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    I would have to say that all of the bad press is substansiated. The older 355F, F1, F2`s are a poorly designed afterthought from Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) to meet a requirement for a light twin back in the late 70's. The allison engine for all of it's might in the 206 and 369, which in those single installations was a good fit, at the time of the modification from the 350 to the 355 it was all that was readily available and it shows when you open up the access cowls to work on it. Furthermore, those engines were never designed to be mounted via a single rubber mount and gimbal unit, they move around so much that when you are downwind you can actually feel the engines swaying. The horizontal stabilizer loses it`s lift due to the surface area of the fuselage, that is corrected in the 355N, NP by the addition of 10 inches in length on each end of the fin. They are a challenge to keep matched and require constant effort to allow for the changes in the bicycle cable system used for engine control (they are actually made by shimano!) The heli lynx cable mod is better, however, you still have to balance those engines and it isn`t easy. Dont expect long periods of snag free flying. Between the oil leaks, electrical snags and phantom defects that can never be reproduced with an engineer around they are at least double the maintanance more accurately triple of a 350. Lots of guys have said they are as much work as a 212 and I concurr. Now, the 355N has the Arrius engine which is by far leaps and bounds better than the allison, they match via fadec and stay matched. They start with the flip of a switch like the B3. Just like the B3 they have electrical issues. Parts are rare and when you have an AOG, expect that you will be grounded for many days or weeks. There just isn`t enough of them around. That`s the honest truth about the twinstar. Cheers.
  2. Good post T/R, I know there is some ridiculous pricing going on there. One has to wonder a few things with those kind of rates. When posted tarriff rates exceed $1000/hr for a jetbox, why are these guys cutting their own throats so badly? Also, These guys have a horrible safety record, it is easy to see where the money isn't being spent. I dont give a rats *** what anyone says here, who are the chisel charters trying to hurt but thier own employees? The people working for these outfits must have a morale problem, after all, when you know you work for a sh*t show what do you have to be proud of? This industry is full of passionate people and nobody likes to see these kind of stories. The way I figure it, those Jetranger 4's (or ++'s so they call them) they have must be 300 pounds overweight! what a laughing stock of the industry - way to go boys, you are really making a name for yourselves out there!
  3. Just received the new payscale today, anyone else in CHL feel like they have taken it hard and dry? Worked it out to a 1.7% increase, what are the other guys offering? How can this be fair for a company who posts full page ads saying they want the "best" and pays their employees the least? A full licenced experienced wrench peaks out at around 4300/mo and 21/hr what does the grass look like out there?
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