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  1. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Is there a cutoff point where helicopters become M2 ratings, ie a weight limit/number of engines, or better still is there a list anywhere giving all M1 helos and M2 helos. I have trawled the TC website and the internet and can find nothing definitive. thanks again Surf. :up:
  2. Who's yer daddy, thanks for the info, however M2 is not the problem. hopefully have enough experience in M2 cat. I guess my question should have been "when filling out my M1 experience sheets can I use B206,AS355 and MB105 or does it have to be purely non tubine engined rotorcraft as TC suggest on their website." I was advised that B206 AS355 & MB105 were M1 and have almost finshed my worksheets, however when checking with the TC website it clearly states M1 as being non turbojet aircraft..... Just wanted to check up before I rewrote them for piston engined rotorcraft.
  3. Am I correct in thinking that the M1 license is for all piston engined aircraft and helicopters and that the M2 license is for all gas turbine aircraft and helicopters regardless of weight. I know it is a dumb question and that this is how TC define it on their website, but I am currently filling in my experience sheets for my M1 & M2 license's and have been advised that the Bell 206, AS355 and MBB105 are actually M1. is this the case?? thanks in advance Surfshark
  4. Hi all I am after some advice regarding the conversion of my EASA B1.3 turbine rotorcraft licence to a Transport Canada AME licence. I am almost at the end of the emmigration process (just need to get my passport stamped with the visa) and hope to finally move out there soon. Is there any way that I can convert or apply for a TC licence prior to me arriving in Canada? Has anybody here been through this process, I have looked through the TC website but can not find a definitive process for the conversion. Also what are my chances of getting hired as an AME without the TC licence for
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