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  1. There is another doctor in Calgary that does both medicals. I can’t remember his name but he was downtown a few years ago.
  2. Yup, work visa and FAA license. Or under NAFTA you can fly for a Canadian company with a Canadian License. The pilot shortage situation is more evident down here and in turn the rates are higher. If you can get on USFS, it’s pretty much a year round gig fighting fires nowadays.
  3. There is usually tons of them on ebay. Its pretty gross buying a used one, but I did it. They seem to run about 100$ used. That one didn't last long so i bought another one used from a guy in Alberta that gave up flying and it's in mint shape. H.W.
  4. As far as the commercial exam, it was easy. Just remember the answers to all the questions in your prep. The questions and answers are the exact same in the exam.
  5. Check out EBay. There is some cheap units on there.
  6. Hey Guys. I use an app to look at this forum on my IPhone and it has always worked, never a problem. It's called Ipb Buddy. Try it out...
  7. Thanks Winnie. I have one of those. I am just trying to relearn enough to pass the Inrat a second time. The aero course manual isn't quite cutting it for me. I did the ATPL with only the Culhane course and it worked out. I just pretty much need any help I can..... I thought it was worth a try.
  8. I am looking for a used Culhane Instrument Rating Ground school course. Does anyone have one kicking around that is not needed anymore? Thanks
  9. Tell me this- why would I go work for a company with the small possibility of gaining year round employment when I can go work somewhere else and collect a paycheck 12 months of the year? If you want a pilot just for the summer- you are going to need to compensate. How is this pilot going to feed his family for the remainder of the year?
  10. And when does it end? When will I cease to have to pay for my grandfathers wrong doings? I understand their plight, I just don't see how the continuous handouts are fixing the problems. Perhaps I am just bitter as the band where I live are some of the wealthiest folks in town and continue to be presented with more land and resources.
  11. "They are private and government operators and TC/CCG require an IFR. Not exactly viable options for the average pilot." Why not? It doesn't take much to get the Group 4 stamp in your license. They have hired pilots with 3500-4000 hours. I would call that average.
  12. I just started with a new company and I am finishing the last few days of my 2 weeks off. Then I am heading out for a 2 week tour. I love this rotation. Everybody has different idea of the perfect tour length. I understand that some guys just want to make money and do the 42/5, but at this stage in my life I would rather spend as much time with my family as possible. For other folks wanting to get on a better rotation, what companies are offering 2 and 2 or 3 and 3 in Canada?
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