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  1. http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110407/bc_rescued_puppy_110407/20110407?hub=BritishColumbiaHome These guys have big hearts!! :up:
  2. As usual a thread has gone to a place that nobody should give a #### about. Can somebody shut this one down before I see another stupid teen video. Thanks, Josh
  3. Aaaaahh, I missed the part where you were talking to the driver.
  4. You have captured an interesting view, it's nice to see a different perspective.
  5. You didn't almost roll it over landing at the B-25 site did you? That's a hairy spot to land, especially if the spot you picked requires rocks jammed under your skids. Any lowtimers out there, that's what not to do.
  6. I've got one, quit selling helicopters for half of what they're worth. You wanna talk about slitting our own throats, that's the big one. Forestry should not be in the driver's seat on this one but we're letting them. And don't get me wrong, they are only one piece of the story but they're not the only ones to blame we're doing it to ourselves. DC
  7. If the price is right and the AC works, it'll get hired. Don't worry, somebody will give start giving them away at rock bottom prices just like everything else.
  8. Hey, the sunshine breakfast was the highlight of my ferry travel when I was a kid!!
  9. Any Helifor barge. 5 Stars...especially if Hiroshi was cooking! DC
  10. I'm just relieved to know our two guys are alright, that's all I needed to hear. DC
  11. I couldn't have said that better myself. I would've sued everyone in that truck...and won!!
  12. They didn't secure ####!!! They put her on the back floor and the guy that jumped in the front seat had to reach around and hold the stretcher. We're not in northern Manitoba here hours away from the nearest nursing station, this the lower mainland!!! It would've been a huge step to have at least seen a somekind of tiedown on her but there wasn't.
  13. Haha, that's awesome!!! Don't worry little girl, we'll just slide you in the backseat and I'll just reach my arm around and hold you in. :prop: Nevermind the fact that there are SAR pilots that are on standby 24/7 in Vancouver and Hope who are trained and much better experienced to not just arbitrarily throw a stretcher under the back seat and just fly away without properly securing it. (It's called a litter kit, you might have heard of it) If you ask me it looks like it all started with a wrong phone call. Let the trained and experienced crews do the job!! If that flight went sidew
  14. You might want to shop around, try emergco.com too. DC
  15. Make sure you differenciate between CHC and Canadian. DC
  16. Rough empty weight is 2400Lbs and internal max gross is 4000Lbs.
  17. WOW, that looks like a great idea. Let's land this thing right over top of all these bystanders, underneath these trees that we'll knock over with our downwash and see how many we can send to the hospital. Maybe that operation could've been handled a little differently without causing damage and injury, just maybe.
  18. What do you wanna bet that 212 crew is gonna read this and laugh their ***** off? I sure would be!!
  19. Sorry for the redundancy, Vortex got to it a couple mins before me as I was writing. DC
  20. Permissible Low Altitude Flight 602.15 (1) A person may operate an aircraft at altitudes and distances less than those specified in subsection 602.14(2) where the aircraft is operated at altitudes and distances that are no less than necessary for the purposes of the operation in which the aircraft is engaged, the aircraft is operated without creating a hazard to persons or property on the surface and the aircraft is operated (a) for the purpose of a police operation that is conducted in the service of a police authority; ( for the purpose of saving human life; © for fire-fi
  21. Ya you're right, he probably should've let the building burn to the ground. That would've been the safest thing to do! Next time he should apply for a low fly permit with a map of his approach and departure paths, have any walkways or roads blocked off for the duration of the operation, paid his 350 bucks and hopefully have his permit within a couple of days. That way he can go in and bucket the ashes. And how do you know he was in a built up area, you can't see anything in those pictures. Maybe we can wait til all the information is available before we start slamming this guy.
  22. I know where there's a set of false teeth that unfortunately were ejected from pilots mouth along with his lunch while logging pine trees with a B2 in the monkman a few years back. The rigger never saw them coming!!
  23. Soooooooo, the olympic landing fee is in effect until Mar 24 and is to cover CATSA screening and extra snow removal but the screening is finished on March 3 and there's no snow at the heliport? I'd be curious to find out how much business the heliport has actually had throughout the games so far.
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