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  1. Yup, there is no doubt that there are response and transport pre-hospital challenges faced across this Province. There is also no doubt that this new rotary program will save a certain number of lives in a specific region of the Province. That being said, in the big picture of Provincial Airevac resource allocation, there are some complexities that are not really addressed by this political move to provide a dedicated rotary resource based out of Kamloops and it isn't necessarily supported by clinical or acuity needs analysis: - the relative call volume is low in Kamloops. Big media cov
  2. CC has the month to month "contract" I believe, not a long term deal. The Kamloops program was a trial effort and has just recently received official approval for regular service by the Fiberal Government. A political move more than an appropriate clinical move in my opinion....... The BCAS Kamloops Base Air Ambulance will go out to Government issued RFP soon I expect. One would think that it would be written similarly to the last RFP that Helijet competed for and won with the Vancouver and Prince Rupert bases. BTW, the 76C+ models in use currently by BCAS and Helijet are a WELCOME
  3. No thinking or reasonable insight allowed for me, you know better than that Dick! Maybe a quick Hacky Sack session in "boots" or a bottle of the original Granville Island Lager served cool in the coffee room by Mr. Herbst after a long Saturday retail nightmare but no insight or level thought allowed. That being said, a great summer has been had thus far with lots of work, fun times with the fam, and a successful Class D rig off The Lions today (GREAT flying as usual Kelsey!). Can't complain really......... Hope you and the family are well, see you in the hills, Dave
  4. Thanks for the follow up AV8, totally with you on that stuff! Here's to a safe summer season for all.........
  5. AV8, I would suggest that if Kent Harrison SAR was on scene for this call that there was more than enough time to have a qualified local SAR machine on site as well (Talon, Valley, maybe even Blackcomb for that matter). Response times being what they are, especially with the smaller less busy SAR Teams, there is no doubt that a local machine could have been there to do the rescue if they had been called early enough by the SAR Manager for a known medical rescue. Quite often, it is the local helicopter that arrives first rather than a full complement of SAR members, especially with the l
  6. Just wondering if anyone out there knows how (or if) safety equipment like a helicopter helmet can used as a deduction on your taxes. Thanks in advance for any information that you might have, Dave
  7. From what I understand, a big part of the issue was regarding the legality of the RFP. Specifically, there was a clause or section that did not adequately define how "out of jurisdiction" bidders might be dealt with. It seems that there may have been questions raised about this issue by proponents other than Helijet and VIH/Cougar. I believe that it was cancelled to get a significant re-write done after in depth legal consultation but I have no idea when the RFP will be posted again. Also, I think BCAS is quite aware of what the costs were going to be regarding an aircraft upgrade - th
  8. Hi gang, I'm looking for some advice on where to purchase flightsuits for EMS providers doing both rotary and fixed wing work in BC. In particular, I have am looking for a company with the following highlights: 1) Effective quality control; 2) Multiple fabric availability (e.g. Nomex, 100% cotton, poly/cotton blend) 3) Consistent sizing; 4) Adequate stitching and fabric durability; 5) Good warranty coverage; 6) Flexible design features to allow for specific operational needs (e.g. extra pockets, etc) 7) A proven record of consistency, reliability, and quality in t
  9. ****, Does "Code 69 in boots, Code 69 in Boots" mean anything to you still??? Saturdays and Herbst with a few dozen GI Lagers will never be the same.......I don't mean to hijack the A-Star Long Line thread (as it is very important) but this must be you. D
  10. ???????? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e870090bba
  11. Talon Helicopters, Blackcomb Helicopters, and Valley Helicopters do the majority of SAR flying on the South Coast. All three have pilots who are Class D qualified and have regular training sessions with the local SAR Teams to maintain proficiency in Class D operations, hover entry/exit procedures, and mountain terrain search and rescue techniques.
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