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  1. This is a copy of emails sent and screwed up by this Magazine. 2 thoughts on “HAC calls for government to support helicopter industry during COVID-19 crisis” B stout says: March 21, 2020 at 2:12 am I see Jones is just looking at it from a management or owners prospective to help them get the work done nothing for the aircrews that’s have been affected by the virus with loss of work or in quarantine. You don’t have to be over seas to contract this illness. Heli-ski crews that have been with positive carriers of the virus this winter, confirmed cases in 2 lodges now and for the crews that worked with the carriers of the virus sent home in some cases the company’s take is you willingly went to work it’s not our problem. Go home and self quarantine. Don’t ask for help because it’s not our problem. Reply francesco says: March 21, 2020 at 6:02 am full agree Reply Donald J McDougall says: March 24, 2020 at 12:52 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. As stated above there are two thoughts “ON HAC”, the original one that is above, is an original response taken from the one I posted in Skies. MGM seem to have a problem keeping their stories in the right order or Magazine. One thought on “HAC’s letter to the federal government regarding COVID-19 outbreak” Donald J McDougall says: March 19, 2020 at 4:12 pm Dear H-A-C: Quit trying to milk the system, when there is a downturn in the requirement for helicopters, that is business and you take your licks. I am sure that all requirements for essential services have already been contracted for. Shareholders and owners/operators are well aware that this is a Commercial Operation on an as required BASIS, if not required the aircraft sit on the ground and the crews go on U.I. if they qualify, if not, go to Vegas and take your chances. Remember we are all taxpayers and not required to support a nonessential services. Reply LEAVE A REPLY Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment *
  2. I do not consider myself as a professional or an expert on anything, just knowledgeable person on the industry. I also stated to a well known pilot and friend of mine for years (RIP) after he accused me of thinking that I was a better pilot than him. I responded, not better, just different. I am not trying to make a case of anything, just pointing out the anomalies in the whole industry from where it starts from ICAO,TCCA,FAA,the Manufactures and POLITICO'S. SO, what is wrong with my so-called CASE ????? Awaiting Reply at your convenience. CHEERS Don
  3. HAC have assumed, and the whole helicopter industry seems to agree, that they are the big kahuna to represent every person working therein. I hope you notice that the AME's have there own association, which functions very well without any input from HAC. The only reason HAC has it's nose in the working hours of the crew members Pilots/Ame's is because of the dollar $$$ to the Owners Club and shareholders. The answer to all this is, the Air Taxi Industry get together with the no nothing TCCA and establish certain rules and regulations for companies operating NORTH of a certain parallel, going North or South. The get together should be held in WPG, central point and defined by knowledgeable people, aware of the conditions in 24 hour daylight. TCCA (Ottawa) does not have the people knowledgeable enough of the environment to arrive at the proper decision. The bureaucrats at headquarters should maybe refer this to a special meeting of the ICAO. When was the last time regulations were made up in conjunction with the Aviation Industry as a whole and not POLITICO's.
  4. GrayHorizons: I have been wasting my time trying to motivate the Helicopter Industry by posting things that are relevant to the industry, if you don't I agree with the truth don't read my posts and try and keep your hidden remarks to yourself, or elaborate. I have been in the industry longer than you and held every job imaginable, so as I said (As usual moan and groan, sit on your ARSE and do nothing." ) try doing something for a change and post it, if you are so intelligent. If you don't agree with what I have to say, come up with a better solution and post it, instead of criticizing.
  5. The Owners and Operators are represented by H-A-C are the ones responsible for the TFW 's working in Canada, they advertise in (3) newspapers that nobody ever heard off, or read, and then state that nobody in Canada is available. The advertising for TFW's should be posted in National Newspapers for at least five days prior to being approved by the government and any response to the requirement be as stated, and be signed off by Transportation Safety Board. The Labour Board or whoever signs off on TFW'S has to be familiar with Aviation and it's requirements. The Owners Club and H-A-C have been playing this game for years, and they get away with it, to the detriment of the industry as a whole. Transport Canada needs a complete overhaul and it's about time the Parliament of Canada TOOK ACTION, instead of platitudes. The FAA says it needs at least 10,000 more inspectors, to function properly!!!!!! What do you think Canada needs to meet regulation requirements and proper enforcement of same????? As usual moan and groan, sit on your ARSE and do nothing. Have at It. Cheers
  6. https://theconversation.com/disasters-foretold-boeing-737-max-8-and-lac-megantic-130760?utm_source=skies-daily-news-news-from-the-web&utm_campaign=skies-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=news-news-from-the-web&utm_content=V1 The SMS adopted by Transport Canada and other countries was basically a way to download the responsibility for adherence and enforcement to the individual operator. The recommendations for the Safety Management System was arrived at by International Civil Aviation Organization, which Canada is a member. ICAO is made up by most airlines and in accordance with their mandate, must adhere too. As competition increases in the industry, airlines are trying to find ways of of cutting costs, and people are getting killed to achieve this goal. The biggest impact on SAFETY PROBLEM IN AVIATION, is the almighty DOLLAR. Go to any aviation seminar and you will find CEO's, Controllers, Accountants and SHAREHOLDERS more concerned with costs, than Safety. All I can say is, thank the "almighty" for the people that try to adhere to the principal of aviation, for everybody, FLY SAFELY. Don McDougall
  7. CAstrike; I hope you have been following the amount of accidents that happen in the hems industry? The scenario I set-up is, only to avail you off the BS you have to put up, with your own FAA and the operators you will be working for. It's all very nice to have your A&P licence, but remember when there is an accident, and you were the one to release the bird as airworthy, they usually blame the pilot first, mechanic next and the company last, because they were abiding by their Safety Management System, which most companies use for toilet paper. NO ENFORCEMENT by the so called regulators. Cars, trucks, etc are becoming more computerized and you can always blame it on the computer if the problem is not solved. Dream on, but you would probably make as much money and be at home, guaranteed Cheers, Don
  8. CA strike: You have opened up a can of worms that nobody has mentioned (stupid is as stupid was), the airlines who are members Of ICAO and IATA introduced the SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) that was supposed to cure all problems related to RISK MANAGEMENT and MAINTENANCE and operators were home free. Well, the SMS was adopted by Transport Canada Aviation (TCA) and the FAA in North America and was regarded by both entities as a chance to download the inspection requirement to the operator, and they would only have inspect them infrequently, as the onus was delegated to the operator or manufacturer. The enforcement action within the companies was the responsibility of the owners or head honcho. FAA took advantage of the SMS to download signing authority to Boeing, for their own modifications. TCA took advantage of the, SMS to not inspect companies as required. Both the FAA and TCA complain about lack of resources. $$$$$$$ I think all the aviation experts have to get their act together, as the body count is getting higher and higher. IMHO Don PS; the only original part of the fuselage on the 737 Max 8 is the cockpit, with so many modifications you would think a redesign would make sense.
  9. I am not impressed with management??? You keep making a decision like that, you are working your way to becoming a statistic. What was wrong with staying at Helair in Kenora, remember when you are in charge of an aircraft, you duh man, not management. Whats a couple of hundred bucks to Mid-West if you had stayed in Kenora. Don😳
  10. Is there any reason why Simpleton is allowed to post in the forums, he does not contribute anything to any thread except negative sarcasm and only leads to people wishing he would just keep his negative attitude to himself. Joking is one thing his attitude is another.


  11. All you gentlemen with the smart-*** answers should try a few tours in the arctic on the Polar Shelf contract or or any other survey carried out in that area. In some some area's you have to wash the leading edge of the rotor blades on a daily basis, because you are losing lift due to black fly and mosquitoes contamination. Imagine dear pilot what an engineer has to go thru doing major maintenance on the helicopter, bin there done that. If more companies would investigate or look into the prospect of such an en-devour, you might find more engineers willing to do tours up there. Companies had better start looking after people or start training the investors (shareholders) in flying and maintenance or get out of the business totally.
  12. I don't disagree with any of your observations, but, how many long distance do helicopters normally fly from there home base under a normal workday? Working from a base camp not very far, when moving drills, fire fighting, basically local work and as fuel is part of the all up weight, is normally kept it to a minimum. It basically comes down to what application you are using a helicopter for and what type is applicable for the job you are doing. e.i. putting an antenna on top of the CN Tower, using a B412, not good. The UH-1Y is a bastardized military aircraft and will never be certified under the FAA for commercial use. The Griffon B412), certified FAA, H145 FAA, AW139 FAA, S-92 FAA, and the list goes on. Most governments are purchasing helicopters that are primarily certified in the country of origin for civilian or military use with add-ons as required. One of the reasons for making the parts the same is to have a better resale value and eliminate the use of bogus parts.
  13. DGP; for a guy that has been around for as long as you have, I would have thought you would you be glad to have a helicopter without an actual tail rotor. Does anybody have any idea how many people have been killed by tail rotors?? Personally, I have always hated them as an anti-torque device. I loved the Gazelle with the original fan, no stump problems. I also like the fact, with the original rotor head from the BO105, makes it a better machine for military maneuvers. If Hydro One had been flying an Airbus helicopter with a Fan at Tweed, four people would still be alive. Stupid is as Stupid was and still is. INMHO, twin-engined helicopters for working around powerlines, including power line patrol, and Cat 1 take-off, mandatory and NO tail rotor. Lives matter, not dollars when doing a risk assessment.
  14. https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/h145m-battlefield-support-helicopter/ Here is some added info on the H145M and seems to be popular with the Germans and others militaries in the EU and elsewhere, with the five-bladed model it would be even better. The only problem it has, it's not American. The rotor head is the same fixed torsion straps as on the BO105 that the Red Bulls Use in aerobatic maneuvers.
  15. The CH-146 is actually a B412 FAA approved civilian helicopter of the shelf, modified for military use, the UH-1Y is an upgraded UH-1N for military use only. I am assuming that at present the 100 CH-146's are not all equipped with armament and most are for utilty transport. The cost of upgrading the CH-146's is rediculous, including trying to make an outdated aircraft any better. The CH-146 is high maintenece and that will not change with upgrades. DND is well known for under estimating the cost of their requirements and Bell is certainly not going to do it for nothing, and you are still going to have an outdated aircraft. The AirBus H145 is being bought by the RCMP and Stars Helicopters and are up to date with all with all the toots and whistles, even has single pilot IFR. H145 models available on the same airframe, Utility, EMS and Military, which I beleive can all be used by the Military. Operating and Maitenance costs are less than anything that Bell has to offer and with the capability of being manufactured in Canada.
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