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  1. isn't this thread about MH-60's and pinnacle landings or something??
  2. So, what about the North Warning contract?
  3. i think someone needs to put their tinfoil hat back on. maybe we can start another thread about conspiracy theories and leave this one to the nature it was intended.. "big thanks to the military crews"
  4. This industry, in general, could use a whole lot less rumour, speculation and bull$hit.. being asked to not post 'false information' doesn't seem terribly unreasonable..
  5. Thanks guys! We're all good and enjoying the adventure. cheers!
  6. Amazing the confidence hiding behind an alias brings...I suspect if his real name were to get out there, he wouldn't be as vocal.
  7. Wow...what a chump. Is this guy for real? :down:
  8. I would suspect something to do with the Toba Inlet power project. There's been some bad luck out there...
  9. I can confirm that is indeed Rick Campbell, who's string of ex-wives is legendary...lol
  10. The Chinook has five transmissions in it...one on each engine, a mix box and both fore and aft tranny. But yeah...drama! lol.
  11. I had heard that the some company from Oz who just bought a couple of other ones, is dealing to buy up TW's 214's too...things are tough all over it sounds...**** rumour mill...
  12. they're not ex-CF labs...the BV107 and 234 were produced for the civil market as well.
  13. Focus on your target, not the hook - the hook will magically go where you are looking. Fly in trim; helps keep the hook under you. Don't fly faster than you can control; don't over-control the a/c. Practice, practice, practice!
  14. Same here...David Clark mic. When I used to do lots of longlining with the door off, especially in the rain, I would cut the finger off a latex glove and put that over the mic. And then the sock over that. Worked for me for years!
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