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  1. and there was the logger who got his helicopter license and is looking for work! lol even trying on the show to find work. good show!
  2. Has anyone seen this show? I keep seeing previews for it but whenever it is supposed to be on some other show is on. So im wondering if it is just not on in my area? I live in the fraser valley, so has anyone else seen it? Its about heli-logging in BC and i would love to see it!
  3. Everybody thinks the americans are bullies, until they need them for something. It gets pretty tiring hearing people bash the u.s. when they dont really know the full story or bother to learn it. Everyone blames the worlds problems on the americans but what would the world, canada included, do if the americans isolated themselves completely? Then you would hear some major whining. I love hearing all the uneducated theories of why the americans are doing this and why they are doing that, but again, what if they did nothing? you only have to go as far back as WW2 to try and start figuring that o
  4. i just saw that too on ctv, they are saying it was a student and instructor from a "local college". hope everyone is well.
  5. Hows the training going? We would love an update! :up:
  6. :shock: Is the school and training really that bad!?
  7. :punk: Thats awsome, i just sent my application to enroll for the next available class! good luck!
  8. weewa


    Hey there, anyone have any feedback or opinions about the UCFV ame program? Would it be more worth it for someone living in the fraser valley to go up to NLC. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  9. What is the best way to finance my training. I dont have a lot of initial cash but is there ways to get student or personal loans to finance 100% of training. And if there is who are the best people to go through?
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