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  1. Shoo goo or goop. Don’t travel without it and your Roho will last forever. Or at least mine has so far. I have the “Airhawk”. At least seven years. Several repairs. Bought mine through a motorcycle dealer in Kelowna if I remember correctly. At the time would’ve been cheaper just to order directly from the states.
  2. Must have. You may walk across a pile of open tundra or boulder fields but as soon as you come to a depression of any sort (where your going to want to seek shelter) you'll be up to your hips in snow cursing and swearing.
  3. Not me. Ever have one of those tours where by the time you in the plane headed home your only thought is "if i see just one more helicopter i may snap!!!" Imagine that happening if you were working Gynecology...... No thanks!!!! I'll stick with flying
  4. Of all people, you would know best. Made me LOL. All the best to you too!
  5. All i know is that after 15 years in the business, and having switched over from being an auto mechanic for 13 years, i certainly couldn't go out and get a "real" job. This industry has ruined me..... But it certainly beats working for a living!!! Love it!!
  6. I bought mine by finding a Canadian dealer and gave him the model number. It was a motorcycle shop in Kamloops if i remember correctly. I bought the aviation seat and love it although i don't use it in the Astar because the original seat works well for me. I do love it for the long hauls to and from South America in cattle class though and it's perfect for the plastic lawn chairs that we have in our tents.... Cheers
  7. Canmore yesterday from the air. The building with the red roof on the right hand side, is Alpine. The creek is running right through their hangers. My house is in that shot but fortunately far enough away from the river, so no damage. We just got back after having been evacuated for two days. Most of the houses running up the right hand side (east) of Cougar Creek are probably going to be bulldozed. Got to feel for them and what they are going through. Been an interesting few days. Cheers RT
  8. Kitchener Aero is where i've gotten mine. Cheers
  9. Thanks for posting that. We lived in North Bay from 69 - 75. My dad was a Captain until retiring as a Major due to medical leave (cancer) and then we moved south. I remember little of it but i know i went out to the base with him on occasion (peaked inside a fighter once) and he did work in "the hole" (underground) once in a while as well. Can't help but wonder how much of that area he wandered and where was his office. Died in 79 unfortunately, so many of the questions i have will never be answered, but it is great to see the place now, if only the walls could talk.... Cheers.
  10. Done deal. Thanks Corey for all your commitment to this. RT
  11. Copied and pasted from Alberta Outdoors forum. I found it to be very touching having just come back from the services downtown with our two young boys. Thanks to everyone past and present who has served our country. From an Airline Captain- A great read especially for this time of year!- LEST WE FORGET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Had this sent to me today. Felt like sharing it. This is the first remembrance day I have missed in a long time. I am sitting in an Airport waiting for my flight home from Kabul. Subject: From an
  12. Heart felt condolences to all.
  13. An enormous and heartfelt thank you to all that have served, past and present. My utmost respect..... RT
  14. My doctor had me come back in week, during which time he had the information from his reference books that i assume he has as part of his approval to do aviation medicals. This also included a list of approved drugs to treat it.
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