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  1. You should have taken the Airbus course that Johnson took and found out if you liked it or not. https://www.verticalmag.com/features/taking-control-airbus-non-pilot-emergency-landing-training-course/?utm_source=vertical-daily-news-top-story&utm_campaign=vertical-daily-news&utm_medium=email&utm_term=top-story&utm_content=V1 I wonder how good the course is with single pilot controls and only two seats in the front of say a B206 or Astar 350, and why the landing under ideal condition on an airport runway, I would have used the grass on the side of the runway, easier sliding. As far as I am concerned it's just a gimmick proposed by AirBus and totally useless. How often does an emergency happen over an airport. The only people that would use that course are the ones it was sold too, and even then an emergency under any conditions, requires a qualified pilot to handle. MOST EMERGENCY DO NOT HAPPEN UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS. I wonder what safety manager thought of this scenario!!!!!!!
  2. I guess I made a similar mistake, by questioning the the reasoning behind Elan Head article on spatial disorientation, great article which is normally taken in kindergarten, it sounded more like she was trying to justify the stupidity of his actions, which resulted in the crash. If people would only use common sense instead of the I am the GOD principle and I can do anything. FUNNY the comment was never posted, which is not the first time. Whats UP.
  3. Torque Split The main problem is DND, it was a problem from Day One on the Cyclone with the magic box. I would like to know who authorized the FBW, because it was not required for submarine warfare as indicated by Flying Head, it was an added cost to the taxpayer. Was DND involved in a little patronage with Sikorsky as is Bell Helicopter with the sole source contract to refurbish the Griffon 412. Personally, I think the RCMP should have a look see at some of the going ons in the WardRoom with the Generals. But, again the RCMP have their own problems and WHO CARES, it's only taxpayer money.
  4. On 20/06 I actually had an attachment to the statement by FH on the Sikorsky 92 (Cyclone), and his statement raises the question, why does the Military have to have a FBW helicopter, when a perfectly equipped commercial helicopter, carrying passengers,with a standard auto-pilot and flight director to the offshore oil platforms on a regular basis. I am attaching an article from AVweb magazine that explains what the Generals in their enlightened way were trying to achieve. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/fly-by-wire-helicopter-military-pilot-had-conflict-before-fatal-crash/ Lack of oversight is the PROBLEM and not from the politicians. Happy Reading and hopefully someday we will have decision makers who know what they are talking about. What's the old adage, Helicopters don't kill people, people do.
  5. Did anybody notice how easy it is to plagiarize information from Vertical and post it as their own source, CBC is trying to sound like they have an in with the Military, for their information Vertical has more flying hours in helicopters by its members than the Military will ever achieve. In the commercial flying world, accidents that do happen are covered by Liability Insurance paid for by the operator, for passengers and aircraft. Should the Insurance company cancel the operators insurance, he loses his operators licence, out of business. The Canadian Taxpayer is the Owner of any equipment the Military has, in other words, the insurance company shareholders, the Liability Holder is the taxpayer. The incompetent Generals run the different Departments and spend the money from the budget with no oversight from Parliament. As for the Cyclone debacle, who cares its only Taxpayer Money and they are to stupid care, we dont answer to them.
  6. I could be wrong, but, didn't Boeing 737 Max 8 have a similar problem, in my book it would be called insufficient training on type, including all emergency procedures. At one time a/c were equipped with auto pilots that had to be controlled by the Pilot, nowadays, if the computer chips get into an argument, they crash the Aircraft. There are not to many Pilots that I know off that would intentionally do that. So the answer has to be in the lack of training and computer science. Boeing Aircraft are re-training (all) pilots on emergency procedures and how to overcome the computer chips from dis-agreeing. As pointed out by RCAF the Cyclone did not respond to in-puts from the Two Captains flying the A/C, with not enough knowledge of the computer system flying the A/C, would that not indicate lack of training by the RCAF and Sikorsky. The actual cause of the accident remains with the Federal Government and Department of National Defence, for lack of over site. Both of those entities have to learn is that is not their money they are spending, but, the Canadian Taxpayer.
  7. You have hit the nail on the head, DND and Parliament have screwed the TAXPAYER from day one on any purchase for the Military. On any Major Military procurement there should be an industry over site committee formed with the Military prior to issuing an ITQ, and from there form a realistic requirement for an RFP. The Military and the patronage ridden politicians always seem to get together to screw every purchase possible. The only ones that are not screwed up are the ones purchased on a Sole Source Basis. Has anybody questioned the following: The length of time it took to replace the Sea King with the Cyclone (including Mods to the original proposal), The modifications to the original FAA approved B412 (griffon), patronage contract to update a useless machine, in guess whose riding, the actual purchase of Aussie aircraft and rebuilding, instead of of buying the Boeing Hornet, and the list goes on. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO WAKE UP
  8. I would like to see or hear from a test pilot doing the same maneuver with an added couple thousand feet and find out that they went into blade stall and the computer did not have enough time to recover from that altitude, remember left pedal and cyclic turns in a tight environment create power loss in both the Tail Rotor and Main Rotor as the crew found out sitting on the clouds found out watching me type this. RIP DON, and you thought helicopters never stalled.
  9. Heroes are people that go to war and get killed and or injured, a nurse or doctor risking their lives during pandemics, fire fighter going into a blazing inferno to rescue people, not people that risk (Pax) or other crew members that rely on the safety of flight to show off what great pilots they are. How many G;s were they putting on the a/c when they pulled up. Who ever on board the ship requested that maneuver needs there head read. THE REAL HEROES IN THIS WHOLE INCIDENT ARE THE FAMILIES THAT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS. WHAT TO DO NOW MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Don McDougall
  10. I have no idea were you get your info from, but of hand, no pilot in his right frame of mind,.. would fly offshore in the weather that you are talking about. When I was in the Navy in the fifties, I spent three years doing search & rescue flying in S-55 and HUP-3, we went offshore, single engine, no floats, just wearing a may west and doing what you had to do. One day we got called out to crash site of Sea Fury , not to far from the base. He was doing continuous loops and went straight in, I picked up his helmet with his head still in it. The whole idea of Search and Rescue is, you do not put more people in danger, unless you are 95% sure you can complete the mission. They call it Risk Management today. The Cyclone Pilots are submarine chasers not S&R. Don PS:Try not to make every person in uniform a hero, they volunteered, and knew exactly what they were getting into. The Korean war was on when I and lot other guys did the same thing. We were not chosen because we were HEROs.
  11. I could be wrong, but I thought Jet B was removed for the reason I stated and only Jet A was available for the smaller turbines in the winter months, worked fine in the summer months. In the area I was operating, not being a coneseure of fuel additives I checked with Standard Aero in WPG as to what I could do to get alight off at cold temperatures and they came up with the mixture I stated. Most areas in the north in the winter time the only place to get fuel in the bush is OMNR (Jet A). Using only AVGAS in a turbine is a no,no and only under extreme circumstances.(War) A pilot is lucky if he gets to fly the same helicopter all the time and I always wonder how the pilot I am replacing handled the machine without recording any overtemps or overtorque to the ame, happens. Your response is much appreciated and well informed, I only hope people listen. TKS, Don
  12. Having been around for a little while, the original fuel for most helicopters and fixed wing turbine aircraft was Jet-B. It came about that that fuel was to explosive and it was abolished. So,along came Jet-A1 fuel. That fuel was fine in temperatures above freezing, below freezing you would have to add a liquid to increase the flow and prevent freezing in the fuel line and governor. The original Jet-B was a mixture of Kerosene and Naphtha. Complaints were made to the fuel companies and engine manufacturer to come up with a solution to operate there AC in temperatures down to 30 below F. The engine manufacturer agreed to a mixture of 2/3 Jet-A to 1/3 Av gas would not harm the turbines. The only turbine engine I know of that could burn Jet-A1 and or Diesel fuel in the winter was made by Pratt and Whitney. SO THAT IS THE STORY OF PUTTING AVGAS IN A TURBINE ENGINE. Cheers, Don
  13. Guess you have a hard time reading from the beginning of the comments made, I was not in any way belittling the pilots due to having little time on type, that goes to our politicians (government) and DND trying to be smarter or just plain stupid, people die. Something has to be done with Parliament as whole and quit acting like a bunch of rectum rectifiers, including DND. You can expect a report from DND in about ten years, after they find who or what to blame. We are so far behind the eight ball with our Military, which, is caused to a great degree by the bickering from the provinces and all the taxpayers across the country. Why doesn't ICELAND adopt Canada.
  14. Crusty, it's nice to hear from you and your opinion on the accident, although its out to lunch. It is not to difficult to figure out that it was human error somewhere along the line, mechanical or crew error. Having worked with DND on numerous occasions when I was contracting for them, I found them not to be realistic, in there scope of work. Go back over the Helicopter procurement in the last 50yrs and see how long it takes to happen, between the modification to the aircraft due to the add-ons, the engines had to be changed on the Cyclone as the originals were underpowered, etc, etc. DND recently put out a procurement to modify the Bell 412, change the transmission and engines to accept more weight. Bell Helicopter is doing the modifications on behalf of DND on an already modified FAA and TCCA commercial helicopter,, without issuing a Request for Proposal to the Canadian Helicopter Industry, and I forgot, updated glass cockpit with autopilot. Human Error starts from the TOP, which is the Government at the top, with all its inadequate decision making on behalf of the provinces, politicians and patronage. The people you are accusing of being ( armchair quarterbacking ) have a little more time than you in the industry. Combined, we probably have 30,000 Flight Hours and around 90yrs in the industry. Match that with your opinion. How many people are going to be killed on the highways this week-end. Get realistic, BS only goes so far.
  15. Listening to Retired Rear Admiral Mark Normans interview on CTV news was quite enlightening , having been in the RCNA for five years, and with PWGSC for the thirteen years, contracting for and auditing aviation companies used by the Canadian Government and the USAF. I was also involved in numerous contracts on behalf of DND. The Air Force had a requirement to train pilots in mountain flying, so I met a gentleman who was in the Air Force from Winnipeg, in Abbotsford. His actual rank was unknown to me, he had two and half rings on his uniform, which indicated to me he had been flying for quite a while. He asked me what I considered an experienced pilot was. I said anybody who has around three thousand hours, has made just about all the mistakes he is going to make and learned from them. He said I guess I am not an experienced pilot, ha ha. DND is notorious for not keeping their pilots and aircraft up to date. Taxpayers take notice. Mark Norman stated in his opinion the accident was either mechanical or human error. I disagree, the pilots did not have enough experience (Both Captains) on the aircraft. You can have all the book training and theory in the class room, you cannot get experience unless its applied on the aircraft in flight. If either PILOT had five hundred hour on type, I would be surprised. It would take at least a thousand feet to iron out the problem, if any procedure was in place. For it to be a Human Error Factor, lay the blame at Department of National Defense, again.
  16. Sky Rotors was for formed by a gentleman from Piaseki (american) instructor and very knowledgeable on there products. The Royal Canadian Navy operated the Piaseki HUP-3 a predecessor of the HU-21 and was used on the HMCS Labrador (ice breaker). The HUP-3 was a tandem rotor with fwd and aft transmission and folding blades. During a 300 hr inspection on one HUP that had returned from Arnprior,ON, there was a requirement to check and adjust the rigging on the rotor heads, special rigging pins were to be inserted in the head to check conformity to specs. The movement of the blade pitch was controlled by screw jacks, that were controlled by inputs from the Pilot, inside the screw jacks stops were installed to eliminate max movement up or down. THE UPPER STOPS WERE NOT INSTALLED AND THIS WAS FOUND BY PULLING UP ON THE PITCH HORN TO INSERT THE RIGGING PINS. Nobody had ever pulled full pitch on the collective, in three hundred flight hours That is when I met Tom.....? I was hired by Larry Camphaug at Spartan Air Services, went to Arnprior and took a very extensive course on the H21 and proceed to the Mid-Canada Line (Knob Lake). Tandem Rotor Helicopters are the only machines you can rotate around the fwd or aft transmission, FUN. I loved landing like a DC-3 on the airstrip and taxing to the hangar. Cheers Don
  17. You are so right mon ami, I left Spartan the latter part 59 and went to work for Autair in St.Eugene near Hawksbury, ON and later Dorval Airport in Montreal. Herb Tom started a business in Vankleek Hill, which his son now operates. So many things to remember. Cheers, Don
  18. Liftair originated from a company in the east, not sure which one, possibly Autair. Russ Shand and a bunch of other guys migrated west in the early 60/70's. Don
  19. Met Ernie Grant from Dominion Helicopters in (Knob Lake) 1956 on the Mid-Canada Doppler Detection System. The original Canadian Helicopters, was born in Montreal with on one Helicopter around the same time At that time (50's), there were two major helicopter companies in Canada, Spartan Air Services in the East or Okanogan in the West. In 1957 DND awarded contracts to Spartan to fly the Piasecki H-21's from Knob Lake east to Hopedale, including west to Hudson Bay, Okanogan was awarded the contract from the west side of Hudson Bay to the Pacific Ocean, using the original S-58. When I left the service I applied at Spartan Air Services and went back on the Mid-Canada Line on the Flying Banana. Most of the crews at that time were ex military.
  20. Extremely well said, but you have to remember who you are dealing with, pilots that LOVE being screwed, but not kissed. Cheers, Don
  21. This is a copy of emails sent and screwed up by this Magazine. 2 thoughts on “HAC calls for government to support helicopter industry during COVID-19 crisis” B stout says: March 21, 2020 at 2:12 am I see Jones is just looking at it from a management or owners prospective to help them get the work done nothing for the aircrews that’s have been affected by the virus with loss of work or in quarantine. You don’t have to be over seas to contract this illness. Heli-ski crews that have been with positive carriers of the virus this winter, confirmed cases in 2 lodges now and for the crews that worked with the carriers of the virus sent home in some cases the company’s take is you willingly went to work it’s not our problem. Go home and self quarantine. Don’t ask for help because it’s not our problem. Reply francesco says: March 21, 2020 at 6:02 am full agree Reply Donald J McDougall says: March 24, 2020 at 12:52 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. As stated above there are two thoughts “ON HAC”, the original one that is above, is an original response taken from the one I posted in Skies. MGM seem to have a problem keeping their stories in the right order or Magazine. One thought on “HAC’s letter to the federal government regarding COVID-19 outbreak” Donald J McDougall says: March 19, 2020 at 4:12 pm Dear H-A-C: Quit trying to milk the system, when there is a downturn in the requirement for helicopters, that is business and you take your licks. I am sure that all requirements for essential services have already been contracted for. Shareholders and owners/operators are well aware that this is a Commercial Operation on an as required BASIS, if not required the aircraft sit on the ground and the crews go on U.I. if they qualify, if not, go to Vegas and take your chances. Remember we are all taxpayers and not required to support a nonessential services. Reply LEAVE A REPLY Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment *
  22. I do not consider myself as a professional or an expert on anything, just knowledgeable person on the industry. I also stated to a well known pilot and friend of mine for years (RIP) after he accused me of thinking that I was a better pilot than him. I responded, not better, just different. I am not trying to make a case of anything, just pointing out the anomalies in the whole industry from where it starts from ICAO,TCCA,FAA,the Manufactures and POLITICO'S. SO, what is wrong with my so-called CASE ????? Awaiting Reply at your convenience. CHEERS Don
  23. HAC have assumed, and the whole helicopter industry seems to agree, that they are the big kahuna to represent every person working therein. I hope you notice that the AME's have there own association, which functions very well without any input from HAC. The only reason HAC has it's nose in the working hours of the crew members Pilots/Ame's is because of the dollar $$$ to the Owners Club and shareholders. The answer to all this is, the Air Taxi Industry get together with the no nothing TCCA and establish certain rules and regulations for companies operating NORTH of a certain parallel, going North or South. The get together should be held in WPG, central point and defined by knowledgeable people, aware of the conditions in 24 hour daylight. TCCA (Ottawa) does not have the people knowledgeable enough of the environment to arrive at the proper decision. The bureaucrats at headquarters should maybe refer this to a special meeting of the ICAO. When was the last time regulations were made up in conjunction with the Aviation Industry as a whole and not POLITICO's.
  24. GrayHorizons: I have been wasting my time trying to motivate the Helicopter Industry by posting things that are relevant to the industry, if you don't I agree with the truth don't read my posts and try and keep your hidden remarks to yourself, or elaborate. I have been in the industry longer than you and held every job imaginable, so as I said (As usual moan and groan, sit on your ARSE and do nothing." ) try doing something for a change and post it, if you are so intelligent. If you don't agree with what I have to say, come up with a better solution and post it, instead of criticizing.
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