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  1. Holy cr_p, what is wrong with you guys. It’s appears to have the potential to be a very capable turbine helicopter with competitive operating costs. Might actually help to keep a few more of you in a pilot seat in the future. Get a grip.
  2. A simple answer is the level of exposure to risk. I doubt anybody feels it necessary to wear a high visibility vest to cross the road, but if you are working in the road it makes perfect sense. So, for occasional travel as a passenger in a helicopter, no helmet required, but to not wear a helmet as a pilot? That’s a decision you may not live to regret.
  3. No, beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder.
  4. Can anyone recommend or even point me in the direction of an Aviation Medical Examiner in the Kelowna area? The list on the TC site does not appear to be particularly accurate or up to date. Thanks in advance.
  5. That's great, one hurdle out of the way. Have you decided where you are training yet?
  6. The feedback I got from all the schools I spoke to was that you would be best to devote 100% of your time to the training. It will take place over a number of months, but you can expect your time to be pretty full and you will get best benefit from applying yourself full time. Of course an income will be useful, but if you have made a decision to switch careers it may be best to make it a definite switch or you run the risk of completing the course, having a freshly minted licence, but returning to your old job and never devoting the time necessary to break into the industry. I hate
  7. Is it too late? No, I don’t believe so. I am in the same position as you and I start my training in BC in September. As has been said, you need to be aware that you will complete the training with nothing more than a licence to learn. Getting a break will be tough and you will be competing with people of 19 – 25, which may or may not work in your favour. But in essence it should be no different to making any other sort of career change and plenty of people successfully switch careers at any time in life. Good luck, but hard work will probably serve better than luck.
  8. That's amazing, but then I think all helicopters are amazing.
  9. Using a Subaru (car) engine will they be able to get it certified. If they do, I want one.
  10. Not late at all, thanks for your reply. Sounds like you have had a great experience, now starts the job search I guess, unless, of course, you are set up already. I hope to be following in your footsteps very soon. :up: Good luck and fly safe, as they say.
  11. Kelownapilot, just wanted to bump this thread and ask how the training is going.
  12. So was that you in the yellow jacket or were you holding the camera? Funny, funny stuff.
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