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  1. Happy Birth Day!!! Hope you have had a good one


  2. This reminds me of Air Georgian Last summer when they found a wheel assembly cracked of their Piper Twin. the manager XX check the assembly after it was apart (About 5 mins after it was dissasembled) ans sent it to be painted. The apprentice that broke the wheel down, was questioning the soundness of the wheel wanted to send it and other wheels for NDT. but XX already had the wheels out to Field for paint. Field Brought the wheels back to be cleaned more when we found that there was a crack on one half that was about 4 inches long. The Apprentice was fired for missing the crack that he
  3. Chuck the day you retire is the day that Canadian Aviation no longer exists. JJ Visit http://www.airbum.com/grass.html
  4. All iam going to say is that the pilot did one fine job of bringing the AStar down and saving the lives o the two in the back. I think its a little early to speculate about the cause of the crash other than saying that the machine isn't going to fly again anytime soon. JJ
  5. One reason it can be a fun industry and rewarding
  6. Have to agree about the MU2 its not my favurite plane to work on, as it's not of many of my classmates. JJ
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