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  1. When I worked for a company that had these machines, we would to the drain and flush and changer over each Spring and Fall. It was a pain in the bottom, but we did it.
  2. You are right, it's not funny. You just sound like a butt-hurt Hillary supporter. LOL
  3. Years ago, a training outfit in Whitecourt denied me a TL11B. I had to get a detailed invoice from said training operation to get the tax deduction and refund from the CRA. Make sure whoever is providing the training will provide the TL11B and save yourself the hassle.
  4. Cool and is that helicopter approved for Class C loads?
  5. They also may be able to accommodate you with a hangar, just in case. They usually have some drummed fuel, as well as mobile bowser service. Lots of sched service there and the fixed wing guys don't always care to broadcast their departures and arrivals, so be aware of that. Helicopter area is on the gravel, not on the main ramp.
  6. A couple of things to consider as well.... If you are paid in US funds, with the falling Canadian dollar, it is to your pay benefit. If you go in with a tax avoidance plan as well, it is to your pay benefit. You may also get other bonuses as well and if you don't have anything holding you back from spending a year away from home, it could be an adventure. Tax evasion = bad Tax avoidance = good
  7. http://www.writersharbor.org/series_view.php?sid=21 Moggy's Tuna Manual Have a read through. H
  8. So...where are all these ifr jobs? And do they actually pay more than 70k for a newbie?
  9. Hybrid, I replied in regards to his "no minimums" comment. I get flight pay, but I have no minimums. He may not like it, but they are using an old marketing tactic that other companies have used. Although I don't get minimums, I haven't had a terrible year so far. Other times, I've had contract minimums, non-averaging plus overage and in the end it doesn't pay more than flying a bunch of hours. As for the IFR stuff, who is paying well in Canada? FO and Captain pay rates?
  10. Uh no, past that already. My point is that I don't have minimums, but if I did, I would be averaging 4/day, everyday including travel, wx and mech days.
  11. I have no minimums, but if I divide the amount of hours i've flown by the days i've worked (including wx, mech and travel days), i'm "averaging" 4/day. Is that bad? 500hrs since March.
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