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  1. 500s for under 1000/hour :shock: :shock: :down: WTF are they thinking
  2. So I guess everyone at that company is weak, apparently there were NO exceptions in the cuts. Pilots, Engineers,Managers everybody
  3. Thats exactly the point, and from what i've heard said company is pretty top end heavy, so why not just trim the fat and leave the guy's and gals who are actually making you money alone. The other crappy thing is said company is in the north (higher living expenses) and weren't really paying top dollar to begin with. :rant:
  4. I have heard via the grape vine that there are certain operators out there that are implomenting 9% pay cuts across the board?????Has it really gotten that bad out there?????And what happens if the employees say f^% u :shock: :down:
  5. New machine sitting in Vic as of yesterday C-FROC :up: :up: Hope all goes well with Coast Fly safe all, You're training with one of the best
  6. I can get A Star parts at Wallwart????????????? SWEEEET!!!!! :up: Now we can lower our rates
  7. :boff: now that is funny...........................have not seen dashy back for a while..........maybe the truth hurts :fart: or smells go oilers :up:
  8. I couldn't agree more :punk: go oilers
  9. Operating costs are operating cost not financing costs. I would like to see if the low balling bottom feeders will give their machines away during the fire season, i would like to see the gov say you have one price for the year winter or summer. :bleh: and we'll set the price in the winter :cold:
  10. No your right, you never hear the winner's complain. So when they are giving machines away for less than what they cost to operate, money should dry up and they will just go away......kinda like a bad cold sore..............Northern Mountain ring a bell :bye: :bye:
  11. Whoa Dude you must be workin for one of these low ballin bottom feeders I think that would make you the dumb *** :down:
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