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  1. When you talk about job protectionism, remember it works both ways. It is just as difficult if not more so for a USA citizen to get a job in Canada as the reverse. I do speak from experience. I have hired non-citizen/non-resident/non-green card holders for 'permantent' jobs in the US with a lot less problems than I encountered when I was hired for a 6 week contract job in Canada. As for the US military drawdown, I don't believe that it will have that much of an effect on the job market. First of all it is stated to be 2000 or so, not the 'Thousands' RIFed after Viet Nam. I was in the job market during that time and based on my experience during that time, I believe that a percentage will drop out of aviation. Another percentage will transfer to the USCG, we are already seeing that. And the USCG aviation branch is changing and looks like it will grow some more. With the 'stop-loss' programs over the last 12 years or so in the US military, many of those will be at a point in their military careers that they can retire in 5 years or so. And some will elect to remain in the military.
  2. I would go with the mini. I use the full size iPad and it is a little tight in most helicopters. Skip the 3g unit and the GPS receiver. Go with the ADS-B receiver. After ypou have used it a bit, you will ask yourself how you operated so long without it. NexRad radar, sattellite weather, winds aloft, airport weather and current TFR's are just a few of the things available. If you insist on just a GPS antenna, I would suggest you look at the one sold by Dual Electronics. One thing I like about, is that they have an App that shows how well the antenna is receiving the satellites and the battery stregth.
  3. While they cost very little to operate, they can be as expensive to purchase as a actual helicopter. Further more, while most flight schools say they have a simulator, they are actually what is called a flight training device. There is no movement in FTD's. They do provide many benefits. They allow the student to perform many maneuvers without distractions, like fear of crashing, frantic instructors grabbing at the controls, etc. They allow for the proper training of procedures and emergencies. Which makes for better learning.
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