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  1. I'm pretty sure that's one if the contracts that they lost. If they don't start working to get the oil and gas stuff back they'll be stuck flyin mountain repeaters all summer. I hear they have a repeater ace there.
  2. Well, I heard they lost most if there contracts, laid off most of their staff and the ops manager has been relieved of his duties.
  3. 600 views and not a peep? Surely this all can't just be Rumour.
  4. I'm hearing talk of management house cleaning in a certain FSJ company. Anyone in the know care to confirm or deny?
  5. With pretty much every company out there looking for pilots I don't understand why poor Tezza in the employment section got so many negative reps just for stating that he found a job. I hope none of the negative reppers complain this summer when their CP or ops manager asks them to extend their shift or shorten their days off because there is not enough staff to keep a good rotation.
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