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  1. So there I was watching a storm outside from the comfort of inside the nice warm hangar. I had told my wife I wasn’t flying till the afternoon, it was forecasted to be calm by said time. The boss comes in and human factors me in a despicable fashion to push out and head to site. He was required to be apart of the days flight for sign off purposes for our client. We go flying and dramatically end up upside down in a forest. Jet fuel pouring on me with an engine still running kind of thing, leg trapped and can’t get it out. Ughhh I still relieve that day while in the shower, every single shower
  2. Happy to hear the driver is okay! Good job!!!
  3. Two pax in a 212 works for me. One in each penalty box!🤣 If I need to drive from BC to Ontario to feed my children then so be it. Girls gotta eat!
  4. The equipment usually used by the PPL is called a wishbone which attaches to the dorsal D on their harness. It either has a breakaway rating of 210lbs or 300lbs depending on if the client has purchased the aluminum or stainless steel options. It has two ends, one coloured red and the other grey. The red side always gets attached to the helicopter and the grey to the tower. If there is a hiccup halfway through the transfer and both ends attached, to the heli and the tower, the red will break away with enough said force by releasing the slide pin stitched into the wishbone. Both lanyards are app
  5. Man charged in N.W.T. pilot's film-shoot death Click here!
  6. CBC Link Please people be safe out there this year. I don't mean to speculate on what happened based on the reporting of CBC, but from the sounds of it, someone might be in serious trouble. Safe skies and steady hands out there.
  7. Awesome story FF! Poor kid is doomed from the beginning just as you were!!! Congratulations once again!
  8. Seen a commercial on Discovery Channel advertising that the Heli-Loggers series will begin Friday @ 6pm mountain time. Also seen that the Extreme Loggers "Helicopter Logging" episode will be on Saturday, 6pm again.
  9. Congrats Sling!!! Flip-Flops for the showers Towel Single sized bed sheet, good sleeping bag and pillow Good knife, flashlight, and leatherman Warm boots and longjohns Books and movies Extra work gloves And a camera so you can keep us updated with some photos from the field! :up: The most important I would say though, is staying positive with a good attitude! Some times being in a drill camp for long periods of time with cranky and negative drillers will really wear you down, they all don't enjoy what they do for a living. Their isn't always a way to keep in good conta
  10. CARS, Part IV - Personnel Licensing and Training There's a good a table in section 404.04 that should explain it for you. Every pilot should know how to find all information they need with CARs! Hope this helps.
  11. N.W.T premier, cabinet survive no-confidence motion All I know is that I'm relieved! Looks like the loan should go through...
  12. Click here! When I first went to the north all the "Oldtimers" wore nothing but these. Went and got a pair for myself and love them. There flexible and not bulky unlike your usual Sorels and good in the extreme cold situations (believe me!). The only drawback is when the snow starts to melt they do get wet but by that time you'll be switching back to the rubbers. Heard a few complaints about the bunnies, too stiff and no feel for the pedals. Most army surplus stores might have a used pair available for cheap too.
  13. With the speed of the video faster and watching the loads come in I caught myself being worried about the guy on the receiving end a couple times. Pretty good video though, Thanks for the link.
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