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  1. heard from a friend of mine who is also laid off that there was some fist pounding on the desk stuff and Adam resigned....not good no matter what
  2. yeah well there's a few more still out there I suspect..........amongst this forum for one I may add
  3. 48 bucks per day and if its not possible to do that like for places as in Ft. McMoney than turn in receipts
  4. I only read the first part of that article but don't ya think if they had plugged the holes like most people would have done..... and if it sat out in those conditions someone should have done a walk around at the very least
  5. Dave(hemmaroid)is living in Winnipeg somewhere
  6. yes.....its designed to reduce the amount of fuel in the "system" but it doesn't mean it always works correctly !! its not the first one to quit either.....not sure if pulling the breaker is the "fix".......you survived Mordor so what you worried about !!
  7. do ya think its better to get a higher daily and skip the flight pay for easier accounting or stick with daily plus flight pay ?
  8. if this "annual" thread saves just one person from getting shafted......its just fine by me to repeat the warnings.........lotsa starry eyed newbies out there
  9. I was told a month ago I was going back where I was last year, not because I'm anything special, but because I have worked for them before and all was good for the previous 2 seasons, am I expecting to make the big bucks on contract........not going to happen, cause they just aren't there anymore
  10. well the going rate may be one thing, what you'll actually get is another........i've heard from more than a few sources that operators are going to be paying less than last year, so its anybody's guess right now........some of the contracts were bid pretty low so guess who bites the bullet ??
  11. I had the pleasure of his experience when we were on few fire bases in Ontario, great guy when you had a problem and just to talk with , my deepest condolences to family and friends
  12. maybe find out more facts if this is the case, sometimes the communication aspect might kick in and its been an honest mistake by an inexperienced pilot.........
  13. does anyone have the name of the deceased engineer they could pm me ?
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