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  1. If you do I'd be interested in hearing a few stories and ask a few questions .. PM me if you like
  2. Does anybody have a pdf version of a 355N POH they're willing to share? Would appreciate it. cheers +M
  3. Premier Helicopters out of Pitt Meadows (when they were operating) did 100h of Airtime. Clock started just before lifting the collective. I wonder if TC has to void licenses if they keep going the way they're going as lots of commercial pilots will not have 'valid' licenses?
  4. SD2 = B2 with LTS101-700 Series SD1 = BA/B1 with LTS101-600 Series (not very common)
  5. Completely agree, it's great for the 'hours flown / time' limits .. however it doesn't tell you when your next day off will have to be or how many days off you've had in the last so many days etc. .. Apparently you can run a report and see whether you have or have not breached a rule, but there is nothing on the RADAR that tells you whether you've had enough days off .. I had contacted Coradine regarding this and they agreed they didn't have the capabilities .. Which again, is very unfortunate
  6. I see ... thanks for the info .. do I know who you are? Otherwise the beer thing will get difficult :punk: however .. LogTenPro still doesn't do what e.g. FLTDUTY does .. as in, prompt you of impending CARs breaches etc .. What you're saying is you have to run a report and then figure out whether you're still within limits, right? I wished the guy from FLTDUTY would get together with the peops from Corradine and they figured that out .. now THAT would be sweet
  7. Does it though? Was there an update that I missed? Last time I checked there was no way of tracking "days free from duty" .. Can you elaborate?
  8. I vote MMike for moderator, WHO'S WITH ME????
  9. Sincerest condolences to the family, RIP +M
  10. matsgone, like I said, we've had this issue in the past where the overspeed test resulted in a decel and / or shutdown. we traced the flaw back to a faulty control box. May I suggest you contact the provider of your conversion kit. Who knows, maybe there's a revision on the box or a firmware update or what have you. PM me if you want more details.
  11. I've heard about something like that and believe the fault lay in the overspeed control box. I'm not 100% on the details, but I believe there was a flaw in the hardware programming.
  12. emphasis on 'taste' of the North .. not the full meal deal
  13. good place to jump in .. I would concur that getting the finances in place is highly advisable .. luckily we Canadians are in a fortunate position to have the oilsands in our country .. if you truly want to make money, and fast, pay a visit to Fort McMurray .. there are lots of jobs around, for each and everyone (quite amazing actually) and the pay ranges from good to absolutely amazing (careful you don't get stuck cuz the money is so good, or get depressed when going back into aviation and making aviation pay two birds with one stone, you get a taste of the North too!
  14. baaaaahahahah .. Ryan, priceless ...
  15. yesss .. the yearly Icefield slagging season has opened .. let'r rip!
  16. Swissmatt


    yes, this debate has been going on for years and probably will continue, despite this or similar reports. I for one have simply never actually seen published numbers that were based on /hours flown before, which is why I was intrigued .. It's fairly easy to compare one's perception of different types, but, as in this report, incidents / hours flown kinda speaks for itself .. no need to argue
  17. Swissmatt


    great read, thanks green arc
  18. Swissmatt


    fair enough, unstable .. so, are we comparing incident by incident numbers or are we comparing incident over hours flown on type numbers .. it's a bold statement you're making and I just want to understand what the numbers you are stating as 'fact' are based on .. like I said .. just curious ..
  19. Swissmatt


    green arc, out of curiosity, when you say it's the most unreliable machine out there (the R22), do you account for the order of magnitude more hours flown worldwide on that type? I mean, are we comparing incident by incident numbers or incident / hours flown numbers?
  20. Very cool! Where were these vids taken? Looks pretty nice there ..
  21. Fort Mac .. don't know what you'd be making in year 5 (of flying) only in my first ..
  22. Hey, so I'm sure lots of you have iPhones by now and played with one or the other app. Would be fun if you could share which ones you've found useful and which ones are a waste of money / time. I'm primarily interested in productivity and utility, but of course there are times when games are important I'm using: - AeroWeather (the free version is more than enough for me) - Decibels (out of curiosity, free) - Convert Units (free) - iHandy Level (free) and I've been putting in some serious research effort to find two things, a flight timer and a logbook solution. It appears that there are many options but non seem to be tailored towards helicopter operations with (e.g. BH06) a Hobbs START, Hobbs END and lots of take offs and landings some with shut downs and some hot .. Anyways, if you know of a timer that works, lemme know and if you've found a logbook solution that allows you to easily track a normal day (20 sites, multiple shutdowns and startups, etc.) then I'd be more than happy to hear about that. cheers, +M ps: I'm aware of Logten Pro and yes, it is a fantastic app and I've played with it lots however the difficulty I see is when I want to enter individual flights from an airport to a bush site. The logbook requires you to enter the site name and then researches its database to find an ICAO equivalent. Takes a long time. Also, when you enter Hobbs numbers, it uses that as Total Time, so it doesn't distinguish between AirTime and FlightTime, at least I haven't figured that out.
  23. haha, this made me laugh, I haven't flown in Africa yet, but I was raised in Nigeria and you described life to a T
  24. fair enough, those two wouldn't have been the ones worth mentioning in my opinion, but it's definitely a misleading statement to connect those two with gainful employment in this economic environment .. I'd suggest separating the sales pitch from hard facts which is what some people have already pointed out. Instructor experience and reputation, location, #number of students of certain FTUs actually working vs. number trained (neat little indicator for puppy mill detection) I remember a thread listing pretty much all the FTUs available. You're about to head down a long road of sacrifice and hardship, might as well start now, make a short list of schools you like, pack your car, go for a drive and visit them, see and feel the school and their machines, talk to the people in charge, try to see past the sales pitch, let your spidey senses have a say .. worked for me, best time of my life +M
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