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  1. After reading all the posts, it seems that TC is back to its old game, we are the boss, take it or leave. The comment alone by the DG saying that helicopter pilots have NO say in the matter is ridiculous. These people are public servants paid by the public to run the different departments to serve the PUBLIC in a civil manner. I would send the petition to the minister of Transport and a copy to the opposition parties in the House of Commons. The public is entitled to a civil answer. The minister of Transport upon receiving the petition does not answer the letter, but passes it onto the DG responsible to reply under the minister's signature. Being elected to office he/she does not want to ruffle any feathers. Should you not get a reasonable response from Transport, advise them that you will take them to Federal Court to apply for an injunction. Have Fun. Don McDougall PS: Do it fast because they take about a month off over the holidays.
  2. (QUOTE by HV) " During the recent HAC conference the Director General of Civil Aviation, Martin Eley, was kind enough to attend and listen to various concerns from the helicopter industry. He stated that one of the problems or weaknesses in the process was that there was no representation for helicopter pilots. Essentially without a union or an association helicopter pilots have no say, regardless of how many individually voice any concern." Around and around we go were we stop who knows. Back in HISTORY the words stated by his Eminence Martin Eley were actually stated by HEPAC back in the dark ages. Should you go back in history, the placing of the helicopter industry with the "Air Taxi" should have been boycotted by the operator's from the beginning, including the DE- Regulation of the industry. The operators cannot and will not ever agree with the Pilots and Engineers on an individual basis. I wish you luck HV with your petition, but I doubt that you will get 1/3 of the licensed pilots to respond. Good Luck
  3. Mr.Jim, When I was flying for a living I always used the 99.9% of being able to do the job. Every individual has his/hers own limit. In all the years I was flying, other than an emergency, there was never a job that could not be done the next day or when ever the weather cleared. The three (3) major accidents I was in were all mechanical failures, that was covered by the .01%. The percentage you have no control over. Not one was weather related. Cheers, Don
  4. I also believe the operators should have their say.....but they will certainly not have the interest of the pilots or engineers. It is a shame that you guys still have no idea the difference between an association or a union. The only people not talking from a management point of view are the TWO ding bats, as usual. (VIH & HIGHLAND) GET REAL.
  5. FREDDIE, So tell your owner to stand up and fight for our jobs as well as his company. The OWNERS CLUB, HaaaaaaaaaC, will never allow the peasants to tell them what to do. I have, sad to say, LMAO, since this scenario started. If we ( The pilots and engineers ) don't get together we will not be heard. Fred and his gang of ding bats will control what happens and we will still go to work just for less money. I would rather not say this, BUT, I THINK I MIGHT HAVE TOLD YOU SO. A strong association has power, whereas individuals do not. The pilots and engineers are there own worst enemy. Good Luck Don
  6. Determination of Firm Rate Per HourExcept as provided in subsection 7 (, the hours and minutes for which a charge is made shall be computed from the time the aircraft leaves the surface of the earth and terminating when the aircraft touches the surface of the earth at the next point of landing. The term "Firm Rate Per Hour" is an hourly charge or portion thereof of "Air Time" as defined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations, Part VIII, Air Navigation Services, and will be the basis of calculating charges for air services. When operations involve a continuous succession of flights, each of less than ten (10) minutes duration, and the engine is not shut down between such flights, air time shall be computed from the time the aircraft leaves the surface of the earth for the first flight and ceases when the aircraft touches the surface of the earth at the final point of landing. In determining the duration of a flight:each fraction of an hour shall be stated as a decimal, established on the basis of a six minute period, each period of less than three minutes shall be rounded to zero, and each period of between three and six minutes shall be rounded to six minutes, except that no flight shall be considered to have a duration of less than 0.1 hour. [*]Application of Rates and Charges Fixed Wing Only On charters, rates per mile shall apply for all point-to-point flights where flight distances are measurable. Rates per hour shall apply when the Carrier is providing air service for a Charterer engaged in operations involving flights or parts thereof where flight distances are not measurable, or when requested by Charterer and such request is noted by the Carrier on the invoice. [*]Methods of Measuring Distance Fixed Wing Only When a flight is required to be flown over airways routes or routes prescribed by the Department of Transport, the distances shall be measured in straight lines along such routes. The distances of flights, other than a flight referred to in subsection 9 (a), shall be measured in a straight line between the places of commencement and termination of the work provided for in the charter, using standard 8 miles to 1 inch aeronautical charts of the National Topographic Series, as issued by the Department of Natural Resources, Ottawa. The above was copied from the NMSO issued by PWGSC and is used by all operators. "Air Time" is the only time that can be charged the CHARTERER and covers all aircraft costs to the OPERATOR. "Air Time" time shall be computed from the time the aircraft leaves the surface of the earth for the first flight and ceases when the aircraft touches the surface of the earth at the final point of landing. EXAMPLE: Chicago O'Hare airport: B747 taxi's from terminal to wait in line for take-off. 30 minutes later away he goes. As his time is calculated in miles from point to point, the pilot converts the miles to minutes and enters them in the log book under "AIR TIME" which goes against the TAFT and Engines. If he so wishes he can enter "FLIGHT TIME" which is calculated from the time he STARTED the a/c and took control to when he returned the a/c to the terminal and "SHUTS DOWN" Same Airport: BELL 407 sits at the heliport waiting take-off clearance. 10 minutes later away he goes and lands at the downtown Heli-Port and shuts down. The same scenario applies applies as to the B747. The actual Air Time is charged to the aircraft and charterer. The Flight Time as to when the pilot had control of the a/c on the ground can be entered as flight time. The reasoning behind all this is rather obvious, the operating cost of most aircraft in the commercial market is already costing enough to the charterer without the operator adding idling costs. For some unknown reason, the operators and the CHARTERERS accepts the use flight time for billing purposes. As an ex contracting officer and auditor it is very easy cross check invoices with log book entries. Try starting of the new year by being HONEST. Cheers Don
  7. As they are not quoting minimums, you can always state a stand by rate and an hourly rate when flying. Quite a few fire contracts are managed that way when the actual hours required are unknown. Cheers, Don
  8. As an ex- contracting officer with the fed's I would have to say I am partially to blame for the problem you are talking about. When a contract goes out to bid, X number of hours are stated for the period of the contract, i.e. 300 hours averaged over the stated period, should the hours be exceeded or the contract extended for what ever reason the contractor will state any additional hourly rate or costs. This of course is only applicable to the company. The contract with the company has no bearing on the relationship with said companies employ'es. All I am stating is the company you are working for has NO responsibility for your wages, other than what you signed on for or agreed to. Cheers Don Comments are welcome.
  9. Having read the posts by some of the experts I would agree with 3per. In all my years flying helicopters I have never met a PILOT who got on board a helicopter and said I'm going to kill everybody on-board. I would suggest that you keep any observations that you might have, to your self. Condolences to all involved. Don Mc Dougall
  10. Thank GOD some of you are starting to see the light. Transport as usual could close down for all the effect or help it has on the industry, all they have been doing for years is putting in pensionable time, including most provincial Forestry Departments. Excellent posts by the following individuals: Auto-Relight, Doc B, Mobil 254, Deep Throat, Heliguy 1, Skidmark, Putz. HAC has NO guts and is being run as an arm of the government. Sorry to say guys & gals posting your opinions on this FORUM has little or no effect, other than possibly making you feel good. I honestly don't see, as individuals, you keep putting up with the constant BS. Prior to 1987 (De-Reg) there were regulations that companies and Customers had to abide BY. All that happens now is the customer plays SHOT-GUN POKER and calls the shot. The Airlines (Big Boys) still have regulations and file tarrifs. Go figure. I am in NO way being sarcastic, just an observer. Don
  11. Biggles has one of the same breed, I think she can relate. Don
  12. If all these (GPS, cell and SAT phones are all affected.) , so will the SAR SAT. So, guess what, back to map reading, if you know how to. If I'm not mistaken PDM comes into effect and for your added info I was flying in the Arctic in 1956, so I do have some idea of the area, from Tuk to Res. With a "SAT" phone, assuming no solar storms ("doomsday scenario"), you will be able to contact your company and advise them of the situation. If it was a catastrophic situation, they can still home in on the GPS on the phone. Most smart companies these days also also include flight following so they have some idea of where you are, or were. In my personal opinion if you don't have that type of equipment on board in this day and age you working for the wrong company. Don
  13. What happened to the "SAT" phones, the last time I checked they were a little over 1K. Don
  14. SuddenStop; from a "nobody". I wonder what that makes you other than a SMART ARSE. at least I'm not anonymous. You seem to have all the negative solutions with very little input. Hears a song just for you, enjoy. http://www.johnnyrei...te/sections/263 On the track list play 02 "Today I'm Gonna Try and Change the World" . It will probably keep you busy.
  15. SuddenStop: Not wishing to get into an argument with you, I would venture to post comments on the 101 from NDHQ, not from Agustawestland and if I'm not mistaken they are still having problems. Unless you work for said company, take everything with a grain of salt. Cheers, Don
  16. IMHO: SAR services should be privatized from coast to coast. Get rid of the "Cormorants" and get machines with range and capability that don't spend there time on the ground waiting for parts. The offshore industry should state their requirements in conjunction with the manufacturers, in realistic terms, and accept nothing less. Everybody seems to equate safety with cost. IN FACT THERE SHOULD BE "NO" COST ASSOCIATED WITH "SAFETY". We send people to the MOON and DOCK at SPACE STATIONS, why the **** can't we build helicopters that stay in the "AIR". The offshore industry spend a fortune on rigs and boats but always go for the lowest company on the RFP requirement, because their statement of requirement leaves allot to be desired. RFP should have the following; 1. Proven capability to fly in icing conditions/full IFR/auto hover/satelite communications/ in flight refueling and whatever else. 2. Proven capability to hover and fly away on one engine. 3. The list goes on?????????? 4. Would anybody care to put a price on their own life?????? DON'T TELL ME IT CAN'T BE DONE. The price of the fuels extracted from offshore could include the price to build and purchase the "BEST" helicopters that money can buy. Cheers, Don PS: I used to work SAR with HU21 Squadron from Shearwater in the "50's" flying in HUP-3 and S55's wearing an immersion suit and a may west. I don't recall losing anybody then, SO why the **** are we losing people today.????????
  17. I am not a student or never have been, but just to pass on a few comments as such; They just became affiliated with the local college in the area. Their equipment is up to date with Bell 206B, R22, R44. A friend of mine trained their and was quite pleased with the experienced instructors. Give them a call @ (877) 648 3732 and say a friend of Dwayne's told you to call. Don McDougall
  18. Check this one out..... No bleeding heart Liberal or loony left wingers here....... http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=OQnU1t7UzgM
  19. Mike/Splitpin: I do not, and never will, believe in censorship on an open forum that is public,unless the people making such comments are using their own names. The problem with any forum that people with anonymity, gives the screwballs a chance to form there opinions, that would not otherwise be accepted if people knew who they were. I firmly believe that people making comments on other peoples postings should have the wright to be able to contact the person by other means than this venue. Example Follows: From day one of AvCanada I have posted who I am and standby statements that I have made and stated who I am, as follows. Don McDougall Tel: 613 258 0252 PS: I must honestly say that Vertical's association (Membership) with H-A-C and influence from advertisers can give a semblance of conflict. There is absolutely nothing "secret" about anything that Splitpin has posted. If such was the case, you would have been notified by the appropriate authorities. Do not try to make this more important than it is. People who don't sign off with there name and telephone number, the posting should be erased or cancel the forums all together.
  20. A Class 1 Drivers License would allow a Pilot to put his machine on a "Floater"(save flying cost to a job) or drive a fuel truck, whatever. It's amazing how people have to dissect somebody else's requirements. If you really must know, call Airspan and quit making useless comments.
  21. Ponder This; In 1960's there was a helicopter called the Aloutte 2 and then the 3 and after that came the "Lama" which consisted of a 2 airframe and the complete drive train of the 3 which made it the most powerful helicopter in it's class. The power settings were governed by a degree gauge. Somewhere along the line the designers (engineers) forgot the "KISS" principal. IMHO most helicopters built today don't have a enough reserve energy. Don
  22. Doesn't say much for the "New Helicopters" when they can't hover!!!!!!!!! Don
  23. pilot5: East Africa is big area, what country????? Don
  24. jas 600: Winnie is an instructor and gave you some good advice. Should you want to train in your own area I would give National Helicopters a call. Good people, good equipment. Cheers Don
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