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  1. As per the circular you have to have the course approved and implemented by January 31, 2019. The pending CASS come into effect at the same time they are implemented, which shows a considerable lack of foresight by TC. I asked my POI if Ottawa is **** bent on putting most of the helicopter industry in a non-compliant state by Feb 01. I also asked for confirmation on the implementation date, and I was told in a later conversation that Ottawa was not budging on the date. http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/regserv/cars/list-amendments-standards-not-yet-force.html#720.01 So I contract
  2. Saskatchewan and Manitoba have much better prices on cellular phone plans. I am in Alberta and pay significantly more monthly. You'll end up with an out of province number but most plans are free nationwide calling anyway. I've considered it but can't because of work.
  3. Although there is nothing I have ever found which specifically mentions dual controls (usually in Bell mediums to facilitate longline bucketing), we have always used Operations Specification 040 - Carriage of Persons, in conjunction with the passenger briefing which is defined in 722.23. Practical training to be carried out on the ground statically before flight, similar to requirement for 044. 722.16;Carriage of Persons The standards for authorization to carry persons other than flight crew members and persons essential during flight are: the person is a flight crew member trainee, is a pe
  4. Can't man, not by strict definition as you cannot get around the Class C designation. "I've heard" it has be done safely with the headache ball, but that doesn't alleviate anything. We went around this when dealing with heavy pulls putting in OPG fiber. It would be much more comfortable with a 350 and a heavy ball (vs. 500/Colorado sidepull) but we stayed away.
  5. I have never thought of MVH as a puppy mill. I have known/worked with PB for almost 20 years and have the utmost respect for who he is and what he puts into his students. We have an agreement between our company's, and we are hiring our ground crew from MVH exclusively. Yes, you will spend 2 years on the ground with us before getting your shot at a seat...and there is no guarantee...but, our plan is that the proper candidate gives us 5 years and we'll give them 1000 hours and production longline proficiency. I think that in this day and age this is as good as it gets for a 100 hour junior
  6. I agree with you 100% sirlandsalot. I thought the answer was obvious as well. I have had a chart with a track-line marked on it for every x-country flight I have done for the last 20 years. I had a junior pilot ask me the other day (on a dual x-country through the mountains to the coast) if I used a map or GPS. I told him my opinion... the Garmin 100 I used for years was always offline. In fact it only aquired satellites long enough for you to get yourself lost without a chart on your leg...especially in weather. Now I realize that my shiny new 500 with the latest topo charts loaded onto it p
  7. My sincere condolences to the friends and families of all involved, and our neighbours at VIH in Stewart. Rick Kitzler
  8. ouch. I used to carry a small tool bag with most everything I thought I may need. I rarely used it and found I could use the weight more efficiently. I now carry a large leatherman, Curve,I think... and throw it into my helmet bag once in the field. It has served me well many a time, as mentioned previously. Beyond that, unless there are extreme circumstances, the maintenance department can handle issues. They do it waayyy better than I do anyway.
  9. :down: :down: :down: Please just leave this forum. You contribute nothing of worth, and your whining is boring. You made your own bed, now sleep in it.
  10. I would like to make a major point that has not been commented on. With all due respect rocksteady, the difference, and it is vast, is the skill required to set a drill on the side of a cirque and line up bolt-holes without squishing fingers. It is partially reproduced in a forestry environment by bucketting retardant from a tank at altitude, but since the original post dealt with ASRD and the OMNR, this isnt done often, if at all. I just came off the ASRD monster which was the Bitumount Complex, 43 machines, smoke, etc and I am now in the rocks slinging drill. There is no comparison in sk
  11. Just to clarify some facts. Immediately after the accident in Slave, ASRD gave all active aircrew the option of landing and taking a break for however long was thought to be personally necessary. Then, after about 20 minutes the call came down and they suspended all rotary wing operations on SWF-056 for the rest of the day. All aircraft returned to Slave and were stayed. The IC for the complex was at the safety meeting the next morning and almost broke down speaking of the events of the previous day. Then they went as far as to offer professional councelling to anyone who needed to talk, as th
  12. Interesting observation Egg. I am making my return here for the first time in a long time. same stuff, over and over and over and.... Back to post, sorry I cannot add anything to help you out Roo. Have ever only sat in a 130 static. I have no stick time in them at all.
  13. HF's comments were way past anything acceptable to a professional in this industry. Most people I know are dealing with an extremely slow winter combined with a mediocre (at best) summer season... and nobody else is wishing death and dismemberment upon their peers. I realize he is gone and I think he should stay gone. Yeesh.
  14. Vortex ring state is an aerodynamic condition affecting the main rotor system. It can be encountered with almost any VSI reading and its formation is dependant on a number of conditions, gross weight, power applied, wind direction and strength... It is unlikely to occur at VSI readings which approach the autorotational decent rates of the particular machine you flying, as vortacies generated will be above the rotor system. This being said, it is still possible if partial power is applied and airspeed is reduced or at speeds around translation. Settling with power was best described to me
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