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  1. Is there a typical impedance and voltage output of a headset jack for civil helicopters? Specifically AStar B2, Bell 407, 205. Thanks
  2. What is involved in getting a JAR while holding a CPL-H? Who can facilitate this in Canada? (BC preferred) Can EU medical be performed here in Canada? Cost?
  3. Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am amazed at the lateral stability of those machines.
  4. One word: Garlic. And lots of it. Eat it and rub it all over yourself. Skidders will never come close.
  5. Good thought but I don't think that it is heli-tremblant. They don't seem to have a red machine. I am currently at Val-des-Lacs. It typicaly flies south in the AM and comes back (Mt Tremblant area) in the PM. Dosnt really seem like a site seeing flight. Rumor has it that a wealthy person uses it to commute with. Any further info would be great. Thanks
  6. Almost everyday I see a red R44 flying to Mt. Tremblant and back. Possibly a private operation commuting someone from Monteal? I would like to contact the pilot. If anyone has info please PM me. Thanks
  7. I concur. Nothing incredible about that. I would be more impressed to see who can use the least amount of torque to land on a mountain top.
  8. Hear hear! Well spoken TQN. :up: (I did find what I was lookin for, thanks)
  9. I think many people using this forum would appreciate it if the forum users would stick to the topic posted. If you have an issue to discuss then start your own topic. Dont 7500 mine! :down: Thanks to those who replied to the question.
  10. I have searched the net but cant seem to find what I am looking for. I am looking for the value that the Canadian Helicopter Industry adds to the Canadian economy on a yearly basis. And or some type of current overview or economic trend for this industry. If you have any info please share, or point me in the right direction. Thanks SP
  11. NEVER do it for the money (because there isnt any in this industry). ONLY do it if it is your passion. If this is something that you really want to do because it is your passion then being 35 shouldnt matter.
  12. Ok - Light bulb is now on - thanks! Great idea - im in will signup ASAP! Looking forward to it
  13. Please excuse my ignorance ( I am currently sleep deprived) - but how does HEPAC differ from HAC?
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