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  1. WOW! As you say..very interesting. I wonder how well "Robo" will do when the load goes ape sh*t.
  2. I guess the answer depends on the individual. There are pros and cons to working seismic. Please take my observations with a grain of salt as I've been out of seismic for some time but other than technology I doubt if the "bones" of the operation have changed much. Seismic is great for providing year round employment as it typically picks up in the winter. Sadly there will be a lot of sitting around in the cold or in a truck. The camps are typically pretty good but putting on your parka to go pee wears thin after a few weeks. I always used to wake up every 3 hrs. to check on the machine whe
  3. Again there are variables but I would say around $3000.00 . Some companies pay better than others and 1000 hrs. is a good milestone. Generally means good bye to junior wages and hello to more senior pilot increment raises. If your company is treating you well and you are happy with your wage for the work being conducted then don't worry what the other guy makes as there is always going to be a difference. Max
  4. You are correct about it being on par with the 206. A lot depends on your monthly but I'd put the hourly for 1000 hrs. between $55.00 and $60.00 per hour. Max
  5. Great harvest moon tonight when I landed! Makes it all worthwhile. I've seen it before with smoke in the air as well.. makes the big orange ball. Engineer plants a cold one in your hand and tells you to go home as it's his ship now. See you in the morning for leak checks and run ups. Can't beat it! Max
  6. Some good stuff here. I feel for you Daz...Learning to fly a helicopter in quite an accomplishment that one should be proud of. However, getting that first gig is tough and feeling your skills rusting in not pleasant. :down: I've seen guys and gals keep themselves in the poor house saving up and going flying when they can. You need to realize when and where to spend your funds to get the best bang for your buck. I don't recommend the former as you will stay somewhat sharp but poor. If you are going to get hired you will be invited for a check ride. The hiring company will probably be ridin
  7. Excellent well thought out and stated post. Test on initial hire as per every oil companies demand, but random and ongoing testing is insulting as I'm pretty sure most guys and gals won't have a "hit" and then go swing bags. Max
  8. My company provides me with a pension and loss of license insurance. And it's in my lifetime. Max
  9. Ha! Ha! That's great! Someone get me a bucket of prop wash!?! Or maybe the gentleman truly has a staining issue. Max
  10. I stand corrected..that's what I get for relying on an old memory! Max
  11. The VEMD equipped A-Stars require the test to be done at 100%. If you're not locked down, the collective will increase to assist you as if hydraulics were lost in flight. This can result in a roll over on the ground. Max
  12. Bobby McCord would be proud! VIVA R.C.A.F!! Max
  13. Gawd I hate to be in agreement with SS but.....I am! Hey, at least they weren't making the "duck face" pouty lip thing that girls for some reason think is attractive! It's a U.S. thing I guess. Kick *** and all that. Max
  14. Yeah, I've had to use a knock-o-meter a couple of times on exciter boxes myself and your right the customer gets a bit queasy. Max
  15. We're not talking about field maintenance here, just things you can run into and what tools are needed to get you home. Ending up in a court of law....PFFFFT! 3/4 inch stubby for chip plugs (206) and some side cutters for lock wire. A slim long screwdriver for turning your starter if you hit a "flat spot" on the Jet box. Tie wraps and a Leatherman are good too. Duct tape for making sure your Bambi won't come unplugged and some flagging tape for marking hazards in your staging area and for tying up the cables on the Bambi when you pack it up. Colour cut paste for testing your remote fuel cach
  16. O.K. ya know ...I don't know rocksteady and trust me ...there is no love lost between me and ASRD or BCFS. I must say though Rocksteady is extending an olive branch and P5 is just smacking him over the head with it for no reason. Hmm... one talks sense and the other whines...Get out of this industry P5 while you still can with your sanity and your dignity intact....whoops..too late! Your a little man with a big chip on his (or her) shoulder. Figure it out..we don't all have the same experiences in this industry as you. You make some good points but you also....aw f*ck it she won't get it any
  17. If your friends doctor is worth a pinch of coon sh*t he will spot trends and head them off. For example, your blood pressure is creeping up every 6 months on your medical (over 40 assumption) when it starts to put up flags he should get you on a TC approved medication. If in 6 months you are still high he /or she has the option of putting you on a 24 hr. monitor to eliminate the prospect of "white coat syndrome". I guess my point is, a good TC Doc should spot a trend and not just put in #'s that will make TC medical pull your license. If that happens then you are in a world of red tape hurt!
  18. One thing you may want to keep in mind. If you travel to Calgary and plan on doing 8-10 hrs. of training per weekend they won't let you. You will be fried after about 1 1/2 hrs. Most schools will limit you to around 2 hrs. a day as after that you are not learning. You may be able to talk them into it but it's not a good idea. Training just on weekends can be done but is poor for continuity of learning. Meaning you will spend most of your Saturday re-learning what you did last weekend. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! Max
  19. :lol: O.K. you get the dead horses Deuce and I'll bring the Louisville Sluggers! Max
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