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  1. The vaccine is the equivalent of wearing a jean jacket in zero-degree weather during a blizzard. Maybe it's better than no jacket but the protection is minimal at best. quote from Anthony Brian Logan Made me chuckle
  2. Aerosmith Heli’s booth is still open for business. This beauty just rolled out before Christmas.
  3. I predict Canucks win the Cup
  4. Sorry, torque check is what I need. Nothing is re-torqued. I agree with Heliian. I will see if I can get it without 150hr check. Might have to put it in at first then remove at a later revision after more data can be obtained. Thanks
  5. Yes it is possible without Airbus aproval. You can deviate from manifactures instructions as long as it is approved in your MSA and does not excede LifeLimit, OH or AD. It would be something along the lines of a combination of flight idle ground run and a max power flight. Currently when you build up and install a head on an astar, you are supposed to check torque after first ground run before first flight. You would do the re-torque after a set time on the ground, then again after a set time full power flight (call it 15/15). It would need to be verrified at the next 150Hr inspection.
  6. Hi All, For those that make cameo apperances maintaing astars in the field and at remote bases or have engineers that do, we need some help. We're in the process of updating our MSA and hit a roadblock. We created an alternate procedure for the 2-10 hour re-torques similar to the one for the Bell 206 TRDS and Mast Nut. Transport was good to go with it, but require some more data from us. That data bieng log entries for the re-torques with results (No Movement or Discrepencies) for MR Head, Servos, TR Blade, Suspension bars etc..... If anyone is willing to share a few photos of past entrie
  7. I predict, after quarantine. Black and Gray meet on a fire and have a drink or 3. she’s all uncharted territory from here boys and girls
  8. We just pulled a spider off our B3e with 2000 Hrs since new ( mostly people moving). Split bush bearings had broken free and been spinning for a while. Output shaft was still ok, but the spider was a mess. There had been issues of the bearings not bonded in well during production as explained by the Airbus Rep. Let us know what you find.
  9. We were excited when this SB came out and wanted it for our B3e, that excitement faded fast when we realized it would not work with an onboard load cell. You are in a unique situation were you can test the 2 versions. Would you be able to conduct an experiment where you load up a hook to max that your TQ limits and weight limits will allow. Try and lift it with the load cell conector disconnected at the hook. Then try it with it connected. See if there is a difference and if you can get the Nr to bump up. It would definitely help some operators make a decisions on retro fittin
  10. I belive with the onboard hook you will no longer be able to reach the max potential of the B3e as stated in the flight manual. This was Airbus fix for the problem. You are going to have a tough time finding anyone with experience with the post mod airframe and siren hook, I think its very rare. Most opt for delivery with an onbard hook. It would have been alot better if you just could flick a switch and have the vemd/decu let the Nr go to 400 rather than have to detect a load. Here is something to debate and maybe help you get your answer. Will a straight B3 (2b or 2b1) out
  11. None of these graphs take into account average hours per pilot or how many pilots accounted for the hundreds of thousands of hours. In a 100000 hours the accident rate would be different if it was flown by 100 plots or 500 pilots. It also does not take into account pilot skill/experience level. Toral hours flown. Accidents with 10000 hour pilots vs 600 hr pilots Going straigt up hours to accidents doesn't really tell the story. If this is what the new regs are based of in my oppinion it will not make a difference. The same number of accidents to flight hours will remain the same. It is re
  12. Thats an interesting read. Im interested in the ELT findings. I submitted an SDR (service difficulty report) about 6 years ago on the G switches. We were finding that 20 to 30% of our fleet were failing on the annual test. This is just another example where the ELT has failed to activate after an incident. Whithout the sat track unit and had the injuries been worse, this could have been a different story. We were mandated by Transport Canada to buy these junk 406 Elts years ago, and when they are alerted to a problem they do nothing. We all remember how flying in turbulence
  13. Thanks. As technology advances, it seems Transport is going in the opposite direction.
  14. Does anyone know where to go to reserve a Registration Mark Online? I found where you can search and I thought that you could reserve it in the same spot. All I seem to find is dead links and phone numbers that go to TC staff with full mail boxes. Frustrating as **** An hour of my life that I will never get back. Cheers
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