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  1. Hi Guys Just wondering about part time Heliski contracts. I work 28 days on and off, but looking for some part time heliski work. Is there any work in BC (or anywhere) that they may need a relief pilot? Cheers
  2. Not good at all. My condolences to the friends and familys of those involved.
  3. GOD!! The last thing we want is Canadians coming downunder with their accents taking our wimmen!!!
  4. Hey cheers P5, appreciate that, I flicked him an email today to make contact. Once again thanks.
  5. Sorry about that. Yeah Im after info about operators the service the resorts. Just wondering if there are any companys that are after guys with heli ski experience.
  6. Hi guys. Just after some info about heli ski companys. I am just curious if any places are after pilots or is it a bit late seeing as the season has kicked off. Cheers for any help.
  7. Not hard...but off putting was moving fuel drums from the strip to camp and seeing Sirlandsalot's white butt! :-)
  8. Not gonna get into a fight or speculate overly much, but texting could not cause what is thought to have happened. If it did...maybe all you robbie drivers leave ya cells in the office.
  9. Having to fight the female geo's (the cute one's) off once they hear the Kiwi accent ;-) I hope you all don't have a bad season up there this year, from what I have it's looking pretty tough. Keep ya chins up.
  10. Yup, I knew Morgan also and was at the service (pretty gutting). My comment was that the texting wasn't the cause, something more major was a part of it.
  11. I agree with T Tail, texting didn't cause that accident.
  12. And I didn't think R44 could get any uglier!!! Actually the song suits the Robinson series
  13. What I was getting at, is that the fact that his blades hit was prob a very rare occurance. And the money he made in a week would buy a pretty new 500. Never said it was good airmanship. I recall a 500 being taken down from the net gun in your country buy a guy netting caribou. No trees up there, but then I guess that's ok, as he wasnt a kiwi! And no doupt showing good airmanship the whole time!
  14. Actually at the time of the Venison recovery days, the regs were not as a pain in the butt as they are today. AS it says in the video, if they were regulated as heavily then as they are today, the venison industry would never have gotten of the ground. Thanks to these guys, NZ has a pretty decent deer farming industry worth millions in oversea's exports.
  15. Yeah, pretty rough on the gear, but a live deer back in the 80's in New Zealand was worth $3000nz each, in todays money that would be close to $20-$25000nz! It was a very cut throat, competitive market. A new set of blades would be paid for in half a mornings hunt. It wasnt done all the time, but money talks. These guys are now pretty wealthy and have had successful careers.
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