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  1. When I was with the private sector and bidding on contracts, I used the following criteria to establish an "hourly rate" or mileage rate: Overhead %, Profit %, and daily minimums averaged over the duration of the contract or thirty days, whichever comes first. OR A fixed Monthly charge, no minimums, but a stated maintenance cost for a given hourly or mileage rate not to exceed eighty hours/month. THIS OF COURSE DOES NOT COVER FUEL COSTS, HOUSING, COST OF PILOT/AME ROTATION, etc. If the industry got together and quit trying to undercut each other and accepting "SHOTGUN" offers, things could get better. If you are not in the position to make a decent return on your investment, find something else to do. The private sector is dictating to you how you will be paid and the accountants are running to many companies. THE GOOD OLD DAYS PRIOR TO DEREGULATION (1987) WHEN TRANSPORT CANADA INTERFERED IN THE AVIATION INDUSTRY, WHAT A F....KUP. I THOUGHT THE AMERICANS WERE IDIOTS FOR VOTING TRUMP. I WONDER WHERE THAT LEAVES US WHEN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS COULDN'T CARE LESS WHAT TRANSPORT IS UP TO AND SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FOR MALFEASANCE OR BE REPLACED.
  2. I believe I made a comment about this years ago and as a contracting officer with PWGSC and responsible for trying to clarify how aviation charters should be billed to all department of the Federal Government, I had a clause inserted in all Contracts and Standing Offers issued to companies on how to bill: Fixed Wing: rate per mile from A to B and return, including allowable charges as agreed. Rotary Wing: Hourly Rate from takeoff to final landing. i.e. depending on the requirement and type of work where the engine was not shut-down, it would be considered a continuous flight. The same would apply to fixed wing doing surveys. This would apply to both types of aircraft, charges should only apply when the aircraft is in flight mode, ceases when the aircraft lands. This IS referred to as "AIR TIME". The entry of "AIR TIME" is the TRUE COST to the operator and is reflected in the overall maintenance life of the aircraft. "Flight Time" should be removed from the Journey Log Book as it serves no purpose other than to HAVE THE DISHONEST OPERATORS USE IT FOR BILLING. DO YOU THINK THE OPERATORS ARE GOING TO MAKE A STINK ABOUT, HA, HA All the Auditors have to do is cross check the invoice for any given flight and the entry in the journey log and the tech log, you will be surprised
  3. Thanks for keeping the wheels greased and the Court Documents. I do believe quite a few organizations need to take a refresher course in "Risk Management", including Transport Canada and their so-called inspectors and ORNGE should have their Operating Certificate cancelled and turn the operation over to the private sector, who have to answer to the insurance companies to keep things inline. Any other operator, operating in the fashion that ORNGE does, would have had their OC cancelled. I'm still amazed that the industry is not talking to their local MP's and or the NDP. GO TRANSPORT CANADA
  4. One of the few people that seem to care about the Helicopter Industry in Canada, is the JUDGE who laid the blame for the accident, seems to have a better understanding of the cause, than most of the Industry. Transport Canada should be taken to court for not carrying out their MANDATE under orders of PARLIAMENT and the Minister of Transport. Not being a lawyer as any body can see, WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH H-A-C, their owners club has a LAWYER as president and could rock the boat as required. GET TO IT!!!!
  5. Article posted in Vertical Mag by "Orange Helicopters" stating that the B212 helicopter was provided by Viking Helicopters Ltd is, I believe, not quite right. Bandage 1 was actually a Bell 205A1, single engine on lease to Toronto Helicopters, who were operating the service using Vikings licence for that weight category. From EX employee of Viking.
  6. Been in that situation and I believe I made the proper decision. In Sudan south of Khartoum at Chevron seis camp a gentleman had a heart attack in the middle of the night and I was asked to fly him into Bentu gravel airstrip to be picked up by fixed wing in the morning and flown into Khartoum. Sudan at night is pitch BLACK. Bell 212, not equipped for IFR, Pilot instrument rating, lapsed. Single Pilot VFR. Would have required at least two additional crew, including myself. DECISION: Thinking back to my NAVY days on [email protected] on HU-21 Squadron, you do not jeopardize lives to save lives. There was no advantage for additional treatment in Bentu until the F/W arrived to take him out. I made the call to take him out at first light, unfortunately he died during the night. I flew the body to Bentu. (confluence of the White and Blue Nile) Don
  7. I think you would have to be a little more specific on the the type of Auditor you are looking for. Is this to satisfy TC or just an in house audit to see if you are going in the right direction?? Personally I have taken TC Audit course, did in house Audits for PWGSC and the United States Air Force Audit team from Scott Air Force Base and taken three different aviation courses at the Southern California Safety Institute. I am presently un-certified as a retired Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (M2), Fixed Wing and Helicopter Pilot with over 50yrs in the aviation Industry. Management and Janitor experience, including international. Reply for help, if needed. Cheers, Don
  8. Back in the 70's I did a few thousand hours flying patrol in QC @ ON and there is nothing magical about working power lines, even into the city of YUL, as in most flying jobs, it's a matter of flying using common sense and one of the major items to watch out for is an intersection where the lines overlap one another. I was in T Bay when we received a contract from ON Hydro to do power line patrol from T Bay to Lake of the Woods. The pilot who was there at the time was not familiar with power line patrol and I offered to give him some training. Both the company I worked for, and ON Hydro refused to pick up the cost of training. Results: Both Pilot and Hydro employee killed were after they hit a Grounding Wire between two towers. It didn't help that they were flying westbound into the sun. RIP. ALWAYS FLY HIGHER THAN THE TALLEST TOWER THAT YOU CAN SEE AT ANY INTERSECTION. Hope this helps, Don
  9. Good one, eh! The history of medical helicopters in ON prior to the non "Accountable" one was as follows: Toronto Helicopters with 206's and then a Bell 205-A1 leased from Viking Helicopters and used under Viking's licence. This went on for X years until Canadian Helicopters bought out Toronto and Dominion Helicopters. Then the Ministry put a RFP which ended up being S76's. Canadian Helicopters had the contract up until somebody associated with Health Department, decided that we needed new helicopters equipped, as he knew best, for the province and his own personal Bank Account. By the way the "Doctor" is still on the loose. ​Prior to this "Boondoggle" the contract operator had provided the work as stated in the contract at less cost to the taxpayer and provided better service to the health department. I haven't seen to many Doctors flying the Helicopters or Aircraft, or for that matter AME's or Pilots operating on patients. It is a FACT that the GOVERNMENTS are not supposed to COMPETE with the private sector unless it is a proven FACT by ( cost analysis ) that the PRIVATE SECTOR is unable to respond to the stated requirement. Show me an RFP issued by the Fed's or the Province's for Aviation Requirements that can't be provided by the Commercial Operator, given the opportunity. Cheers, Don
  10. NCR, I hope this doesn't stand for National Capital Region, I live here. When the Churchill Falls project was originally started by Premier Smallwood I was there transporting line men to cut the survey line in a 204B, I don't recall who was the main contractor. To make a long story short the Premier had insisted that only NF line-cutters were to used,so you can imagine taking a fisherman, with a chain saw to become a line cutter. This one lad when he got back to Corner Brook on rotation brought his chain saw back to the dealer for repairs. The dealer asked him what was the matter, the lad said, you told me when I bought the chain saw that I would be able to cut at least 15 cord a day and all I can get is 8 cord. The dealer asked to see the chain saw, pulled the cord and the lad what's that noise? Worked on the following Hydro Electric Projects: Quebec Hydro including James Bay before and after the road was built,Ontario Hydro and Manitoba Hydro. Possibly living where you are are not aware that Hydro Rates in Ontario have actually doubled in the last ten years, due basically to our corrupt government. If you went out to tender for your helicopter services for at least five years at a time and asked for an all inclusive cost per month plus an hourly rate covering maintenance costs up to a maximum negotiated rate. Costs go up as the hours increase. Quebec Hydro tried and bought their own and helicopters, but found it was to much of a headache trying to find pilots and AME's to fly and maintain the helicopters, so they went back to commercial operators and have been happy ever since. If you put out a tender with a Mandatory Statement of Work, including clauses that if they are not met the contract is null and void. You will probably get better equipment and less investment costs. GO COMMERCIAL. Cheers, Don
  11. CAMBOX: Not to negate your post, which I am surprised by. Have you ever thought of standing up for what you think is right,and is. Dan Mulligan was known as "HELICOPPER" and as you can see is of Irish decent as am I. We both have the attitude of standing up for what we think and know is obviously right, and suffer the consequences. One thing I agree with TRUMP on it's time to drain the swamp, in a few places, you do not have to be a trained seal. Cheers, Don
  12. OPP pilot guilty of misconduct for writing letter criticizing relocation of search and rescue helicopter Source: news.nationalpost.com Some of you might remember this PILOT who is a friend of mine and was very active on this site and was also a person that spoke his mind as I did, to no avail. i.e Orange Helicopters, they even bought the wrong helicopters and the rectum hole who got paid off is still at large. OMNR, the biggest screw up of all is still trying to justify it's existence. Hydro Power line PATROL, ON is the only province that still owns this service, which has been proven to be less costly if done by commercial operators Don't forget the billions spent on trying to computerize Health Records AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!!! Where and when does it stop????? Don
  13. Maury, Highlight what you want to copy "press CTRL and the letter C" then go to where you want to put it and "press CTRL and the letter V. Highlight what you want to copy "press CTRL and the letter C" then go to where you want to put it and "press CTRL and the letter V. The second sentence was copied and pasted. No charge, DON
  14. MAURY: I started in this industry in 1957 after serving five years with the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Canadian Navy. My time up until 1987 was great as we had by RULES that covered tarrifs (hourly rate and daily minimums) the operator had to abide by these rules as did the CHARTERER. The Air Transport Board (ATB) decided to abolish these RULES/REG'S an went for DEREGULATION OF THE HELICOPTER INDUSTRY ALONG WITH AIRLINES, actually coping big brother down south. For some reason the ATB put helicopters under the same regs as the "Air Taxi" (fixed wing). That ruling abolished any control whatsoever over the Helicopter Industry. The whole industry became a free for all, every body and their dog was granted a licence to operate or get in the leasing game to supply machines. Prior to 1987 (de-reg) the Charter rates were controlled, the operator made a profit, pilots and engineers made a decent salary. Prior to 87, the Operator and Charterer had a much better working relationship as everything was above board and every operator (Canada wide) had to make his Tariff public and if it was for a bid on a contract, his posted hourly rate it could not be changed forty eight hours prior to bid closing. Now a days the industry is run by consultants and the people that hire them, GOOD LUCK. The Industry should never have let the original Tarrif, Rules & Regulation go, now you have to live with consequences and the cut-throat industry it has become, including the FACT that the CHARTERER calls the shot and there is not a GD thing you can do about it. From somebody who loves helicopters and the used to be industry (prior 87). I can *****, moan and groan about the industry, because I will be 80 in a couple of months and probably won't remember. All the best and fly safe. Don
  15. Listened to this from another site, sound familuar???? http://www.rcinet.ca/en/2014/02/12/canadian-aviation-safety-an-issue-as-inspector-oversight-role-decreased/ NUF said.
  16. Tiniest V-12 Diesel Engine YOU'VE GOT TO WATCH THIS CLIP. IT’S AN AMAZING VIDEO OF TRUE CRAFTSMANSHIP. AN OPERATIONAL V-12 DIESEL ENGINE THAT FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. This guy made everything at home on his lathe and drill press. Took 1220 hours (a year and a half?) to make the 261 pieces. Note the end-loaded crankshaft into the block (like an Offy), 12 individual cylinder heads, TINY rods and pistons, dual "underhead" cams with pushrods to rockers in the heads. And, he did break-in runs using an electric drill driving the crankshaft! Even if you're not an engineer, you'll love this. http://www.wimp.com/tiniestengine/ Have Fun, Don
  17. HV, I wish you well in your endeavor, but you seem to forget I spent a few years with the FEDS and was effective in changing many ways in which they operated and if some of the old boys were still around at TC, you would have a different scenario. Neil MacGregor was a very good friend of mine and believed in the industry as did Cap and quite a few others who are RIP. The latest proponents are very could at slinging the BS, but will not get anywhere. HEPAC was the only way you could talk to TC (power to the people), but you and every body signing the petition will get no where unless you go to COURT. Happy New Year to you and every body in the industry, from somebody who cares. Don McDougall PS: The question that has to be answered in 2013: Why has there been so many DG's of Aviation in the past ten years?????
  18. The more I read the opinions stated, I wonder why it took so long (since dereg 1987) to start acting on your own behalf. From day one of deregulation (1987) the owners club started looking after their own interest and could care less about Pilots and Engineers. The association of the Helicopter Industry with Fixed Wing into the "Air Taxi", was the stupidest thing that ever happened in the industry and should have been questioned at the time, by HAC. The president of HAC at the time had his own interest and the association interests with TC to look after. HAC has not changed to date, other than hire a Lawyer as President and try to change everything with his gobble gook. The simplest answer of all to the conundrum is to have the Helicopter Industry as a separate body with it's own set of regulations governing the Pilots and Engineers and HAC. The Pilots and Engineers do not have the same interest's as HAC and should their own representative's. Minister Of Transport: Elected to look after the party in power, not the people who voted for him/her, and takes advice from people below him and actually knows nothing or very little about his portfolio. Director General of Aviation: Takes advice from people below him and actually knows nothing or very little about his portfolio. Learns by mistakes and on the job training. The Public Servant: The actual person who writes the BS as provided by the Minister and the DG. The PS writes the answers to any inquiry sent to the department. The PS could actually care less what he writes as long as it pleases the powers above him. The PS does not sign anything himself, his only job is to protect himself and his pension and make the department look good on the Minister's behalf. My personal recommendation is to send your petition to the Minister as a courtesy and advise him that you are going to Federal Court to have this looked at, as it should have been in 1987. My reasoning on the Federal Court is that TC has already advised you to get an association. Don McDougall PS:My POST is read by TC, you can rest assured.
  19. After reading all the posts, it seems that TC is back to its old game, we are the boss, take it or leave. The comment alone by the DG saying that helicopter pilots have NO say in the matter is ridiculous. These people are public servants paid by the public to run the different departments to serve the PUBLIC in a civil manner. I would send the petition to the minister of Transport and a copy to the opposition parties in the House of Commons. The public is entitled to a civil answer. The minister of Transport upon receiving the petition does not answer the letter, but passes it onto the DG responsible to reply under the minister's signature. Being elected to office he/she does not want to ruffle any feathers. Should you not get a reasonable response from Transport, advise them that you will take them to Federal Court to apply for an injunction. Have Fun. Don McDougall PS: Do it fast because they take about a month off over the holidays.
  20. (QUOTE by HV) " During the recent HAC conference the Director General of Civil Aviation, Martin Eley, was kind enough to attend and listen to various concerns from the helicopter industry. He stated that one of the problems or weaknesses in the process was that there was no representation for helicopter pilots. Essentially without a union or an association helicopter pilots have no say, regardless of how many individually voice any concern." Around and around we go were we stop who knows. Back in HISTORY the words stated by his Eminence Martin Eley were actually stated by HEPAC back in the dark ages. Should you go back in history, the placing of the helicopter industry with the "Air Taxi" should have been boycotted by the operator's from the beginning, including the DE- Regulation of the industry. The operators cannot and will not ever agree with the Pilots and Engineers on an individual basis. I wish you luck HV with your petition, but I doubt that you will get 1/3 of the licensed pilots to respond. Good Luck
  21. Mr.Jim, When I was flying for a living I always used the 99.9% of being able to do the job. Every individual has his/hers own limit. In all the years I was flying, other than an emergency, there was never a job that could not be done the next day or when ever the weather cleared. The three (3) major accidents I was in were all mechanical failures, that was covered by the .01%. The percentage you have no control over. Not one was weather related. Cheers, Don
  22. I also believe the operators should have their say.....but they will certainly not have the interest of the pilots or engineers. It is a shame that you guys still have no idea the difference between an association or a union. The only people not talking from a management point of view are the TWO ding bats, as usual. (VIH & HIGHLAND) GET REAL.
  23. FREDDIE, So tell your owner to stand up and fight for our jobs as well as his company. The OWNERS CLUB, HaaaaaaaaaC, will never allow the peasants to tell them what to do. I have, sad to say, LMAO, since this scenario started. If we ( The pilots and engineers ) don't get together we will not be heard. Fred and his gang of ding bats will control what happens and we will still go to work just for less money. I would rather not say this, BUT, I THINK I MIGHT HAVE TOLD YOU SO. A strong association has power, whereas individuals do not. The pilots and engineers are there own worst enemy. Good Luck Don
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