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  1. Check out www.seallinegear.com the "zip duffle" is stupidly waterprrof and tough, or the basecamp duffle by northface (not quite as skookum) but still does the job. look up Valhalla Pure Outfitters they carry lots of good bags along with other good equipment.
  2. In the fixed wing side multi engine aircraft are numbered from left to right from the view of the pilot. what about a 212? or other multi engine helicopter? does left to right stand or is it the master and the slave?
  3. new guy, vernon started a february intake for the first time this year. the class im in will be heading to Dawson creek in April as opposed to the usual december. i'll take spring time in Dawson creek over winter. How is the campus up there?
  4. yes it is the vernon program heliboy, and after chewing my nailsto knubs waiting for callbacks it did work out. thanks all that helped out
  5. Been following lots of threads on the site regarding employment and the do's and dont's but haven't had much luck finding work in the rotary side of the industry. I'm currently in school until september 23 when i have a 10 week break before going back to the classroom untill july 2007. I'm trying to find a company that will hire me for 10 weeks with the possibility of returning to work in July. I live in BC but am more than willing to relocate or work out of a camp. I thought the timing for employment opportunity couldn't have been better for an aspiring apprentice but am i chasing a lost cause? Is hiring a student for 10 weeks unheard of in the rotary world? should i suck it up and work 10 weeks in a big iron hanger? I do have some experience on a 206 having done a 100hr inspection and a 1500hr transmission inspection but it seems as though i just wont win. Any tips or thoughts on a course of action would be greatly appreciated and put to good use. Thanks a lot.
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