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  1. well, i'll be a sumbitch....I never knew you guys worked at canadian too :punk:
  2. too bad the whole crew didn't make it together. they lost a few on the way.
  3. [ edited/removed - That was totally offside. ]
  4. google is your friend http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Alberta/20...23/4362159.html
  5. my condolences to you and your family
  6. it possibly could have helped, the smoke clearly was an issue.
  7. so all the apprentices out there backing HEPAC....make the push to them to stand up for you, to become registered so that the finacial burden can be eased somewhat...a $1000 bucks is nothing to walk away from especially if all you have to do is file a few peices of paperwork..
  8. there are so many large wooden men out there....So i can't nail down what town you guys are talking about for the life of me....
  9. precisely why things need to change.....just cuz' the old timers do it, does not make it right. Yeah, alot of old timers and "pros" as they are called have bags of experience, but times are changing and many of them are sitting back like the good ol' days. Safety is more of a concern than looking cool in my books. If you have a fear of fire, protect yourself, if you have a fear of being knocked unconcious, protect yourself...if you have a fear of syphylis....protect yourself.....
  10. they are supposed to be here at our hanger this coming friday...I'll get pics if I can remember
  11. I saw this in the news today and thought some of you apprentices should look into it and see if it can be done..... http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/en/goc/aig/apply.shtml
  12. i haven't done a straight 100 hr inspection in a while and the last ones i was doing were done over several nights progressively and since i was working on POS ratbags, there were always snags. So I can't really give you a fair number. There are so many variables too, each company has a maintenence sched that differs from everyone elses to some degree. One companies 100hr will just cover the bare essentials from the Bell Manual, other companies have tacked on all these special inspections that can easily double your work. If you're on the ship all the time, many items are checked daily as
  13. theres been a few videos surfacing on the net in the last few days. there is a twinstar that takes off from a beach, crashes into the ocean, a 206 with what appears to be a tail rotor issue, spiralling down into a church parking lot, over top lots of people and apparently, no one was in danger :shock:
  14. +1 yes book smarts...... case in point recently.....an accident happened because manuals were not followed. important notes regarding the proper set-up were not followed. And the ending was disastrous. I think both go hand in hand, you need to be efficient, and you need to be book smart. A test of your abilities would encompass both, and be vital in determining your skill level and subsequent pay level and expectations on performance. And +1 on the engineer putting his foot down on unreasonable time lines....sometimes it just can't be done. There is a median time frame, some will be
  15. every job i have done has some time constraint tagged with it. thats the nature of doing maintenence when the aircraft is flying and trying to make money to pay my wages and everyone elses. there are no two ways around it, and if you cannot handle the pressure, then check your tools at the door because you will not be suitable for this industry. when I mentioned the stopwatch idea, it was meant to be a guage to your abilties, not a get 'er done in ten minutes or the jobs not yours idea. we have all types in this industry and there is a fine line to being fast and safe, and being slow and co
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