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  1. Is there any reason why Simpleton is allowed to post in the forums, he does not contribute anything to any thread except negative sarcasm and only leads to people wishing he would just keep his negative attitude to himself. Joking is one thing his attitude is another.


  2. With reference to your response to my posting related to MALI, I will give you a short history on the Griffon helicopter. To start of the Huey (204B) was a nine(9) pass helicopter used for utility support, as was the extended,  (14) pass 205A-1, then along came the Bell 212 (twin eng, same modified airframe)

    Bell decided to take the original modified 205A-1 airframe, modified it to build the 212 (Twin Eng), modified the same airframe to become a 412 also known as the "Griffon".

    The Griffon is an of the shelf, FAA & TCA approved civilian helicopter, modified by the Canadian military for military use.

    The ex military B204, 205, 212 all have military parts and are not FAA or TCA approved for civilian applications.

     Clear as mud, eh?


    1. MEOB


      Makes lots of sense!!

  3. On the way from the Bell Plant in Fort Worth to Norfolk Virginia, I was in the lead with two other B212's trailing behind, when we started to encounter cloud cover at 4000ft, the Bell Pilot who was with me said climb to 4500ft. In the ensuing discussion I advised him that under Canadian Regs, VFR flying above the clouds was a no,no. I told him politely that we would proceed under the cloud cover and if it got worse we would land. We proceeded to Norfolk VFR.

    I was the one who was Captain of my 212 and the others TWO were advised to obey my instructions, in other words follow the leader.

    Do not under any circumstance put other people in jeopardy if the flight is in question.

    The person they were going to pick up should have been done under Day VFR.

    I flew out of Great Whale in 1957 on the Mid Canada Doppler Detection System and surveyed the road and bridges from Matagami to LG-2 in the early seventies. So I know the area well.


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