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  1. DGP; I don''t recall Ray G. being at Autair, I do recall him from Vikings days and believe he was one of the Valley boys from Sky Rotors along with Jack McCormick.
  2. It is so nice to hear an expert from EC state that there is no problem with there product, when the actual manufacturer puts out an AD. Those GD manufacturers don''t know what the heck there talking about. For a certain persons information the last thing any manufacturer wants to admit is there might be a problem with there product. Maybe eventually we will find out what happened to the OMNR machine from EC and don''t tell me that they don''t know. From an ex-opertors point of vue and with a far greater understanding of any helicopter I am operating I would take any point of vue that contracticted the actual operating procedures that my company experienced with great wonderment or plain what the fu-k.
  3. Downwash: The orginal operator of Bell 204B helicopters was Autair Helicopters, Registration AHA & AHB. These machines were bought new from Bell, one crashed on the Polar Shelf contract and the registration was later applied to an FH 1100. Pierre Lotten was flying an S-55 on the same contract. The original ex French pilots that had flown in Algeria emigrated to Autair Helicopters and were excellent pilots.
  4. ---------------- On 5/22/2003 6:09:17 PM TDK wrote: Sorry Blackmac for butting in, but you seem to have forgotten that you were really pushing a certain product back in the Military Aviation post. Want me to quote you, or do you want to grow up and apoligize like a man? ---------------- TDK; But in all you want, I am not with a particular company and was not promoting that product because of its name. I like the three engines and I am a bit of a safety nut. Possibly you should read the article from the Calgary Herald referred to in Rotor Pilots thread in the Military & Government. For your further information I not only have a CPL and AME license, I also spent thirteen years as a procurement officer in Aircraft Operations and Services Section for the Federal Government. My opinion is only biased towards the safest helicopter on the market, at present and I do have the background to make that comment. Thanks for your input, but we would be better served by you making comments to your local MP. E-mails are wonderful, #### uses them when he want''s to insult people. Cheers
  5. ---------------- On 5/20/2003 5:24:37 PM Elvis wrote: Blackmac: #### has been very clear to tell all readers that he is any employee of ECL.so any pro comments can be taken with a grain of salt. Do any of the other manufacturers ( Bell,Sikorsky or others) have people making comments without telling of their alliance. ---------------- I've been reading most posts on this site and on the previous site and as far as #### is concerned he is the only one to get on site and push a particular brand with a rather clear motif. If he wishes to push the EC brand, maybe he should do it on his own time, not the companies. Or better still respond only to asked technical questions and never mind the comparison with other makes. Most of us have been in the industry longer than him and appreciate helicopters as a whole. When I made the comments about him he doesn't have the gonnads to respond in kind and or insult me in the open on this thread, he sent me an E-Mail instead, which you can all read. [deleted by mod] A really GREAT person.
  6. Elvis-Downwash; The KomavKA-26 did a tour in Canada in 1968 or 69 equipped with piston radials. I was with Harvey when we went along for flight at Aircraft Industries in St.Jean. Very few instruments and the throttles worked with a twist to the left. They would not take the cowlings of and give us a look at the engines or transmission. Was not impressed.
  7. Picyourpart; I wouldn''t have a problem with ####''s comments if they were not so biased in favour of EC. For your information and anybody else''s the best helicopter is the one you are making money with, bar none. Having worked in every capacity in the helicopter industry that you would only dream of, I can spot a person with a one track mind a mile away. If #### was working for a company and not a manufacturer, I would pobably have more time for his one sided opinion.
  8. KYLE: I do believe that given the recent expulsion of other individuals from advertizing on this web site, I do believe that #### should also be excluded or asked to quit his never ending trival on behalf of Eurocopter. Tony Brown of EC is quite capable of selling thier machine. The only thing that EC hasn''t come up with is getting a free EC in cracker jacks. I think that any pilot flying today in any make of machine, is **** lucky.
  9. Canadians went thru the ballot box and elected a government that is not doing it''s job as far as the military is concerned. It doesn''t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the government is playing politics with the aquistion of the MHP. I am not playing politics and I think it is about time that the average Canadian was aware of the game that is being played by our so-called elected government. I would appreciate any comments that you have with the posting I made on the Military thread. This action by the government effects us all and I do beleive that this web sitE representing the helicopter industry could have some IMPACT. SO PLEASE GET WITH IT AND VOICE YOUR OBJECTIONS.
  10. Canook; my reference to a base was not to allow a lowtime''er to be put in a situation he could not handle. i.e. I was the only person on a base and was sent a low time pilot to give me a hand with some of the flying. I did not have time to train him and or control what job to give him, so I sent him back. Most low time pilots do not have the exposure (experience) to know that they are not yet capable of doing certain jobs. Most pilots having gained 5 hundred to a thousand hours will usually look back and wonder why they were so lucky to have made this far without any major mishaps. Most base jobs with a minimum of two pilots can be called upon to do anything that the helicopter is capable of doing. That is why I said experience counts. IF YOU ARE PROVIDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, THE CUSTOMER IS PAYING FOR A HELICOPTER THAT IS CAPABLE OF BEING USED TO ITS MAXIMUM CAPABILITIES, INCLUDING PILOT.
  11. Vert-Ref: I learned something new, first time I heard of giving a customer a break on time to be assured of a call back. In my personal opinion if a helicopter pilot has reached 3K without killing himself the rest is time in. Depending on what a pilot is actually doing or employed at says alot to his experience at that job. Any pilot who is replacing a pilot on a particular contract that the replacement pilot has not flown before should get a complete briefing as to what is expected of him even if he has done it all, including having 10k experience. The pilot he is replacing might only have 2K, but he has more experience on that particular contract. When I had the job of ops mgr, I would never put a low time pilot on a base, because he didn''t have enough exposure to different situations and would probably get into a situation that he couldn''t handle. Low time pilots should only be sent on jobs that they can handle with confidence and that way the customer does not have to know and the pilot builds up experience. Any company that send out a pilot to do a job with there fingers crossed, need thier head read. Most accidents are caused by pilots exceeding thier own capabilities or the aircraft''s. Have any unemployed pilots approached Human Resources Canada with the help of there local MP and tried to get additional funding allocated to companies that will hire low time pilots to gain experience. It has been done before. A person that has invested 40-50k in a CPL is not just playing around and should get some kind of a break. Possibly the H-A-C can have some input along with ATAC.
  12. Downwash; Thanks for the comments. I was begining to wonder if it was worthwhile putting anything on the thread remotely suggesting that pilots might be responsible for thier own action''s. Lot''s of people looked at it, but few comments. The perfect people syndrom. Cheers, Timex
  13. CORAX; Bladestrike was right. Go back in the history of the helicopter industry in Canada and you will find that most of the old timers originate from prior to the seventies. Most of the oldtimers originated from the military HU-21, HS-50 and 108 squadron in Canada and the US Army from Korean and Vietnam war. This includes AME''s. Some people never get rid of there military attitude and they are the ones that suffer the most in bush ops. It is a different approach, once on contract you make all your own rules in accordance with the requirements. Adaptation is not hard, use what you were taught as far as flying is concerned and adapt it using common sence and you will not have any problems. If your graunch has been around for awhile, use him as a sounding board. Remember you know how to fly, commercial ops is just another mode. GOOD LUCK
  14. A think, a thought, a bright lite just illuminated over my monitor. Years ago a 205 owned by one of the Rockiefellers was fying near some power lines and the overspeed governor (engine)was actuated and put the engine RPM back to flite idle. The overspeed governor could be de-activated by pulling the circuit breaker. I have lots of time on 2 by 4-5-212 and never heard of pulling low rotor rpm CB. Cheers
  15. Found this article in Avweb and is applicable to all aspects of the industry, it''s a starting point for people who want to understand risk management and possibly you can talk to your insurance underwriter. http://www.avweb.com/news/reviews/184109-1.html
  16. 4961, I hope you are aware that the "finger problem" activated by the computer between your ears. LOL. For some unknown reason I can't get those GD smilies to work.
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