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  1. The AW139 on wheels can't land off the road in winter (snow) or the summer (high grass) and will only get worse when the NEW powered stretcher is installed, it is so heavy that it has to be motorized. Just imagine trying to carry one of those things. The EMT's with trucks can load with two people doing the job. The whole medical system is so screwed, by incompetent people, it's a wonder that more people don't die. If a proper analysis was done in conjunction with the actual medical branch and transportation department and not people trying to build up their own empire, privatizing the whole the aviation branches of Orange, HydroOne, and OMNR. The Government Procurement Department should be investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police, for bribery and accepting paid holidays to France. If you don't believe me, ask the manufacturers What about the new revelation involving THE PHARMACIES AND OHIP. When the **** is the government going to get it's act together.??????
  2. https://www.thesudburystar.com/news/local-news/sudbury-column-time-to-reprivatize-ornge? copied from Skies This article is basically a reprint of what I wrote in Vertical in previous threads, but at the time I was including Hydro One Helicopters. I have written letters to my local MP, the Premier including the Toronto Star, all to no avail. It would be nice if a few more people got involved and stated their opinion and maybe we would be saving the taxpayer a few dollars and providing jobs to the private sector. As Dougie says "Get Involved".😋
  3. Sorry for the confusion I seem to have created, I guess I should read my SMS manual again. Maufacturers are responsible and can be held responsible for what ever they provide and sign in writing. After you crash and the TSB finds out it was due to the wrong oil in the main or tail rotor gear box, your Insurance Company is going to be very unhappy and I beleive you will be also. File an emergency A.O.G. to TCCA and a copy to the Manufacturer. If you believe that you are going to get a consensus of opion on this site you are really dreaming, you are probably the first person to beleive this is a learning site, welcome. You should call AirBus in Fort Erie and ask to speak to the CEO and not the support staff. Put exactlly what you said originally in your post and a copy to your Insurance Company and explain to the CEO that you are in violation of ICAO and TCCA regulations for not adherring to the RFM. Advise the CEO that you will be seeking compensation for lost revenue.
  4. Not sure, but I would say the 406 is not FAA approved, hence military parts and not commercially available. Canadian owned 412's Griffon's are off the shelf FAA approved machines, modified for military use and can be sold on the commercial market after modifications are removed. The original (212) were military a/c owned by the US State Department returned, refurbished and sent to Columbia. The Canadian Government got back the original cost $400,000.00 per a/c. 🤑🤑 Don
  5. I still can't understand why people get on this site to ask another person(s) for information on something that effects the Airworthiness of an aircraft, I personally, would go to the source, the Manufacturer. Shades of the days of loosing the lateral control on an S55 with the servo freezing up below 30 degrees *F, the servo was behind the air intake for the main xmsn. Bell 206 originally had hydraulic fluid in the M/R blade grips, what a mess on the head with leaks. Bell cured the problem by allowing the grips to be filled with grease, 30 below temp, cyclic would freeze sitting on the ground.
  6. With Japanese english accent (you some crazy guy, but good pilot).😁 Don
  7. After 70 pages of "Hogwash", why are airlines using miles that never change, between A & B for log book enteries converted to air time, depending on the knots of the particular aircraft. Mileage Rate has been accepted for Fixed Wing aircraft since tariffs came into effect. The only rate that is in question is the hourly rate charged by both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft. The only charges applicable is when said a/c takes-off and returns for it's final landing. Manufacturers have stated that there is no STRESS on any a/c idling on the ground or taxing. Air Time (Stress Time) is the only time to be entered in the Technical Log. As I have stated before operators have control of "Air Time" which becomes a cost factor in relation to the life of the a/c and the components attached. When doing an Audit its easy to confirm the invoiced hours against the Tech Log entry are the same. Flight Time is only applicable to aircrew and has nothing to do with overhaul or life of the aircraft or components. When I was Audting on behalf of PWGSC (after completing a Transport Canada Audit Course) I visited just about every opertor in Canada doing business on a contracting basis with the Feds. I also worked with Export Development Corporation and USAF Audit Team from Scott Airforce Base, auditing all Canadian Airlines doing business transporting American contractors or personnel. One thing the USAF taught me was if they were not happy a company, they were put on notice and not used. In actual fact one company was put on notice after they had been visited by Transport Audit from Moncton two days prior to our arrival. Needless to say they were slightly embarrased, when I informed them of our findings. The whole system of Transport Civil Aviation needs a complete overhaul and get some people in there that care about avaition and not writing a two page memo on something that can be said in a paragraph. Use the "KISS" principal and enforce it
  8. It's a very interesting question and I beleive an opthomologist is the only person that can help you with that question. Your eyes are a function of what your brain tells you at the time of observation. I personally prefer yellow in flat conditions. When landing in tree lined vertical decent, I take of my sunglass's (green) as I lose accurate decent info. If you are landing in a flat area where there is snow or sand, use the pinnacle landing approach, minimum speed and collective until touchdown. Gradient lenses don't respond fast enough, IMO. Only you know what your brain tells you. INMHO, Regards Don
  9. I met Lance and brother numerous times when doing Audits for Parks Canada, related to search and rescue and checking out Pilots. I don't remember his brother's name, but Lance was an A-1 guy who did'nt beleive in BS. Him and his brother took over the operation from somebody else who was having a rough time. Dave White (Pilot) also lived in Canmore, I worked with him in Sudan. RIP Lance and condolences to family and friends in Canmore. Don McDougall
  10. There are usually two types of contracts, Fixed Contracts for a certain period on a sole use basis, or Standing Offer Contract on an as and when required basis. Normally both are for a period of years with provision for extensions as stated in the original document. How BC Hydro does their contracting is up to them and they have recently gone thru a shake up in their operations and became extremely safety aware and require Pilots with prior power line experience in the mountains. I would suggest you give them a call and get it from the Chief Pilot. Don
  11. There is no restrictions on a pilot being 5 feet tall, you still can't see over the instrument consul on a 206B. Should you happen to get a remark or whatever from an inspector, tell him to put it in writing and justify it.
  12. At that altitude, weight and temperature, I would use the holy Shyte Graph and hopefully you have a level surface to land on!!!!!!😱 Have fun,Don.
  13. Does know what happened with Dean Bass or heard any rumours or is it all top secret?????? ✈️✈️
  14. Maybe Discovery will kiss arse and get financed by the Feds and buy GS back. Seems to me I forecast this when it was originally bought by Discovery. It's only taxpayers money and X military types think they have all the answers. Live off the taxpayer when in the military, retire and double dip at a government sponsored job. Nice Life. Keep flying in the Wardroom and telling stories of how great you are.✈️
  15. INMO: Go for your commercial licence, for the tax reduction. You will spend that amount to gain experience and it will certainly have an effect on your insurance. Talk to whoever is training you, they should be able to give you advice on the best route and also talk to an underwriter. You can also spread out your training, to stay current. Good Luck.
  16. Worked with Dean for years at Viking Hel., a gentleman and excellent pilot. RIP and see you one of these days. Condolences to the Family and friends. Don McDougall
  17. The idea of checking the invoices for the hours charged for the flight, entries in the "airtime tech log" should be the same, or somebody is playing games. This basically a cross check. It has nothing to do with the billing process. CASE No. 1-Record Keeping: Accuracy Is a Must A company appealed a review decision that the TATC had rendered against it. The challenged decision dealt with numerous contraventions of the Canadian Aviation Regulations(CARs). The contraventions concerned the performance and recording of maintenance or elementary work[CARs 571.02(1) and 571.03], compliance with airworthiness directives[605.84(1)], requirements regarding journey logs and technical records[605.93(1) and 605.94(1)], and maintenance control systems[706.02]. The TATC appeal panel concluded that the review decision was reasonable. I guess the Government wasted taxpayers money when they paid for the following courses on my behalf. Transport Canada Auditors Course. Edmonton ISO 9000 (KPMG) Ottawa Three (3) different Safety Courses at the California Safety Institute, New Mexico Safety Management Course, Transport Canada. PLUS OVER 50yrs IN THE INDUSTRY.
  18. Thanks for this observation, "False Entries." AIR TIME in an aircraft log book is what is used to calculate the life expectancy of the aircraft and every component attached to it, to maintain it's airworthiness for flight. If it should happen that the operator would play with the entry, i.e 2.5 hrs. "Flight Time" and invoiced said time, BUT entered 2.0 hrs in the "Air Time", column. The operator just made a false entry in a log book. It also decreases the airframe and component costs and increases the profit margin. If you think this doesn't happen, think again. Normally the hours invoiced, equal the hours in the AirTime log book or tech log. There is one TC inspector who says he never checks the invoices in relation to the log book entries, maybe he should.
  19. As the industry as a whole is responsible for giving low time pilots a chance to increase their hours as an aid to the industry. Did any company hire low time pilots as co-jo's in medium helicopters, where a couple hundred pounds wouldn't make any difference. Low timers would gain experience from an experienced pilot and maybe some stick time. I am basically referring to the "Fire Season" I made this comment a couple years back and as far as I know or hear of anybody (company) doing same. If, as usual, the industry doesn't get its act together, there will be fewer pilots and more machines sitting around. Poor Owners Club. Why would anybody become a helicopter pilot these days, when fixed wing is offering much more in training availability, lifestyle and advancement.
  20. Discovery Air has been living of the Canadian Taxpayer since they were formed, X military types couldn't organize a pi..-up in a brewery if they tried.
  21. I was actually thinking of not replying to this thread but I can't resist. The biggest thing pilots and ame's have is to communicate and respect one another's abilities and communicate that effectively. Pilots cannot always state a problem he is having with the helicopter in a fashion that the ame understands, so the AME says to himself another do-do bird. AME thinks the pilot is just complaining for nothing, because he can't find anything wrong. Actually there was a problem, one of the bolts holding the rear skid gear in place was loose and causing a vibration in flight, neither vertical or lateral!!!!!! Very early in my career I solved the problem, I became a Pilot/Engineer and never argued with myself. As stated above, we are all on the same team. ANY AVIATION SCHOOL THAT DENIGRATES ONE OCCUPATION OVER THE OTHER NEEDS THERE INSTRUCTORS REPLACED OR RETRAINED. IMHO.
  22. Home > About Us > Vision, Mission & Objectives Our Vision, Mission, and Objectives Our Vision NAV CANADA's vision is to be the world's most respected ANS: in the eyes of the public for our safety record; in the eyes of our customers for our fee levels, customer service, efficiency and modern technology; and in the eyes of our employees for establishing a motivating and satisfying workplace with competitive compensation and challenging career opportunities. Our Mission To be a world leader in the provision of safe, efficient and cost-effective air navigation services on a sustainable basis while providing a professional and fulfilling work environment for our employees. Our Overarching Objectives The Company will achieve its Mission by: Being amongst the safest ANSPs worldwide and driving continuous improvement in the reduction of operational safety risks; Maintaining ANS customer service charges among the lowest of major ANSPs worldwide, and ensuring over the long term that the growth in operating costs does not exceed the growth in traffic; Providing value to our customers by contributing to improving their operational efficiency through the use of innovative technology and effective delivery of service, domestically and internationally; Having a work environment which places NAV CANADA amongst the best employers in Canada; Introducing measurable projects and initiatives which support a reduction of the environmental footprint of the aviation industry wherever feasible. Simpliton, as usual, does not provide any solution to the problem of Transport Canada Aviation governance or lack thereof. I made an error in stating that Nav Canada was a crown corporation, but as such is an extremely well run non-profit entity. The Mission Statement Of TCA seems to be to confuse aviation industry as much as possible and since de-regulation has only increased its effort. As TCA de-regulated the industry as a whole, it left the lower cast, small operators, to fend for themselves. THE ACTUAL REQUIREMENT FOR DE-REGULATION WAS THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY, SO THEY COULD COMPETE ON AN INTERNATIONAL BASIS. TO THIS DAY TCA DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THE SMALL OPERATOR IN CANADA ONLY, AS A SEPARATE ENTITY, AND HAS TO FOLLOW THE RULES APPLICABLE TO THE AIRLINES. CANADIAN TRANSPORTATION AGENCY FORUM ( 5-07-18) As usual, they ask for information and or help in passenger complaints and defer to another department. (Trump Doctrine) They actually or so they say, are concerned with pax carrying oversized luggage and putting same in overhead bins, airline problem, but no enforcement. The aircraft are becoming sardine cans as far as the narrow aisles and seat pitch is concerned. Again the (Trump Doctrine), CTA cannot do anything about that, it's a TCA problem. WELL, as far as I am concerned certification of any aircraft flying in Canada is done by Transport Canada, and if so, certification for seat pitch and aisles width should be realistic and not governed by outside influences such as how many sardines you could put in a sardine can. Go back to the VICOUNT days re: seating/aisles width. Transport Canada Aviation as a whole takes advice from the Transportation Safety Board, Canadian Transportation Agency but actually ignores most of them for political reason or whatever "RoketMan" can think of. SHOULD YOU WONDER WHY TRANSPORT CANADA AVIATION NEEDS AN OVERHAUL????????? ABOUT US Who We Are What We Do Vision, Mission & ObjectivesCurrently selected Governance Our Executive Team Investor Relations Corporate Social Responsibility Environment
  23. I don't care, do you????? ICAO is the boss for aviation regulations, not Transport Canada Aviation. ICAO is AUDITED by ISO 9000 Transport Canada Aviation is a department of the Federal Government and the Parliment of Canada. Transport Canada has been screwing up and going downhill since the early fifties and is in need of a complete OVERHAUL. If one uses The Worldwide Safety Management System as an Auditing Body, the House of Parliment is the governing body under the Inspector General to authorize a complete Auditing of Transport Canada Aviation and hopefully, it will be brought in line with its MANDATE. Most of the problems can be eliminated by changing the whole structure and using ISO 9000 as an inspection Authority for transport and less BS for the industry. IT CAN BE DONE, transfer the existing department to a Crown Corporation as was done with NAV Canada. I actually worked on the original RFP for NAV Canada. Nav Canada is one of the best Crown Corporation in Canada.
  24. RDM, good to hear from you and joining the ranting club or what's left of it. My personal RANT is with Transport Aviation Canada and their total outlook on Aviation. His Majesty still applies the same regulations to the whole industry for whatever reason, only he knows. Being a little long in the tooth I can remember when Transport and the aviation industry could communicate and negotiate. For some unknown reason Transport seem to think that H-A-C is a representative for the whole Helicopter Industry. H-A-C only represents the owners of the individual companies. H-A-C does not represent the Pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers or Apprentices. H-A-C only worries about the "Owners Club". The recent spate of accidents can only be blamed and laid at the door of TCA's incompetence. Get rid of the Inspection Department and go to ISO Standards. Then hopefully we can get rid of the Dictatorship. ADVISE YOUR FEDERAL MP, it is long overdue that Transport Canada be audited by PARLIAMENT.
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