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  1. The tilt seat isn't that great. Like was mentioned before, when your tilted, it doesn't matter what you do, the cyclic runs into your right thigh and affects your finesse (mine anyway) and it only has one tilt adjustment. It's easy to tilt down but to go back upright it's more difficult because of the door handle. The 212 mesh seats are the best with maybe a back cushion. If you have a quick workout in the mornings for your lower back, it does wonders.
  2. Your welcome. I was in the military before, not as a pilot though I initially did apply for pilot, however once I graduated HS the flight school were not accepting anymore pilots. I did sit in the apache. As I remember that experience, I didn't even know what I was looking at in the cockpit. Best of luck. Fly smooth. Learn all you can and don't stop learning. Be smooth, thats my biggest thing. DON'T STIR THE POT with that cyclic!! I see that all the time almost 95% of the guys I fly with have that rotten habit. Good luck. Ceez.
  3. Go AH64-D Apache. Why not!!! When will you ever get the chance to fly something that has that kind of armament!!! What counts for me when looking at pilots to hire, are how smooth they are on the controls. How quick they are at making right decisions. Not so much what machine they flew. Comes down to performance, personality and natural skill. As far as Im concerned if it was me, I'd fly the gun ship. If I know I'm smooth or can get better at being smooth, I can do that while Im flying a gun ship. Have fun with the tax dollars, why not. Ceez.
  4. Wow, I had to laugh at my mistake for the word I misread. Thank you for pointing out my error. Please forgive me for my misreading Over-Talk. I am sorry if I have offended you. As far my statement about heart surgeons and lawyers, well, I was trying to use their jobs as an example if they were to assume certain particulairs didn't matter, how it would matter to us if we went to them for their professionalism. We'd want them to know every detail because the matter pertained to us. Whether it was with our hearts, or case in court. I apologize for offending you Over-Talk, or assuming you
  5. Over-Talk. You say you don't care about the subtle differences of either nuisiance. Just learn how to avoid them. How can you avoid them if you know nothing more then they are a nuisiance? You are a commercial pilot (hopefully), and getting paid well for being one. It is my understanding that one should know every aspect of thier job, JUST because it pertains to their job. Do you think a heart surgeon of brain surgeon would have that mentality? How about a lawyer? To be a respected pilot amongest peers, one would be open to learning and KNOWING subtle differences about their job.
  6. Vortex Ring State is an aerodynamic phenomenon. The inner portion of the main rotor blade do nothing to provide lift, instead, the air is flowing upwards. When the a/c is a slow moving condition under heavy weight and/or high power setting and/or zero wind, the tip vorticies will increase so much that the vortices meet up with the inner upflowing air and circulate as a donut and increases greatly until the a/c is unresponsive in flight control inputs. The pilot will recognize that "he was into wind if there was wind, he had power coming in as normal, and the rate of descent on approach was
  7. Vortex ring state is not the same as settling with power. Though they are similar, they each are different in that one is pilot induced because of complacentcy (settling with power), and the other is an aerodynamic phenominon (vortex ring state). You cannot induce vortex ring state. You CAN induce settling with power. Once you understand the differences, then you can appropiately call each one accordingly. Ceez.
  8. This is a great topic of discussion. It is a topic that will bring different experience levels into the answers, from a variety of experience of different helicopters. The reply I choose to give will be on the common Bell 206. It's not the only kind I fly of the many I'm endorsed, however it's the chevy 2 of the industry. As for slope consideration, well, the pilot must consider that if there is any wind and he chooses to land with the wind to his left at around 10 o'clock and the slope is to the right (right skid low) then he has increased the possiblitly of dynamic rollover and depen
  9. In honor of my beautiful wife, whom has been with me from the very start of my career. My wife was there for me when I would show up at the hanger and do free work for hours and hours, run errands for free with our gas money, deliver drums of fuel together, she'd support my time of cleaning the hanger floors, shoveling snow, cleaning the lunch room(s), and polishng the helicopter(s) she did this with ME. To help ME look good. Then the season came where she helped me pack my bag(s), not knowing exactly how long I'd be away which ended up for the entire summer, only hearing me for a minute o
  10. whats the reason for no remote? Steel lines okay, having no remote hook, just doesn't make sense. Mind you steel lines okay for light helicopters, however nice not to struggle with that heavy line on the heavier helicopters.
  11. you can get more info on this MD530 by contacting EM logistics in Langley. I've flown them and worked on them, they do have their place, if you can supply the fuel and the people to proficiently work on them. For the size, they produce well.
  12. of coarse they have feelings, haven't you watched Pixars "Cars"? All machines have feelings not just helicopters. You look after them and they'll look after you. No different then a dog. Only these guys are much more elaborate. Oh and they like to be cleaned at the end of the day too. Or even during the day as we work. They are 'our' offices. Almost reminds me of a horse so big and beautiful as you walk up to it. Just my opinion.
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