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  1. Just saw on TV a AS-365 flying over the disaster! Wonder who compagny operate this machine? Guy And what is the callsing
  2. Was talking with some one this week and he said the the 250-c28 is no longer support by Allison/RR is he off track or not!?? Guy
  3. G'Day! to all! Saw a photo of a "L" with a vertically openable Fuselage/Litter door window!. Wonder if some one have info on it!?(i look at Aero A,Tech-P and other do not seem to made it!) Tank's Guy
  4. Trans-Quebec & Trans-Maritime! Salute to Heinz & Lash and also Brian J Still looking in the house for my Fredericton blue Patch Guy
  5. G'Day! DGP in a other message you talking about a rigid internal fuel tank installed in a LongRanger do you have photo of it? if yes it will be fine to have detail! Guy p.s.saw photo of XZU and ESS i remember when they was base in YQB
  6. Long ago i saw a photo of a Longranger with cabin cargo net,using the space of the middle seat if i remember correctely it was hang on the "C" pillard around or near the vertical handle and at the seat bracket, this net was not using the ring in the floor or the front seat bar ring. Some thing like this! If you have some photo or info about it let me know! Tank's! Guy
  7. G'Day! If you GOOGLE Ontario air ambulance you will find some info and photo! I drop to recycle all my old 80' magazine last week(finally) and i remember that Canadian Aviation Magazine had a article about it and it's definitely a 212...!I But i think that i have a photo of the 205 Bandage ONE!. 212 was C-GONT and think that Bandage TWO was C-GMOH And look at this Credit to STRIDERV on FLICKR Guy
  8. Heard that Andre Lachapelle die june 27 at 82! Have a good flight Patron Guy
  9. G'Day to all! Looking for Wet & Dry lease short-term contract template for IE.a "LongRanger" I will have a better idea how to manage it! Tank's Guy
  10. G'Day to all! Looking to Bell site and wonder whats append to online Heliprops and Rotorbreeze? Seem they are not publish anymore any info on this? Guy last one that i have is 2015/01
  11. G'Day to all! Looking for BHT-206L-3-FM-1 PDF manual Tank's! Guy
  12. G'Day Ray! Effectively seem to be a adaptation (not the same angle) of the front photo window Merci! Guy
  13. G'Day to all! Saw on controller a L-4 with a midlle window that can be slide open/close vertically! Just wonder if it is a local STC or a bell part number exist about it. Guy
  14. I was thinking that you need to have a compagny name,a serial number,and bla!,bla!,bla!. and that is a pay to acces system! Maybe i'm off trak! Guy
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