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  1. Obit link here; http://passages.winnipegfreepress.com/passage-details/id-206020/name-Jim_Hawes/order-publish_date|DESC,last_name|ASC,first_name|ASC/ I met Jim many years ago while working at Lambair - he had just started Custom at the time. RIP Jim Mx
  2. Condolences for your loss - Howie was about as direct as anyone could be - which was refreshing in an industry where far to many are worried about being politically correct. I was one of Jasons' instructors back in my BCIT days and like any of my students who showed some promise I worked him pretty hard. One day Howie showed up at the hangar and we had a long talk about his sons' progress - guess he wanted to see who was making Jason work!!! Long and the short of the discussion was that he was checking to make sure I wasn't giving Jason a hard time because of who he was relate
  3. After 36 years in aviation you think it would get easier - but it doesn’t!!! Like you I have lost way too many friends and co-workers in accidents and it is never easy to explain the “Why”. I think that for the majority of us the first feeling is that of the wrenching gut - then the inevitable - OMG - Who??? Where??? When??? and then the “How”. We all want the “Why” immediately - but sometimes it never comes. We all deal with loss differently - some of put on a brave face - get hard and unemotional - while inside we are goo - We know to let it bubble to the surface at the time wou
  4. Looks like the photo is from the Muncho Lake area - at least according to an old truck driver friend that spent a lot of time on the highway!! Here is a shot of the mountain in the background that is from a bit different angle but looks like it could be the same area. This would make sense as the negatives are with the trip north that would have taken us past Muncho Lake - I don't remember - was only 5 or 6 at the time!!! - so my memory is of no use!! So it looks like a Bell47 G2 - from Associated Helicopters at Muncho Lake in 1957 or 1958. Can't ask for much mor
  5. TQN Picture puzzles can be a lot of fun as they open up some pretty interesting dialog!! In the end this is probably just an old photo of a machine doing some work up the Alcan - could be for any variety of companies that would have a need for it. The history of many helicopter companies is at best obscure - try a google of Associated Helicopters and you get almost nothing - yet they were a larger operator in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It seems once the companies have been absorbed into the Hummingbird that they seem to become almost invisible. I worked for a Twin Otter operato
  6. Wow!!! She was ridden hard and put away hurt a lot!!! MX
  7. There is an interesting article on this event in the June 2008 "FLYPAST" magazine - starts on page 42. Air America flight delivering ordinance came upon 2 AN2s bombing and strafing a position "Lima Green". They tried to contact fighters - but to no avail. They had an AK-47 or an Uzi machine gun on board, dumped their load and managed to shoot both aircraft down!!! Quote from article!! "They had been flying in a civilian 'unarmed' helicopter, to supply a US base that did not exist and had managed to destroy two military aircraft from a neighbouring country in technically neutral
  8. Here is one for you B.C helicopter history buffs!!! In my Dads' stuff I came across a bunch of photos taken when he worked up the Alaska Highway. In them were 3 Bell 47 helicopter pictures taken from quite a distance with his old 120 film camera. This gave me a negative about 21/4 x 21/4 inches to scan - there was no print to be found but that is not unusual as he often developed his own film - and if he didn't think the shot was good enough he wouldn't print it. It looks like it is from a trip we made to Whitehorse in 1957 or possible 1958 as it was with the negatives from that trip
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