and add their own snotty rude rant and very quickly the thread goes for a sh*t and becomes useless ex
  8. That is the most ignorant response I have read in a long time... (Really, how else can one reply to that post??)
  9. Joining anythingis, to me, is a serious decission. I have seen people sign petitions and then the "leader" of the group manages to bully or convince the signees to stay onside as the agenda goes in a direction that many did not intend when they signed. Clear as mud I know. Sometimes good orators can get members to go along with bad ideas. In the end, everyone who signs up yet really has very little input, has there name put up as in agreement with an idea they could, potentially, vehemently disagree with. Therefore, when I join it will have to be as professional an association as can b
  10. So that says to me holding on a pad at 40% or 50 % would then be considered not approved. I still think that those who point out the liability and the customer pressure angles have it right. Some one is hurt? Slow down and do it by the book. (Though in this particular case the book does appear a bit hazy!) To me, doing it right is getting the injured party to the landing and then reconfiguring your aircraft with the ambulanc kit. Is there a way to slide a person in through the open door onto a prepared ambulance kit? Using the spine board or basket? If so that might be a way t
  11. Try asking the boys at Great Slave if they will share the way they do it. By far the best and safest, 50-60 knots in a 206 (60 it really wobbles side to side). Count on 50 though. Probably quicker in a Haystar. Does swing a bit on lift off and set down unless there is a strong wind clearing the rotor wash. Talking 75 foot line. Does take a bit of prep work for the first time and requires a 2 point. Or 2 equal length lanyards etc. Using the handles is a bit risky - they can and have let go. I once saw a boat after a guy had it fall - he says it went loopy and pulled the
  12. The only post that I have read in this thread saying that some one is wrong is yours. You state this is for debate then make a comment like that - suggests you are not into debate at all. Just because you did it does not make it right. Was it wrong? Ask Bell and see what they say. Its their product. Presumably they would have an answer. Funny though, about 13 years ago when I moved into the 206 I was told then that the door post was structural and not to be removed when the machine was running. So, where did that come from? Any one know? Where I work now I have also heard the
  13. Just wondering, Do the same people who remove the door post in an emergency also loosen the skid gear and fly off of them over to the floats because there is no crane available and the water job starts tomorrow? Oh, and load er up with the drill foreman and sling the head ( oops) because the drill job is behind? And hook on to a truck because it is stuck in a ditch and the playoffs are tonight and we want to get home? As for lifting a person on the skids to pull them out of the water - that comes down to skills and reference and does not put the aircraft at structural
  14. It is truly unfortunate that at a time like this, where some one has lost a great friend, father/mother, child etc. that one finds a post like this. Helicopters are not a static entity but an extremely, perhaps the most extreme, dynamic machine operating in equally extreme conditions. It would be next to impossible to expect the same or better safety record when comparing the helicopter industry to a strip to strip fixed wing operation. And foolish. And totally unecessary to do so at this time. BeeBee, please respect what this thread is all about and offer your condolences to all in
  15. Absolutely horrible news for all. Thoughts and prayers to all it touches, especially the families of those involved. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...y/National/home
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