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  1. I want that its the ultimate water gun. Will end any water fight i have ever been in. Oh and probably great for fires if you want to fly that close into some firestorms. db
  2. I went to a few ground school courses back when i was 16 for fixed wing and i think logged 10hrs or so at the stick with a instructor present of course. Began to hate it. The flying was boring and some of the school went over my head. I do regret dropping out but that was years ago and now that i have found helicopters i am hooked, there isnt anything i dont want to learn about them and i am keen to keep learning. But for me i had been on a few helicopter tour thingys and loved the sensation but going on that fam flight and having a go at the controls just hooked me and i think for l
  3. **** man thankfully the pilot wasnt killed. Accidents do happen i understand that and i am by far to new to this industry to critic anyone but with the friction on and gov. off inst that virtually impossible? I only have O hours in the R44 and all, hehe and like 25 in the R22. db
  4. I would take any job that i could get but first of all i need to get my license first so that hanger job will not be mine. Congrats on the paitence with the ground work there R22, gives a little encouragement for newbies like me. But i had my own little milstone last week. I soloed on the friday 28th man what a rush being alone in that little R22. Handles alot differently too. Anyways good luck friend and hope to see you in the skies eventually. db
  5. WOW dude nice talent on that one. Congrats on walking away
  6. Definetly a great post there you guys. Tonnes of usefull info i will be sure to ask my accountant about all this. I am really fresh to the industry with only 23.8 hrs into my training. And the cost is allready adding up but fortunatly the proceeds from selling a house on the HOT Calgary market is helping the financial side of the training. Now if i only could stop coming in so hot on my approaches to land i would be doing real well. LOL db
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