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  1. Live in Vancouver, 3 on 1 off 15 hour drive from home to work, and vise versa,
  2. c'mon ray those new ones in the Astars are so pretty. lol. I want one for going in the pool/contract next season. Most of the waypoints in the ships have different names for the same place and there's no list at each base that I've ever seen anyway, except maybe for fuel cashes. Thanks for the input guys, its much appreciated.
  3. I got my licence at the "puppy mill" your refering to in june of 2005. I took me 4 months. I did a season on the ground where i learned most of which you are refering to, I've got over 900hr's now and 800 on a jetranger, so the puppy mills aren't all bad. Though it would be good for the student to get some of this from the school, there's nothing like real world experience to teach you this stuff. I don't think that alot of it can really be taught at a school, in any way other than theory. Maybe I'm wrong, but even your school Rob I don't think gives practical experience with say 4 machi
  4. Looking for any suggestions on buying a hand held GPS for in the A/C. Any suggestions would be fantastic. I was thinking of a Garmin 76C. Want something with color, and not to expensive. What do you guys/gals use??????? Thanks for the input Rayzor
  5. It was a 47 ... minor damage (dents and such) hard landing so inspections will follow no doubt, but from what ive heard from reliable sources the machine is in tact and all are ok. FETR
  6. I trained at chinook. finished in june last year. did three months with western arial in chilliwack BC on the ground and now im flying a jetbox with 700h'sPIC, 600+ this season (not at western arial). Great school, good people, and awsome instructors. but you still have to get lucky and work hard to get started in the drivers seat. my 2cents RZR
  7. Very sad news...... my condolences as well. As far as I've heard it was a Remote Jetbox. Unsure on pilot name. Keep it in the green everybody and fly extra SAFE
  8. hey duf, i was granted 23,000 from HRDC but it was only after i showed them that i had put 45000 of my own money into my licence.... so my funding was for a 206 endorsment and an HAC mountain course. the 3 letters from employers is what "sealed the deal" in the words of the hrdc lady. she said witout those letters they would've denied me. also i think that they only have a set amount of funding for the aviation field so the earlier in the year you apply the better your chances. hope this helps rayzor
  9. KO's not retired..... he's training guys at chinook. as of early 2006
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