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  1. Thanks for the input on colective bounce. Up until this form I had never heard of it. Crazy what a little friction on the collective can prevent. I just heard that Dart has gotten TC aproval to distribute the STC for McPherson Seatbelt seat modification kit. Applicable to all aircraft models. Cheers
  2. Im not a bell guy and have never heard of Colective bounce. Can someone explain what it is, how its induced and how its corrected. Thanks
  3. Happy Guy, My first question about the comp stalls would be how fast do you roll back in power after the auto? Is it faster than you would normaly do it sitting on the groung flat pitch spooling up? How is the power check? Has it been pretty consistant. Did you check your engine for any fod damage? I have seen an engine still make spec power, but would stall once in a while during a power change. I think it was a $12000 bill do dress out and repair the compressor and the 1st stage turbine wheel had 2 blades that were only around 60% there. All that seen it were blown away. I have also seen a
  4. Thanks for all the info and oppinions. Keep em comming. I guesse my next question to ask is what is the best aircraft for the job. I gueses it would be a more multi role unit SAR ect. I seems like alot of angencies are going towards the EC120. I dont understand why. Other than all the cargo space it seems very over priced and under powered. What have you guys and gals used in the past? Also none of you mentioned anything from Dillon Areo ha ha. sorry had to put that in. cheers
  5. I am interested in what are essentails (electronics) for setting up a good police air unit. I know alot of big bucks can get wasted and I'm currious what is needed and what never gets used. Cheers
  6. If you have a choice between AFS and FDC go with the AFS its a much better product.
  7. I don't know how the whole conversion thing works for getting a Canadian liscence. Is there not some sort of minnimal PIC requirement to get it? Say 500hrs or 1000hrs. Why is there no pre-requset like there is with everything else. Would that not get rid of the competition problem between low timers from here and elsewhere. Then would it also not force companies to lower there minimal PIC requrements (thus creating a demand) and help new students from here get there first break. Take away the easy forigen hire card opperators have been useing to put meat in the seat, and force them to put time
  8. flight suit Mac 100 extra large reg for sale brand new not used, for those cold days $975 250 741 6099
  9. Fargo manufaturing company should help you out.
  10. opps I meant service wrench set or what ever you want to call them. :punk: A must if your going to work on anything MD makes
  11. Proto makes 1/4" 12pt deep sockets are cut all the way down on the interior wall. They also sell a 1/4" 12 pt swivel set. Both are about 1/2 the price of snap-on. If you need machinest wrenches try www.bosstoolsupply.com the cheapest place I have ever seen them 3/4 up to 1 5/8. Less than a $100 bucks and free shipping.
  12. Heli500


    They need a little middle finger Icon from me to you buddy. Be pleased to know that maintenance will have your machine ready to go on the 23rd and maybee this time they will help you tuck your machine away each night. If you read through all the posts its a bit of a 2 way street right? You help me and I will help you and everyone will be happy the job will be done and know one will be pee'd off at each other. The only thing left will be a little bit of ribbin' like this post was initially intended to be. Lighten up people
  13. Heli500


    Sorry busy doing an inspection diddn't have time for the internet. Theres a lot of #### here to read though. Its funny how when you put a post on here loking for some help you get next to no replies but something that was joke just goes on for pages & pages. Sorry if I offended a few, but if you are the pilot or engineer that sits on his *** all day not helping out around the base or camp then you are the reson that this ****** post keeps going on and on.
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    I have only been around for about ten years so I am not sure of the way it was before. My question is what did pilots do all day before there was internet? :shock:
  15. If you get trained inhouse, have ACA on aircraft, when you leave and go to different company should that not be as good as an endorsment. The Company doing the training has to have had the course aproved by transport to be able to give it to its employees ACA. I know there are a few companies giving in house MD500 and Bell206 endorsements. Does anyone know if anyone has taken it from one company to the next? If so how did they do it?
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