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  1. Only have experience with two separate B3s (w/ 2B1’s) and both passed power checks all the time with AFS filters. Your situation certainly sounds abnormal to me.
  2. I think an LR would be an awesome ship too. Not much more expensive to operate than a jet buggy, excellent range, and lots of room to take gear or a couple buddies with some legroom. Just don't expect to carry four 200lbs passengers with any kind of gear for any kind of distance!
  3. Good advice 5 per. I don't have much to add to that. It's a tough market out there right now. What I will say is follow up emails with a phone call. It surprises me how many experienced and inexperienced guys think an email is enough. That might work when the industry is booming but we are a long way from that. Face to face visits are almost always worthwhile too.
  4. Yeah I've got a comment. The only thing I agree with in your post Old, is if you don't like it then make a change. As far as the rest of your post, GFY.
  5. Odd that such an inane post gets the most traffic in the last couple months. ?
  6. Lay a net out flat. Tie-wrap a tarp into the net to cover the mesh holes. Put your balls on the tarp, that's in the net. Diaper drop the net.
  7. Foreflight for the x-countries. Works really well.
  8. Really sad to see this. Bob bought me lunch back when I was trying to figure out whether or not to bite the bullet and jump into this racket. The old bugger with his optimism and rosy glasses sold it to me pretty good and in I jumped, lol. I say that jokingly, really he told me the good and the bad and his advice was sound and much appreciated. He was remarkably successful and had time for most, except perhaps for the bellyachers! Thanks Bob for all you've done, we will miss you. Sincere condolences to your friends and loved ones. RIP.
  9. Good reading, thanks for some thoughtful posts HV and BT. Good rant too JL. Here's hoping those of us still working keep working and those looking find it soon. Could be a rough year or two. Hope the rumour ain't true. Hey Roo, did JTH have to cancel the day skiing? Cloud rolled in pretty good after a beautiful morning.
  10. Wow. What a convoluted and contradictory explanation. The portion where he explains why holding power can be counted as flight time makes perfect sense and I was actually starting to think that a clear answer might be forthcoming. Then I kept reading and it all went downhill. I don't think this guy has any idea what the industry standard is when it comes to this issue. Yikes.
  11. Amen to that. Thanks for the engineer's perspective.
  12. Sincere condolences to friends and family of those lost.
  13. Link to the New Zealand AD grounding any R44 with main rotor blade P/N C016-7: http://www.casa.gov.au/wcmswr/_assets/main/airworth/airwd/adfiles/rotor/r44/r44-024.pdf Affect on Canadian R44 ops? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/22/new-zealand-helicopter-crash-prompts-grounding-of-aircraft-in-australia
  14. Whoops, meant to say IF EGT is acceptable.
  15. What do the power check numbers say? Should tell you right away EGT is acceptable.
  16. Really hard to know what that's a compelling argument for without knowing the details. Was it a full-on or a power recovery gone wrong?
  17. "Also just because you have lots of experience does not make you a good teacher " My point. It's not all about hours. Teaching someone how to fly is different than yarding logs, moving drills, swinging bags etc. I would agree that if someone has time doing those tasks AND is a good instructor, then the paying student will get more for their money than paying for a lower time instructor. Flip side is there are lower time instructors out there that understand how to teach, and can do a better job of Ab Initio than some high timers.
  18. Just to play Devils Advocate there H56, I would think there are 1000hr instructors that can teach Ab Initio better than a 20000hr.
  19. "The provincial Liberals were elected with a majority government on the platform of building that pipeline, I assume that means the majority of the BC voters were in favour of building it?" Not quite true. As I recall the BC Libs were kind of vague on their stance and Christy Clark was banging on about the 5 points that needed to be met to consider approval. Still a contentious issue among BC voters I would say. As per original post. Yikes, can of worms opened by Chilcotin land title decision. Going to cause some havoc for sure. I agree that the big city voters don't quite understand some of the ramifications of this decision.
  20. Piston high: seemed a legit question. Pilot5: you may know what you're talking about but that was a convoluted answer. Try again for us VFR guys.
  21. Dear El Guapo, Well done sir! Realistic if a tad cynical but had to be said especially given potential 'starryeyedness' of OP as indicated by his replies. Well thought out and well delivered. Anyone thinking of getting into this biz should read that gem. C
  22. Exactly ROTOR. Lighten up upanddown. Put it this way, if your kid wanted to get in, wouldn't you do everything you could to help him out (after of course, trying your best to convince him/her not to enter this crazy career in the first place!)? Use everything you can to your advantage, within reason of course!
  23. Excellent response Daz. Gunnysnow, a couple of things from where I sit: 1. If you decide to train, I would NOT recommend doing all of your training on turbine. Waste of money. Get a JetRanger endorsement, sure, but do about 90% of your training on a piston machine. If you have cash to burn on further training spend it on operational stuff like longlining and/or an R44 endorsement. 2. You will be employable after your training, but not as a pilot. As mentioned, unless you get lucky, you will be employed as a hangar rat/cleaner/refueller/anything and everything required by the company. And you will be fighting with many many other 100hr wonders to get that ground position. You will not make much money and you will have to be extremely dedicated to your job to get flying. It is not uncommon for guys to spend 3-5 years on the ground before they get flying. Some eventually give in and never get flying. 3. Your age will be a factor for some guys (like Ops Manager mentioned by Daz, whom I disagree with) but not for others. I've known a couple of older guys who've 'made it' flying. 4. How many hours do you need to get hired? That's a tricky question. Anything above 100hrs helps. I'd consider 500hrs, 1000hrs, 1500hrs (due to Contrail requirements in AB) and 2000 hrs (BC Hydro requirements) notable 'milestones', each making you slightly more employable. Eventually it becomes not so much about how many hours you have, but what type of hours you have (longline/mountain/drill/seismic/ski/utility etc). Obviously the sooner you can start working on quality the better, but quantity is what counts initially. Again, with 100hrs you won't get hired as a pilot. Ask yourself what you want to get out of flying. If you're burning to make it your career and your family is as aware as possible of the upcoming sacrifices that you and they will have to make, then go for it with eyes wide open (do more research, find out what you're earning potential will be as a lowtimer and as a hightimer, find out what a typical helicopter pilot lifestyle is, talk to more pilots, go talk to operators in your local area, etc). If you are happy to just go for a burn every now and again and have an interest in helicopters, perhaps you should consider just going the private route and leasing a machine or even buying one with a partner or two to split the cost. Good luck whatever you decide. C
  24. Wow, armchair piloting at its finest. Did you actually see how big those seas were? You know you bothered me when I reply on Xmas eve! Merry Christmas All.
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