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  1. Hi, So, when building hours, I would try to get as any as possible. My inexperience would always make think, another landing, another start, another hour! Then I was sat down in my 3rd year, 4 different meetings. 1. Calculating revenue hours vs airtime hours. 5 pilots in a meeting, were all set to look upon the new Canadian handbook, where we were directed to see flight examples, they were given as a 206 type lifting and landing, and running at idle, whilst geo folk collected water or type samples, they returned, and we lifted off. At the end of the flight, with perhaps 14 landings as examples, the revenue time was set to 2.4 hours, and the airtime for the journey logbook was set to .8 hours. We were encouraged to enter into our logbook 2.4 hours, and congratulated at the .8 hours of flight time with multiple landings. The landing were not spoken about, the after conversation was explained by some senior pilots as, hey man, you want to make more landings? Make less landings on paper. It doesn't matter to anyone until the gear is expired. 2. Calculating N1/NP cycles in the EC30/Astar. The same pilots sat with a maintenance director, or designate, to discuss how after a season, some of us were accumulating an incredible number of cycles in N1 and Np in the logbook. No one was defensive, no one was arguing, we simply listened and understood how maintenance flights did not count as starts or flights or landings, nor did we need to count landings when passengers exited the ship when throttle was set at flight idle. Ground idle in an Astar as we know, is a larger count. We were given an equation, corrected, and set loose to count fewer cycles. 3. Calculating starts in any aircraft. In 20 years, I have counted starts as those that have resulted in flight. I do not count ground starts, I do not count starts to do vibration checks, or maintenance flights. 4. Logging time. We were at the same time in those meetings asked, do you consider yourself in control of the aircraft sitting on an off-level slope, in control of the aircraft? 2 people said yes, at flight idle, yes. We were told to log the time. My question to those reading, do you count all of your time flying non-revenue? Do you count your starts for non-revenue flights? If you own an aircraft, or if you are maintaining an aircraft, do you want the operator to count every start, every flight, every landing? I consider each person correct, I inquire for the reasons of maintenance importance, flight time on components, and flight experience. Flight experience can be cut and dis-considered. A 10,000 hour single engine pilot can jump in a 412 and fail a PPC upon the start with a couple of 2's on procedure. I would always have a check list. The rest are the rules but the rules vary, and the handbooks vary, and as a last point, HAVE YOU REDUCED YOUR FLIGHT REPORT REVENUE? To make a client happy? And then reflected the time in the logbook? A smart pilot who has fallen behind in production can see that if they reduce the flight time, they will make the client happy, keep their job, get better at the project and more efficient, and perhaps exceed the production numbers expected by the client, and return the time to the logbook. IE. Day 1. Crew Change on a drill job, move 23 pieces of equipment, crew change. Previous pilot production = 2.4 hrs, 8 landings, 1 start. Your pilot production = 2.9 hrs, 11 landings, 3 starts. Experience will play into being thanked for this production, or being questioned about the extra hours. But when you finish your flight time at the end of the day, whether you have the client's thanks, if you are asked to learn a new way to count hours, cycles, landings, or starts, you will ask your fellows what they think. Cheers, Lineworker
  2. Does anyone have a picture from this incident? I have attempted to access a photograph to supplement the report without success. According to the TSB report it releases any details about this incident, there were no fatalities. It is a good case study to review.
  3. I have an old helmet, Alpha, it's in rough shape, time for a new one. Is it really ok to have bluetooth and wireless and ANR etc without losing something in the way of flying? My old bucket has CEP's and mine all look like they've been shot out of a gun, I have read that ANR produces hearing loss, but with the use of CEP's it makes a comfortable and safe bucket. Any recommendations for price or product? Google doesn't cut it....
  4. Ah, thank you. I actually wasn't drinking, I just joked, so as to give people who disagree an easy recuse.
  5. The underlying root of our stress, is the same as the other things we ignore daily. Why is the price of oil in half, we pay the price we said we'd never pay at the pump. Ridiculous sums are splashed across the board for tax payer costs, the government shrugs, the prices of every staple in the house rises, no jobs are created, everyone who ever knew anyone who received a social benefit avoids talking about it, but it's a mess. Huge corporations paying giant bonuses to corrupt execs defer taxes that could wipe out deficits. It's a golden age for Corporations. They will never enjoy a better and faster moving game in which every one scrambles to misinterpret and even increase their ratings/revenue/ridiculous activities. There is no one to vote for. FTW's are well paid modern slaves, some are paid much better than others, none of them are in Canada for the weather. There is no more NDP, it's been a joke since the 'Great Jack Layton' did almost nothing to avoid the 'near' merger of the Liberals and the NDP. What a joke. We don't have leaders, we have Prime, and Premier Executive Reps. WTF is a Liberal? What is a Conservative? Haha, the Green Party. Right. The NDP. Not that it matters at all, but I agree with almost everyone here who is shocked and unhappy about where their country went. We haven't suffered enough. We will though, all my old farming friends voting conservative, while buying Monsanto products, and they have forums and make similar remarks to ours. Comments about 'countries' make me worry, this is going to happen everywhere. There is nothing about any country happening here, this is to bring to heel those who are 'have nots'. Even China are bringing products manufactured in NK to their mainland, packaging with the familiar label Made in China, and shipping them abroad. As you say, write MP's, read the news, believe the date only. My post sucks, I don't like what I am writing, I don't like what I'm seeing, reading, watching and hearing from my government. Good to see that people are upset. Everyone should be. Winnie, what was the skill Canadian pilots were short on when you arrived here, if I may ask? And those ads, those very specific ads. Globalism is the golden age of the 1%. Steven Harper, ugh. Justin Trudeau, his little flea. Ugh. Just as a fun poke, it really got moving with an actor, who became President of the US, and now they're all actors. There is enough disposable personal wealth (robbed from the Ruble alone, during the tenure of Clinton, destroying the economy of the far East so long ago through 13 Oligarchs now directing much of the East) parked in the now bankrupt state of California to erase the US debt. That final state disaster was seen through by another actor/governor, who hung out with our dear departed drunken philandering ex premier Gordon C. I mean really. The FTW program is the next logical step for the whole thing while we all ignore the underlying root cause, as if we don't know what it is. Bring them to heel, bring in the replacements, profit on their backs. It COULD change, but it's quite obvious that to better as an individual is going to trump organization. That's what I have seen, and that is what I see everywhere. This is meant of course to be a bit inflammatory, but I just read some really long posts that seemed the same to me. There are some really big top overhead powerhouse industry leaders in helicopters, yes? I wonder what they are doing to stem/stimulate this situation? I am thinking, with the huge purses at stake in such as Discovery, etc., are they going to lie down, and say, oops. Better leave this to the companies that manage this with the traditional understandings of the Canadian industry, our model doesn't work. Did Ford make fuel efficient cars and flip off the big oil companies, and keep things tight and local? Just some 7 beer musing. Probably not.
  6. I've no interest in starting over, I can take time off when I like and do the work that is satisfying. All the dues are paid, I don't understand the question. Once you pay for it, you want to keep it, I still love it.
  7. Keeping a thing or two to their chests is pretty effective, but now they have an address, clearly a search warrant and found the goods. Aren't the press just a little bit curious about whose house that was?
  8. Those are rather bad jokes. I wouldn't do it again. No. As a hobby sure. Also, it's a bad idea to post after 7 beers.
  9. It would be a great thing to see Transport stop and punish crooked and abusive operators. How can they when the global situation is the way it is today? Tom Clancy couldn't write a more complicated novel to describe the way the industries tie together. A good read, McMafia, by Misha Glenny. More than 20% of the world's GDP is in shadow. Converting jet fuel to noise in the pursuit of metal, mineral, and fossil fuels, we aren't in a great position. I was told to look elsewhere for a career, overall, it's been great, and overall, I'd have taken the honest advice given to me before I started, and do something else. But we have only ourselves to hold responsible. And you can't just point at one situation and say, here, this is what's wrong. Excuse my long blather please.
  10. Reading through to the end of this thread, on the border of China/Russia, I can grasp what most are saying, though, it seems to me that most are angry. This I get, I'm not so 'thrilled' at the cost of getting here. I know the road, and the ditches, and getting out of the latter to stay on the former, is mostly who you know, or who you rub elbows with at the pub, or the luck of the draw. Sometimes, it's just solving a problem that could have spelled disaster for the company you are working for, or covering for them, that gets you the shot you were looking for, where you are tossed into a situation where there are 3 spots in a season, and when you finished your own, your two co-horts had some personal situation and had to get elsewhere, and you spent the whole season trying to balance your time off to stay legal. Hours are low in those situations, and respect is what you get from your tree-planters, and stuck hoe-operators, or boat drivers, or whoever. I don't know why everyone comes here. It's an entirely negative forum whenever we tackle these threads. What I can add to this one, is that I was 25 when I started, and I can define abuse in three languages in this industry. It's been 15 years, and 9 thousand hours, and no life except for what fits between. According to this thread, I am the luckiest pilot I have ever met for hours versus pay, but I've no life other than the job and am just now lifting my head away from the grindstone. There isn't anything I need from the industry, I've gotten everything there is to offer, and there aren't any mysteries left other than perhaps the sickly feeling of divorce! Still looking for a wife! They don't like it when you work over 15 years at 300 + days a year, I suspect. But mostly, I find that there are so many ridiculous comments on the reality of the situation of our industry, that finding credibility in this thread is like your nephew showing you how to find the really good bits in a big box of lego. Just bring the stuff from the bottom to the top until you get bored, make sure you get lots of attention and do it outside your parents door really early in the morning, someone will get up and make you breakfast. The industries are the same, from dentistry to therapy. It's not easy to make ends meet anywhere. So some operators steal fuel from forestry (and continues to operate years later when everyone knows) Some carry contraband. O wonder, what is this model's secret to endure the times? Philanthropy? F**k no. Back to the beginning of this thread. We have ourselves to blame that we tread water watching our Transport Lifeguards ignore these crooked predators swimming around us. The situation is likely monitored and investigated, as a dirty operation. It should be shut down.
  11. Worthless to thief, I guess they must have the case solved.
  12. http://www.coolthings.com/xm25-rifle-shoots-at-targets-hiding-behind-cover/ Testing will commence in Afghanistan. We need these zones to further research, like Joseph Mengele needed hundreds of thousands of gypsies to cull twins for experimenting on during the SS regime. There can be no progress making weapons, furthering science, without cruelty to something/someone/somewhere. Like Warren Buffet said, everyone born in North America won the lottery the day they were born.
  13. A lot of what is called conspiracy, is actually readily available fact not denied by the government. We just don't like to talk about it or believe it, because it makes us feel bad. Personally, I suggest that you look at who's profiting and decide where your investment into the market is going to be. There certainly isn't anything being done that is going to change anything. I don't have my head in the sand but I do blush when I read the news, the only thing you can believe is the date. There aren't any leaders anymore, just business men with their own agenda, that's a fact.
  14. What model of Sennheiser do you recommend?
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