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  1. We fly around 250 hours a year on the high side. Some more, some a lot less.
  2. I believe all the pilots are sworn members now.
  3. http://bc.ctvnews.ca/helicopter-crashes-while-fighting-fires-in-chilcotin-area-1.3504797 -Non-life threatening Injuries -Happened on saturday -Was firefighting -Article lists company, but I'm not going to post the name
  4. Most of the people posting on here are Canadian, so you might not get much feedback on US Army programs.
  5. Haven't really used it yet. Just got the hammock a few weeks ago. I figure I will just use a couple loops of paracrod instead of lugging around tree straps. It will get used for regular camping as well, and in that case I will lug around tree straps if I am car camping. Best part is that the hammock fits between the grab handles on the ceiling of a 212/412/205. No more lying on the ground for me while waiting for customers.
  6. I recently assembled my survival/unexpected overnight kit for the helicopter. I'm flying a Bell 212 or 412, so I have lots of storage room to put it. If I was flying a Jetbox, I would probably build it a lot lighter and smaller. The bag itself is a completely waterproof drybag, so there is no worries about anything getting wet. I have a large reusable silica gel canister inside that will keep the moisture level where it needs to be, as well as a bunch of small silica bags (like the one you find in new shoes) scattered through all the individual bags inside. Here is what I have in it:
  7. Whatever you do, use slugs in your 12ga. Buckshot will just piss the bear off more.
  8. Pacific Nov. 16, 2003 CAR 401.03(1) x 33 $1,000 monetary penalty A student pilot flew a Cessna 172 aircraft 33 times without a pilot’s licence. Occasionally, he flew with passengers on-board. The individual was sanctioned $1,000.00 for each flight for a total monetary penalty of $33,000.00. Was this you? Ouch!
  9. This could be a dumb question, but have you considered the military flying route?
  10. Is this what you are looking for? http://www.tc.gc.ca/civilaviation/general/.../helicopter.htm
  11. TWO SURVIVE HELICOPTER CRASH Sounds like everyone is alive, which is good. From the looks of it, it's Great Lakes Helicopters' C-GQGL. Best wishes to those injured, and I hope everyone makes a full recovery.
  12. I'm actually selling the helmet, but I have misplaced the bubble wrap. I just wanted to get something to fill it in. Nothing fancy.
  13. Anyone have a lead on where I could get a replacement TPL liner for a SPH-4B? I gave Flight Suits a call, but they dont have any in stock, and dont expect to have any for a month or so. Even better would be if anyone had one lying around that they wouldent mind parting with. I dont need the cloth liner, just the bubble wrap part. Thanks
  14. ****, if they are frustrated with a ground job after a month, how are they going to actually get a real flying job eventually? After I finish my flight training, I fully understand that there is no way I will be put right into a flying seat. I accept and welcome the fact that I will have to work my *** of at my first job to show my employer that I am worth taking on as a pilot. If that takes a few years, then so be it. It will give me time to learn as much as I can about the industry, and when I finally do land that job in the right seat, it will be all that much sweeter. So far my ground
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