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  1. The largest provider has been in business over 30 years. There have been numerous different Governments (Political Party’s) during this timeframe and numerous renewals of the contract. Regardless of the party in power, the Government officials have all had one thing in common. They cannot imagine having to travel on a Ferry to Victoria. In my opinion, it is naive to think that a winning bid, designed to best service the public’s interest, and taxpayer, could be awarded the contract. If you are not running a scheduled service to Victoria….GOOD LUCK.
  2. And I responded “ That I work with both Intermediate and Medium Engineers, and they ALL make significantly more than that” Double checked with a couple of my AS350 only buddies. They confirmed that they are definitely doing better than $70k a year. They all work in heated hangars, in urban, semi urban, and large towns environments. We exchanged this information and our Merry Christmas wishes via our cell phones, reception was excellent. Have a Merry Christmas
  3. Engineers are in demand in Canada and all that I know are making much better than $70K…. maybe you are referencing a salary or day rate yearly amount and not including their aircraft flight pay? I work with both Intermediate and Medium Engineers and they all make significantly more than that and deserve every dollar.
  4. Download the latest the day you are flying.
  5. If you use fore-flight you might find this helpful as you can add it as an overlay on your map. Enjoy your trip. ftp://ftp.for.gov.bc.ca/HPR/external/!publish/GIS/GoogleEarth/Forest_Fire_Airspace.kmz
  6. This Spitfire is a rare two seater, and it came to Canada after it came off the production line towards the end of the war for high altitude cold weather testing. I believe It was specifically designed to be a reconnaissance aircraft as it has a camera mount in the floor in front of the rear seat. It eventually ended up in the US which is where I believe Bob bought it from. A few months after it showed up in the Penta hangar in YVR I watched it being towed onto the ramp. 10 minutes later Bob walks out and gets into the cockpit. I figured he might just sit there and make spitfire nois
  7. https://www.whitehorsestar.com/News/i-guess-it-is-a-sign-of-the-times
  8. Fully agree....and that is exactly what I did.
  9. Be very careful if your a Pilot thinking that your covered with your Bank's mortgage life insurance. I requested that my bank provide me with a letter confirming that if I signed up for their mortgage life insurance it would cover me as a Helicopter Pilot.....guess what, they couldn't provide it.
  10. PPIP (Professional Pilots Insurance Plan) they are based in Alberta. Excellent coverage for significantly less money. They used to require that you held an ATPL, they now accept CPL as well. It was started by Pilots specifically for Pilots, check it out Im sure you will find its what you looking for.
  11. I have this plan, it is legit, and I feel it is very good coverage for the cost. When I applied you had to have an ATPL. That may have changed, its worth contacting them.
  12. Just came across this ad. Many companies that use helicopters are currently developing programs to utilize UAV's. I agree that 10 years from now they will be very common, many operations that were conducted by the more expensive helicopter will be replaced by A UAV. http://jobs.cn.ca/jobs/6881BR/Canada-Qu%C3%A9bec-Montreal--Engineering-Drone-Operations-Supervisor?codes=1-INDEED#.V82Kc9YiQK-.mailto
  13. Helilog, In re-reading Phoenix's CP's post, I feel he did respond clearly and honestly with what their intentions are. From what I understand, Phoenix has provided numerous endorsements, and well above industry standard training to both Pilots and Engineers. I agree, our industry could use more companies like them. Have a good day.
  14. For VFR operations, Phoenix probably spends more money on training per pilot than any other operator in Canada. I assume they are taking the same approach with their EC 135 IFR/NVG program. I feel many of the issues people have with the abuse of the TFW program are misdirected in this case. The CP at Phoenix has clearly indicated he has an individual in mind, with a set of qualifications, that will provide the company with the level of training they aspire to achieve for their program. If this individual does not exist in Canada, in my opinion, is what the TFW program was designed for.
  15. Hey buddy, I replaced mine at the beginning of the season, fixed some worn out wiring, also put in a new head liner etc. Dealt with Ryan at Maxcraft(they are an Alpha dealer), he did a great job. Cheers, see you in Sept.
  16. Showing my age here, cue Peter, Paul and Mary music, "where has all the talent gone, long time ago..........." 1. Live in stinky tent - no thanks 2. Share stinky tent with stinky crew - no thanks. 3. Eat stinky food - no thanks. 4. Work a stinky long tour with only a short time off without stink - no thanks. 5. Get paid a stinky wage for your talent - no thanks. I spent a few years moving drills, some of the most satisfying work you can do as a pilot but the conditions wear you down. Every guy I worked with were solid drill pilots and were loved by customers. They all moved on
  17. Another option you may consider is to remove the carbon outer cover. I found it to be bulky and it was constantly banging against the door frame when getting my head in position for long line work. I removed mine and purchased the cloth snap on cover which is soft felt on the inside. No more banging on the door frame, makes the helmet lighter, and have not scratched the visor at all with over 4 years of use.
  18. Get an iPhone if you buy anything else you will end up iRate.
  19. Check out www.ultima.com They are based on the south side of Vancouver Intl Airport. Been in business for years. Dr. Rempel usually handles the Class 1 medicals there. Good Doc. After, you can walk across the street and have a pint at the Flying Beaver and watch the float boys do their thing. Cheers, BSH
  20. Reminds me of a story told to me by an old forestry employee many years ago. During our safety briefing the problem of bears comes up and how best to handle the situation. Old fella said while walking in the bush it was helpful to be able to identify the different types of bears in the area by knowing the different characteristics in their dumps. Black bears he says have dumps which are full of berry seeds. Of course we are all most interested in how to identify a Grizzly dump. Well he says thats even easier as a Grizzly's dump is full of bells and smells like pepper!! BSH
  21. QUOTE (Jet B @ Mar 15 2008, 09:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have the LH050. That's the one with the internal visor only, and I love it. The helmet has a very nice low profile for popping your head in and out of longline windows and the less weight the better, especially weight that would be on your forehead. I tend to just fly with polarized sunglasses anyway and will only drop the tinted visor down if its incredibly bright to give the eyes an extra rest. I have never used a yellow tint visor but I imagine if you don't have polarized brown high contrast tinted sunglasses, the ye
  22. Actually we bought 5 at the same time from Alex at Maxcraft, he was able to give us a slight discount. As we are overseas we did not have to pay the GST. I also did look at purchasing directly from Alpha in the UK, as well as Alpha reps in Oz, New Zealand and USA. Macxraft came up with the best price and Alex provided excellent service. He also made good on a delivery date that was much quicker than the other companies. Either way give him a call and see what you think.
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