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  1. I mostly carried a 629 44 magnum with a 4 inch barrel. Sometimes I carried a lever action 356. (30-30 on steroids)I wore the 44 Mag on me as I found the long guns tend to get left behind because of the size and awkwardness. After having an engine failure and breaking my lower arm, I had the 356 lever action with me, I have come to the conclusion that having a firearm that can be operated with one hand is the way to go. It was very painful loading a lever action with a broken arm. My new choice is a 357 magnum revolver, less recoil, operable with either hand and reliable.
  2. A couple of years ago I was looking into this and was told by the FAA that it may not happen for helicopters as it did for fixed wing. The number of helicopter pilots vs fixed wing it would benefit was one of the reasons. To few helicopter pilots. Another reason was because the FAA didn't have the budget to make this happen. Im surprised to hear the rumour that it might be happening now. I went the other route to obtain my FAA ATP hoping to secure employment in the USA but that just led me to the next road block, Immigration. The USA is very protectionist about jobs and other things. There is also a downsizing going on there in the US military right now and they expect about 2000 helo pilots to hit the streets looking for work.
  3. Owners of helo companies need to share some of the blame for the gradual escalation of hours a pilot needs to land in a well site. Oil companies keep asking for more and more hours to do their boring and simple jobs. Helo companies keep giving them what they want because they want to keep their business.If the helo company would tell the customers that ask for higher time pilots that it is going to cost them more per hour or per day to have that higher time guy jockey them around, things would change. It would change for the better because the high time guy would get paid what they are worth. The low time pilot would also benefit because these oil companies are also cost concious. They will soon figure out they can get the same job done with a low time pilot for less money. When I started flying, I flew lots of hours for oil companies and got by quite well. The customer and employer were both happy.
  4. Low skid gear machines are faster and have more payload. Remember a hundred pounds is 3 percent torque or a half hour of extra fuel. Also high skid gear with flite steps induce a vibration that cant be balanced out. That equates to a less smooth ride, higher fatigue rates and premature wear out of components that hold the transmission on the deck. Tail rotor clearance is marginally more on a high skid machine, but that is only after the machine is sitting on the ground. Tail rotor clearance is identical on approach to landing or low level maneuvering. :punk:
  5. I think the best way to deal with Contrail is when a Contrail client calls for a helicopter, politely explain to the client that there will be an extra charge of 2000 dollars a day(an amount similar to which an oil patch consultant would receive) to help pay for the experienced pilot they are requesting. After all, you dont go to a restaurant and order a meal with an extra scoop of potatoes and not pay for it. Safety is the idea here and no one will argue with that, but make the client put his money where his mouth is. Im sure Contrail and the client will be able to figure it out from there.
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