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  1. I've had same problems...found if I refresh the page all is well, inconvenient but it works!
  2. If you look at 206-SI-112 it gives instructions on install of the C20B engine and it requires the BIII flight manual, I think this is the closest you will get to a BIII economically
  3. go to this link http://www.tc.gc.ca/aviation/applications/...ch.asp?x_lang=e and search for the bell 206 type certificate. It is a long document with lots of good stuf but there is a section that gives the required placards(page 25). Placards: The following placard must be displayed in front of and in clear view of the pilot: "THIS HELICOPTER MUST BE OPERATED IN COMPLIANCE WITH OPERATING LIMITATIONS SPECIFIED IN THE APPROVED HELICOPTER FLIGHT MANUAL." All placards listed in the approved Flight Manual must be installed in the specified locations. That is all that
  4. I'm looking for install drawings for a Jetranger, anyone have suggestions?
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