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  1. Fine. So as soon as skids touch down I can jump out, smoke a cigarette and play videogames on my iPhone while the helicopter is being hot-refueled. Piloting is not just moving the controls, I was told. Or should airline pilots not log time from A/P ON to A/P OFF? That would make flight time less than air time. I can think of some airlines which may be interested...
  2. Thank you everyone for the inputs, especially regarding the per diem. Waiting for an answer from the company now
  3. West Africa, francophone, equatorial, inland, trouble-free region. Can't be more specific due to a non-disclosure agreement. Passenger transportation plus occasional cargo from pad to camp. Light loads. No sling. We are aware of the Jetranger limitations, so it may be a Long Ranger, I still have a word to say about the aircraft. Low timer means shy under 300 R/W, 100 turbine, plus under 300 F/W.
  4. A question for the African crowd... What should be a fair fee for a 206 pilot on contract in Africa? I guess it depends on experience, so let's say low-timer... The aircraft will stay Canadian-registered.
  5. I would stick to the fact that an aircraft « moves under its own power » as long as the rotors are actually spinning. Safety wise, it does.
  6. Flash, the industry _is_ changing. Get as much education as you can, no matter which, it will help in the future, if not now.
  7. A new kind of orphan clause! I want it!
  8. Should we ask our insurers to include a coverage against Transport Canada deficiencies in our insurance policies? Or should we ask our insurers to state their own flight time definition in our insurance policies?
  9. Is the stretcher's pedestal part of the AW139 airframe? Does one apply chest compressions when there are other means of ressuscitation on board?
  10. And manned spacecrafts, too. We used to laugh about Japanese products in the 1960s'. Better stop laughing and have our children learn Chinese language.
  11. "moves under its own power." Well, when the rotors start spinning, the helicopter "moves". You're better not to be too close from, say, the tail rotor. Should be the same for airplane propellers, IMO.
  12. Then their insurance premium will raise.
  13. Glad to know. I was wondering if it was a poor control of the helicopter after a sudden change of weight and balance.
  14. I don't understand... Transport Canada now says that engine start and shutdown is not pilot work, why should I pay a pilot top dollars to do that? But you are right, indeed. TC does not rule this industry. Insurance companies do. BTW, if you still wonder whether I am an operator, the "top dollar pilot" bit is a clue
  15. http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/services/hia/sunrise-sunset.html STANDARD TIMES OF SOLAR RISE/SET FOR Québec QC 2011 Longitude = 71° 13.2' West, Latitude = 46° 49.2' North Time zone is EST, -5 UTC Correction from standard meridian : -15.12 minutes Add one hour to listed times when Daylight Saving Time is in effect. Aug 27 Nautical Twilight Start : 3:47 Civil Twilight Start : 4:26 Sunrise : 4:58 Local Noon : 11:46 Sunset : 18:34 Civil Twilight End : 19:06 Nautical Twilight End : 19:45 Hours of Illumination : Sunrise to Sunset : 13.62 Civil Twilight : 1.06 Total : 14.68 Local Sidereal Time at 00:00 EST : 22:35:28
  16. I am an operator. Is it legal to have the turbine started by a peanuts-paid-rampie, then the rampie jumps out and the pilot jumps in just prior to take off? And the reverse at arrival: the pilot bails out, and the rampie cools down the engine, brakes the rotor, and disembarks the passengers?
  17. JetRanger II available for time building for 206-rated pilots. No minimums, you log PIC time, but you will have to endure me in the left seat with the doubles (insurance requirement, I am NOT an instructor). Located near Montréal at Beloeil airport (CSB3). I charge air time only at cost of operation. PM me if interested!
  18. I agree. I will get you rid of your R44 for peanuts as soon as my Jetranger sells.
  19. Alexandre Remon was also an excellent instructor, and his name in my logbook is now memory... Everyone loved him... He was 32 and leaves a pregnant wife in Québec, a mourning family in France and very, very sad friends...
  20. Well, there was an underlying question. No airspeed on the clothes (hard to see anyway), neither on the spare wheel, no aileron work as she moves laterally on the wing, and I'm not sure about such an extreme lateral imbalance, even with only 100 lbs weight including spare wheel. May be possible at a very high airspeed, but then... IMO it looks like a nice staging. Oh, and nothing to do with the real commitment of aircraft maintenance engineers, of course
  21. Encore un triste événement... mes sympathies aux familles... soyons prudents...
  22. In helicopter rides business, when you do things right, you don't earn money. You just offset costs and build hours.
  23. Right! It belonged then to an oil and gas company whom I bought it from. Well maintained aircraft! About the LH seat thing, well, I would have been happy with a 500D, but there is no market, so I went to the reasonable option...
  24. Finally, it turned around to a 1974 JetRanger II with excellent component times Could not find a reasonably priced R44, especially for older ships. So I went to the bank, they said OK, et voilà!
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