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  1. Painter's Lodge in Campbell Crow & Gate in Nanaimo (Cedar)
  2. Some operators will look at this as an opportunity to get people who are desperate for work to move to the sticks, so they don't have to shell out for flights etc
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_Helicopter_Squadron
  4. Last I checked Bell offered a 412 to 212 differences course. Edit; There is a TC approved one being held at the Fort Worth Facility August of this year.
  5. One of the first I met in the industry and certainly one of the most memorable. He will be missed
  6. They have been working on it for over a year, and still no hook for the T2. If they ever get it figured out it will be quite the machine, a lot more power than the B4 of course, and even more than the B3e
  7. Huh? Since when does Tech Tools supply the titanium hardware? By the time the dust settles it's over $1000 just for the screws and special washers.
  8. As a former employee of Phoenix, I can say that although not every day up there is filled with rainbows and cinnamon, the claims that they are taking advantage of the TFW program, or skimping on training, are quite possibly the most ridiculous things I have ever heard on this forum.
  9. I had a cross shift on seismic years ago that probably should been required to wear a hockey helmet.
  10. Northern Lights College has one in December. http://nlc.bc.ca/Programs/AllPrograms/AircraftMaintenanceEngineeringTypeTraining.aspx
  11. A big plus one here. Additionally, they have expanded the school since my time there, and I believe they have also added some more prevalent aircraft since then as well. Best of luck!
  12. Not Northern BC, but Grizzly Helicopters out of Campbell River is a father/daughter combo.
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